How Should Basketball Shoes Fit Properly?

Without perfectly fitted shoes, it is impossible to play basketball on the court and give your best performance. Shoes are the essential accessories used for safety and better understanding on the basketball court. The player with the perfectly fitted shoes has the upper hand in the game. Because the player can run, jump and dribble fast without any fear of injuries.

Perfect shoes mean that your feet should fit in the boots firmly and tightly. Your feet shouldn't feel squishing inside the boots, and you should feel comfortable while playing on the court. On the other hand, with imperfect shoes, you will feel squishing inside, you will feel soreness, won't perform your best, and get injured.



About Perfect Fit Shoes

There are many essential characteristics of shoes that make sure that the shoes are perfect. Some of those characteristics depend on your choice. Those characteristics are:

Choosing the right material- Choosing the suitable material means choosing that material that is suitable for you. There are two types of materials to construct basketball shoes. They are leather and synthetic. Lather-made shoes are complex, long-lasting, and high quality. Also, they come with extra padded to provide superior comfort. If you want to have better ankle protection, then you should choose leather material for your shoes. The additional padded feature of leather shoes is very effective for this.

If you are a high-level performer who runs and dribbles with swiftness, you should choose synthetic basketball shoes. They are very lightweight than leather, and also they are very effective in reducing moisture.

Size of the shoe- Depending on your feet size, you should choose shoes. You may have wider feet than average that can cause your feet soreness and will give you discomfort. So selecting an average size shoe is foolishness. Therefore choose a shoe that has a giant toe box. You won't feel soreness with a broader toe box, and the boots won't squish your feet inside. So while buying shoes, trial them by running and jumping. With average size shoes, you will always feel pressure on your feet on the court. So choose the size wisely.

Comfortable Heel Counter- The heel counter is in the backside area of your shoes. It ensures that your heel is stable, secured and the heel is in a comfort zone. Also, the heel counter should be firmly tightened. It shouldn't be very tight. With a very tight heel counter, you will get blisters in your feet, obstructing your performance. Also, you won't be able to perform in your nearest next match. You should be able to move your heel slightly. But the heel shouldn't be able to come out or shouldn't be slipping inside.

Midsole- It is the area where the broader part of your feet resides. This area should be comfortable and also hold your feet perfectly. Your feet shouldn't be moving at this point. Again, this area should be hard enough to not able to bend. The area should be very comfortable. Also, the durability of the shoes depends on this area. Remember that your feet' place that resides to the midsole takes your body's absolute pressure when you jump. So choose the midsole very carefully.

Lace-up method- Lace-up method is one of the essential characteristics of basketball shoes. There are various types of lace-up methods for basketball players. They usually use the traditional crisscross method to lace up the shoes. But this method is not proper for every player. For a flat foot or a fallen arch, this binding won't do any good. You won't feel comfortable, and you will feel squishing inside with the crisscross method. Therefore choosing the correct lacing method is essential.

To know more about different lacing methods, visit "How to tie basketball shoes?”

Gripping- Gripping means the lower sole shouldn’t be slipping on the court. This is a common feature for almost all basketball shoes. For the high-level performer, this is a must-have feature for his boots.

The high-level performer moves in the court very fast to pass players. If his shoes aren't able to provide the proper gripping, he will fall at passing players. This can injure his ankle. For better gripping, the rubber soles are the best. They can provide a solid gripping, and you can give an excellent performance.

Different Types of Basketball shoes

Three types of basketball shoes can be found on the court. These three are:

Low Top Shoes- The team's high-level players use these shoes because of their performance. These shoes don't provide much support to your ankle, but they are very light in weight. With these shoes on your feet, you can run and dribble very fast to the forward. Because of their lightweight, they won't obstruct your running ability.

But the problem with these shoes is they are not appropriate for jumping as they don’t provide much ankle support. So don’t try to jump very hard with these shoes.

Mid-Top Shoes- Mid-top shoes are suitable for a mid-level player and also for an all-rounder. These shoes will provide you with both running and jumping abilities. Mid-top shoes give a medium amount of ankle support as they fit at the ankle. Players who love to run across the court and jump should use these shoes. These shoes will be the perfect fit for them.

High Top shoes- High-top shoes are the best basketball shoes for ankle support. Probably these shoes are best suited for a defender who is a big guy. With these shoes, the player can jump without any danger. The high-top thick-cut area will stable the ankle from moving and ensures safety from breaking and injuries.

But the problem with the high-top shoes is they are heavy. They will restrict your movements. You won't be able to run fast as like wearing low-top shoes.

Final Words

To ensure the safety of your feet and comfort, choosing the perfect fit shoes is necessary. There are many essential characteristics of perfectly fit shoes that we have described above in this article.

Also, we have discussed different types of shoes that can provide various types of safety and performance. To reduce the number of injuries, choose the fit shoe more carefully and take your time while choosing. Also, a perfect pair of shoes can cost you more money than any other shoes, so spend the money with more/basketball/care-basketball-shoes.  

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