Best Chef Shoes Reviews For 2021 (with Buying Guide)

Why a chef needs to wear best chef shoes?

Because - staying busy in a kitchen or restaurant is not so pleasing. The activity involved is moving frequently, draining, longer time on your feet, and the workload is essentially tedious. The toiling in a kitchen has an effect on chefs both physically and mentally. Due to that, taking care of your feet putting on best chef shoes as well as the whole body is important.

Keeping your feet safe and providing a nice feel, most comfortable chef shoes let you concentrate on your regular works. If you’re facing trouble selecting the best chef shoes, peep on the following options. We’re putting forward some amazing chef shoes taking into thought the style, comfort level, clog or slip-on, breathability, and more.

Top 3  Chef Shoes Comparision Table

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10 Best Chef Shoes

Here are the list of shoes that are used and acclaimed by the professional chefs worldwide -

A popular brand never compromises to maintain the highest quality of its products. Skechers, a trusted name is controlling the footwear industry with award-winning footwear. The manufacturer designs and develops a variety of kitchen shoes for chefs that allure everyone including working class and fashion enthusiasts.

This incredible chef shoe is fully slip-resistant. It is designed with a padded collar and unbreakable stitched seams. Memory foam insole improves cushioning quality. Using a roomier toe box in the heel, it manages medium width for suitable medium fit. The entire structure provides an enjoyable looser fitting around the foot. Skechers shoe features professional grade synthetic sole for lasting performance without losing quality.

What we Liked

  • 100% synthetic materials
  • Traction outsole for slip-resistant
  • Slip-on shoe with mesh fabric
  • Elastic side gores on the opening
  • Shoe lining with soft fabric

Our Final Verdict

Nice looking shoe, synthetic sole, and memory foam insole make this one of the best chef shoes on the market. The padded collar and stitched seams improve the comfort level and breathable space in your shoe.

Merrell Men’s Jungle Moc allows you to relax during long day hard works. Your feet rarely know what’s going on all day; no pain and swelling. Designed with the finest materials, the Jungle Moc ensures utmost comfort when working in the kitchen. This slip-on shoe is used in a variety of purposes, not only in the kitchen but also ideal in different working environments.

A wide range of colors available and some elegant styles can expedite to take your decision. Moreover, this amazing shoe is designed to assure the highest coordination with your khakis and adventure gear. Sometimes, it can be ideal for your casual purposes as well.

What we Liked

  • Durable M Select
  • Moisture and sweat protection
  • Strong antimicrobial agents
  • Proper slip-resistant stability
  • Nylon arch shank

Our Final Verdict

An odor protective, comfortable designed shoe will keep you always refreshed in any hazardous environment. Antimicrobial agents prevent sweat and reduce moisture production. Just wear Jungle Moc and giving more concentration to your works without worrying about your feet.

When passing your tedious working day, slip into the Dansko men’s professional Cabrio clog for utmost comfort and incredible experience. It features a high toe box and affluent leather upper which offer sufficient room for easy movement. Anatomical insole cherishes your feet more safely in a caring position.

Dansko chef clogs are a must-have item in your kitchen while you’re spending long hours without losing concentration from your works. This professional clog is lightweight, designed to support your feet, back, and legs from the brunt of walking or standing.

What we Liked

  • 100% leather contents
  • Heel approximately 2 inches
  • Platform approximately 0.25
  • Proper fitting for all types of feet
  • PU outside for shock absorption

Our Final Verdict

This kitchen shoe helps you pleasant staying on the move and ensure natural steps during working days. It stops swelling, combats foot fatigue, and removes odor after active days. You can find it costly compared to other chef clogs, but it is worth to spend a bit more for the greatest quality products.

Modern structure and quality materials of Skechers offer you stylish kitchen shoe while you feel great and complete your tasks more proficiently. This men’s work boot features leather upper and lace-up for casual use and comfortable work. The removable PU insoles allow you to feel comfortable during dull working hours.

