10 Best Boot Stretcher Reviews In 2021

Shoes and boots are the necessary accessories for a human in daily life. People like to use comfortable and snug fitted shoes for regular activities. But problems arise when we buy a new pair of shoes. Sometimes it seems that the new pair of shoes isn’t perfect in size and the shoes are causing soreness in the feet. One can get blisters from very tightly fitted shoes.

Therefore we have come with a list of the 10 best shoe stretchers. In this list the shoe stretchers are effective and perfect and also these are very easy to use. Read the list to get the perfect stretcher and to say bye bye to uncomfortable shoes.

10 Best Boot Stretcher

1. KevenAnna Pair of Premium Professional 2-way Wooden Shoe

If anyone is facing problems with their narrow shoes and wants to stretch the shoes in both length and width then this would be a good choice. The KevenAnna Pair of Premium Professional shoe stretcher is very effective. This shoe stretcher is available in both men's and women's sizes.  With this shoe stretcher, one can have their shoe stretched within 48 hours.

The stretcher is made of highly polished beech wood which is very durable and made the stretcher very sturdy. One can use the stretcher for a very long time. The shoe stretcher can stretch perfectly without any problem. Also, it is very easy to use. Just insert it into the shoes simply by adjusting the length with the help of the plastic handle. Then rotate the plastic handle clockwise if you want to stretch your shoes in length. For width, simply rotate the metal handle clockwise. But while doing this make sure not to overstretch. For this always observe the pressure points on the surface.

Key Features:

Brand: KevenAnna

  • The stretcher's weight is 2 pounds.
  • Available in various sizes for men and women.
  • The stretcher package contains 2 pieces of stretchers.
  • Two way stretcher for shoes.
  • Contains 12 holes on the surface for pressure point relief and 8 bunion plugs

2. FootFitter Premium Professional 2-Way Shoe Stretcher

Stretch the shoes in length and width efficiently and professionally. The FootFitter Premium Professional 2 way shoe stretcher is made for stretch shoes perfectly. The manufacturer used high grade products to construct it. They used nicely polished beech wood to construct the front and back of the wood. Also, they use stainless steel with nickel plating to construct the mechanical parts. These materials made it sturdy and it can be used for years to come.

The stretcher has two knobs one is made of plastic and another one is made of metal. The plastic knob is used for stretching the width of the shoe and the metal knob is made for stretching the length of the shoe. There are 16 holes in the surface for pressure relief and also there are 3 corn plugs for pressure points.

Key Features:

  • The package contains only one piece of shoe stretcher.
  • Stretch in length and width with this two way stretcher.
  • Stainless steel and beech wood made this very durable.
  • Two knobs, one for stretching the shoe width and another one is for length.
  • Available for men and women.
  • Have three bunion plugs and 16 pressure point relief.

3. Deluxe Shoe Tree

If anyone bought new shoes and the shoes aren’t fitting well then they shouldn’t be worried at all. Because with this product they can stretch their new shoes or even their old pair with ease. The shoe tree comes as a 2 stretcher package. One can stretch their shoes or even reshape their shoes in no time.

The manufacturer produces the shoes in both men's and women's sizes. The stretcher is professionally designed. And the stretcher is made of wood and metal. The stretcher can be used for work boots, sneakers, slingbacks, and many more. Also, with this stretcher, one can release pressure at certain points. The shoe stretcher contains a steel screw. Rotating the screw will increase the width of the stretcher and pulling it will increase the length of the stretcher.

Key Features:

Brand: Fox Valley Traders

  • Contains 2 stretchers for stretching both shoes at a time.
  • 1.5 pounds in weight.
  • Can be used to stretch new shoes and to add width to old shoes.
  • Metal and wood made stretcher is very durable.
  • Contains a screw in the back to stretch in length and width.
  • Can be used with many types of shoes like slingbacks,
  • Women Wearing Boots , sneaker and many more.

4. KevenAnna Shoe Stretcher with Shoe

This is one of the best stretchers produced by KevenAnna. The stretcher is perfect and can be used for solving many problems. Almost all the buyers love this stretcher. But the best part about this stretcher is that it is available at an affordable price.

The stretcher is made of sturdy plastic and metal. With this stretcher, there will be no need for you to wear your new narrow shoes for the break in. One can have the perfect fit in no time. The package contains two stretchers and available in large and small sizes for men and women. The stretcher contains 8 pressure relief plugs for stretching certain pressure points of the shoe which can provide blisters. This great stretcher can be used for sneakers, tennis shoes, pumps, oxfords, loafers, etc.