OSHA compliant rubber outsoles ensure complete slip-resistance. You will enjoy more comfort and protection with lasting quality. This is the better kitchen work shoe that will enhance your confidence and ultimate performance.

What we Liked

  • Comfortable rubber sole
  • Ideal composite toe
  • Rip-stop upper panels
  • Tonal logo appliqué
  • Slip-resistant secure outsole

Our Final Verdict

Workers look for something which allows them to enjoy stability, safety, and styles as well. Composite toe and rip-stop upper panels make this shoe unique and the most comfortable chef shoes among other selections on the market. When you consider an affordable chef shoe that will provide everything for a working man, and then you will find Skechers shoe suits you best.

A complete kitchen shoe that looks great and fulfills your requirements in all the ways you want actually. It is lightweight which let you move faster and make walking more pleasant. Its stain and water-resistant materials keep it notably clean. Take simple steps to maintain good quality and clean it when required.

The amazing plush footbed fits your feet in relax with more comfort. This is a breathable, multi-purpose shoe for those who need more comfort, perfect stability, and wipe-clean option.

What we Liked

  • 100% leather made
  • Rubber sole, slip-on design
  • Plush KEEN.CUSH footbed
  • Memory foam for ultimate comfort
  • Meets American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) standards

Our Final Verdict

Keen Utility Men’s PTC maintains the Mark II non-slip standards which offer more stability while you’re passing busy hours in the kitchen. Soft toe makes this kitchen shoe more comfy while enjoying KEEN.Cush PU for the expected soothing.

SensFoot chef clogs are designed for ease of use and durability in mind, marketed after professional slip test. Its advanced slip-resistant feature specifically improved to work in a hazardous environment. In the kitchen, there are chances to fall and slip without any prior warning. This kitchen footwear reduces the risk of injuries and keeps you away from dirt and debris.

SensFoot chef clogs made with a breathable insole which helps you to stay fine after hours. Cleaning is easy with water and soap and you can expect excellent service after longer use. Different sizes are available; choose yours by reviewing the comparison chart.

What we Liked

  • Removable straps and breathable insoles
  • Easy to clean and faster dry
  • Particularly designed for the chef
  • Maximum slip-resistance
  • Environment-safe EVA materials

Our Final Verdict

Find a SensFoot Chef Clog for comfort and enhance your efficiency. The imported environment-friendly EVA materials make this more lightweight and soft footwear. Ideal arch support and comfy cushioning by removable insole make your day fun.

Easy to clean and odor-resistant chef clogs are always the best choice of working men and women. Crocs Vent Work Clog is a unisex item that means both men and women can wear it for maximum outcomes. The notable feature of this shoe is it offers enough room so that your feet can breathe.

Sometimes it is considered as the best chef shoes because of croslite footbed and closed heal which enhance the shoe performance notably. It is the right work shoe because of the expected water and stain resistance, and non-slip features.

What we Liked

  • 100% croslite
  • Strap for a great fit
  • Platform approximately 0.25
  • Classic clog with a controlled outsole
  • Soft massaging footbed

Our Final Verdict

This shoe is not only affordable, but it can meet your needs. If you want to prevent squeaking of the shoe and foot sweat, this kitchen clog will be the best option. It offers the utmost comfy while you enjoy a perfect fit with socks or without.

Women who work long times on their feet require the shoes that provide unbeatable comfort. Dansko women’s mule is a professional-grade shoe delivers all-day support while keeping you calm. It features rocker-bottom sole made by polyurethane turning standing or walking enjoyable. Walk freely, move forward without any risk of fall as it is slip-resistant.

This classic style women mule is constructed by hand along with staple assembly. It keeps your feet in a breathable room and reduces sweat as well as odor. You will achieve reliable stability from this chef shoe when working with more concentration.