Key Features:

Brand: KevenAnna

  • 2.79 pounds weight shoe stretcher
  • Made of durable and sturdy metal and plastic.
  • It is a 2 stretchers package and has different sizes for men and women.
  • The package contains 8 pressure relief plugs.
  • Comes in a carrying bag.

5. KevenAnna Shoe Stretcher with Shoe Horn Boot

Facing a problem with the fitting of your new pumps or high heels or slingback? Is your new cute pair of shoes are narrow and providing you with blisters? Then worry no more. With this KevenAnna Shoe Stretcher, one can easily get the perfect fit of their shoes.

This shoe stretcher is uniquely designed for women and also looks cute. The shoe stretcher is designed in the shape of the feet. Unlike other stretchers, this stretcher can reach the hard and narrow areas of the shoes. The shoe stretcher package contains 8 pressure relive pads and many suitable accessories for wearing the shoes and for keeping the shoes together. It comes with an instruction manual which made the stretcher very easy to use.

Key Features:

Brand: KevenAnna

  • 2.71 pounds weighted shoe stretcher.
  • Unique and professionally designed for women.
  • Designed in the shape of the feet and comes as a 2 stretchers package.
  • Can reach the narrow areas of the shoes.
  • The package has 8 pressure relief pads, 1 carry bag, 1 shoehorn, an instruction manual, and many more.
  • Suitable handle for rotating easily.

6. Rax Collection Cedar Wood Shoe Tree

If someone has an old pair of out of shape shoes and searching for a solution to how they will reshape the shoes then these are the best choice. This RaxCollection Cedar Wood Shoe Tree is one of the top selling shoe trees. The shoe trees can be used to reshape old shoes and also for holding the shape of the new shoes.

The shoe tree is made of hard Spanish cedar wood and sturdy brass coated steel tubes. The shoe tree can be expanded sideways and also be stretched in length. Using this tree won’t cause any infection from fugal like other trees. Also, the tree will produce a nice scent inside the shoes. Shoe trees can absorb moisture to keep the shoe dry, infection and odor free.

Key Features:

  • The shoe tree is 2.07 pounds.
  • The manufacturer used Spanish cedar wood and hard brass coated steel tubes to  construct the tree.
  • Can be used to keep the old or new leather shoe pairs in shape and also can be used to get the perfect fit.
  • Shoe tree produces pleasant scent and also absorbs moisture.
  • No fungal or other infection.

7. FootFitter Unisex Compact Travel & Portable American Cedar Boot & Shoe Trees

If anyone is searching for a shoe tree that can be used while traveling then this is the tree they can purchase. The shoe tree is very suitable to carry and won't cost any extra effort. While traveling it seems that people like to take extra pairs of shoes with them. Generally, they put the extra pairs in their traveling bag.

But the problem is the shoes aren't safe while traveling. Shoes will get out of shape which will ruin the shoes and ultimately it can ruin the journey. With the help of this shoe tree, one can keep their shoes in shape at the time of traveling easily. The tree is made of quality American cedar woods on the toe and heel area. There is a steel maid spring in the middle of the shoe tree. Keep your shoes intact at the time of the journey and protect the shoe from any problems.

Key Features:

  • Only 1.15 pounds weighted shoe tree.
  • Compact in size and durable shoe tree.
  • Suitable to keep the shoes intact at the time of travel.
  • Made of American cedar woods and steel spring.
  • Available in both male and female sizes.

8. Ecom City Premium Professional 2-Way Wooden Shoe Stretcher for Women and Men

If the existing pairs of shoes of anyone are causing blisters and soreness then they should buy this stretcher. This shoe stretcher is made to stretch the shoes in sideways and in length. The stretcher is suitable for any type of shoes.

This shoe stretcher is available in two packages. One package contains one stretcher and the other package contains 2 stretchers. The stretchers are made of hard pine wood and sturdy metal. The stretcher contains one knob and one handle to stretch the shoes in length and width. Within 24 hours one will get the perfect and desired fit. With this stretcher no more sore feet or blisters from today.

Key Features:

  • The stretcher is 12.6 ounces weighted.
  • Made of durable and sturdy pine wood and metal.
  • One handle and one knob to stretch in width and length.
  • Suitable for tennis shoes, sports shoes, sneakers, pumps, and not for heel boots.
  • Easy to use and can get the perfect fit within 24 hours.

9. MEOTINA High Heel Shoe Stretcher, Shoes Expander stretch Width and Length

The MEOTINA High Heel Shoe Stretcher is specially designed with a suitable size for US women. With this shoe stretcher, women will get the perfect fit for their high heels. With this shoe stretcher, women can have three ways stretch in their shoes.

The shoe stretcher is designed with women's favorable color and for a more attractive look, the handle of the stretcher is designed in love shape. The stretcher is made of plastic and the handle is made of rustproof metal. The package contains 5 plugs. One for expanding heel height and the other 4 are for pressure points.

Key Features:


  • 1.76 ounces stretcher for women’s high heels.
  • Made of ABS plastic and rustproof steel.
  • Stretcher provides 3 way stretch in the shoes.
  • Available in many sizes for women.
  • The manufacturer made it easy to use for women.
  • The sturdy and durable stretcher won't break easily.

10. Coralpearl Boot Tree Shaft Shaper Holder, Reusable Support Form Insert

This boot tree is made for high shaft boots. It is used to stretch the shaft of the boots. The boot tree shaft shaper is designed with a hanger on the top. The Coralpearl Boot Tree shaft shaper Holder does not only stretches the shaft but also protects the leather of the boot.

The shaft shaper is available in many sizes and colors. The manufacturer used sturdy plastic and steel with rustproof coating. This shaft shaper can be used for kid's, men's, and women's tall boots.

Key Features:

Brand: Coralpearlgroup

  • The shaft shaper is 9.2 ounces weighted.
  • Made of plastic and steel with rustproof coating.
  • Available in many sizes for kids, men’s and women’s tall boots.
  • Easy to use.
  • Protects leather boots.

Buying Considerations of Boot Stretchers

Boot stretchers are available in different sizes and are constructed with different materials. Also, stretchers are designed for specific types of shoes. Therefore before buying one need to search for some important features of the stretcher. Here are some features that one must consider before buying a stretcher.

Construction materials: Basically shoe stretchers are made of wood, durable plastic, and metal to connect the heel and toe part of the stretcher. ABS plastic made stretchers are very durable and long lasting. This material-made stretcher will provide service for years. On the other hand, the wooden made stretchers are also durable. But we would like to recommend one to choose ABS plastic made stretcher.

However, for both plastic and wood made stretchers make sure the connecting rod is rustproof. It would be better to choose a stainless steel made rod.

Size- The 2nd consideration should be the size of the stretcher. Stretchers are available in unisex sizes. Therefore before purchasing one make sure to select the right size of the stretcher by following the size chart.

The number of stretchers- There are two types of stretcher packages. In one package there is only one stretcher and in another package, there is a pair of stretchers. Some people want to buy one stretcher to save their money. But it will consume more time than a pair of stretchers while stretching a pair of shoes. As the user has to stretch one shoe and then after stretching the shoe the user needs to put it in another shoe. This process is very lengthy and very time consuming. Always remember that a shoe needs a minimum of 24 hours to get stretched. So it won’t be a good idea to buy one stretcher.

Weight- The weight of the stretcher needs to be concerned if anyone wants to use stretchers while traveling. The stretcher needs to be lightweight. While traveling people pack many accessories with them. If the pair of stretchers is heavy then it will add extra weight to the bag.

Accessories- Always make sure that the stretcher you are buying contains pressure point pads. There are some stretchers that come with carrying bags. The bag helps a stretcher to hold durability. Also, if you are a new person using a stretcher make sure there is an instruction manual.

Do Boot Stretchers Really Work?

In one word yes it works. But the thing is one can't expect them as a magical wand. The boot stretcher can stretch boots more than half size and even one size most. But you can’t expect them to stretch three or even more sizes. Another important thing about boot stretcher is that the stretcher works perfectly on leather and canvas shoes. On the other hand, shoes made of synthetic materials try to retain the original shape. Therefore one needs to use the stretcher to the synthetic shoes regularly after using the shoes to keep the stretch.

How Can I Stretch My Boots Fast?

It is almost impossible to hold the curiosity to wear new boots to go out. But if the pair of new boots is narrow and needs to be break-in then it becomes quite disappointing. But hey worry no more. You can stretch your shoes overnight.

  • To get the stretch first of all use hydrating lotion inside the new pair of boots.
  • Then use heat inside of the boots for 1 to 2 minutes. For this, you can use a hairdryer.
  • After heating use a pair of good stretchers. Then select the amount of stretch you want and put it overnight.
  • Enjoy your new and perfect fit comfortable shoes.


Today we have come with an article that can solve the problem of one's feet soreness with ease. This article is all about boot stretchers. Here we have given a list of the 10 best stretchers that can be a big help. Make sure to read the list carefully to get the perfect and suitable one to stretch your shoes for relief. We also provided a buying guide for the buyer that can help a buyer to select the best and the perfect one for their shoes.

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