What we Liked

  • Polyurethrane sole
  • Ideal heel approximately 2 inches
  • Roomy durable toe box
  • Padded instep collar
  • PU outsole along with rocker bottom

Our Final Verdict

One of the best non-slip shoes for women comes with some amazing features. Besides of extra comfort, it enhances the overall look of the user. Memory foam footbed offers optimal cushioning and professional arch support. It is easy to clean with a sponge or soapy cloth.

Working women prefer a stylish shoe which also provides daylong support on their feet. Skechers lace-up designed shoe can be an ideal choice for those who work several hours standing on their feet. This is a lightweight shoe with fickle styles. The structure is built to fit any size of the foot without creating trouble.

Women generally work in boring sites which appear with many unexpected incidents. Falling down or slipping may be very common for them and Skechers kitchen shoe can protect them from injuries and permanent damage. OSHA compliant rubber soles, PU insoles deliver the highest protection and comfy.

What we Liked

  • Lightweight but thick soles
  • Comfortable athletic cushion
  • Soft lace-up design
  • Removable PU insole
  • Heel height of 1.5 inches

Our Final Verdict

Being a thick sole shoe, it is still lightweight with enough room. Breathable materials maintain a dry space and your feet stops producing sweat and odor as well.

Women's Jungle Moc is a complete slip-on shoe for women, waterproof, great looking, and comfortable. The structure is developed to suit every type of feet, narrow and wide feet can get a perfect fit with this chef shoe. Over time, it doesn’t lose quality features and gives an amazing experience even after a few years.

Simple and comfy Women's Jungle Moc is designed to face the perilous kitchen. Sweat-resistant materials keep your feet dry and reduce the risk of bacterial infection as well as odor. It is a slip-on shoe and absolutely water and stains resistant.

What we Liked

  • 100% textile and leather
  • Top quality rubber sole
  • 3mm efficient lug depth
  • Synthetic upper
  • Aegis antimicrobial lining

Our Final Verdict

Merrell Women’s Jungle Moc features the best quality air cushion which offers the most expected comfort and ultimately enhances your working performance. Nylon arch shank provides an adequate amount of arch support to feel the comfort and benefits of wearing a perfect kitchen shoe.

Buying Guide on Chef Shoes

Shoes are not for only fashion but they are for function, basically for us common folks. We generally wear shoes for different purposes. Chef shoes are designed for ensuring the comfort and efficiency of the chefs or those who need to spend lots of hours in the kitchen. Choosing the best chef shoes requires some preparation and ideas on why and how you should consider a chef shoe.

Why Do You Need Chef Shoes?

A Chef needs to be well dressed and well groomed which is part of his/her work etiquette. Working in a restaurant or hotel takes highest level of professionalism which is even visible in dress codes as well.  Again people working in serving and kitchen area has to wear separate dresses based on job nature. That's why chef's shoes are usually not the same with waitressing shoes. Chef shoes offer many of the benefits to the chefs, some considerable things are following.

Preventing Injuries

The kitchen can be considered as a hazardous workplace. Oil and grease, spills, and even knives can harm you. There is a great chance of slipping. No, never consider walking on empty feet! So, the only solution to prevent slipping and injuries is wearing the best non slip shoes for chefs.

Supporting Your Feet

Standing on foot for long can cause various side effects. Common short-term problems are a sore foot and pain. Varicose veins, lower limb lump, and even arthritis can be seen as long-term problems. Cook shoes ensure comfort and prevent your feet from much pressure.

Protecting From Bacteria and Odor

The feet sweat so much and it ultimately breaks concentration to the work. Breathable materials of chef shoes provide necessary ventilation that stop sweating. It reduces the outgrowth of bacteria and odor.

What to Look For in the Ultimate Chef Shoes?

The chef shoes are different with many of the unique features from the regular fashion shoes. In most cases, the best chef shoes have following unique features.


Ease of use is the first considerable factor when you on the shop for the chef shoes. As you spend a few hours regularly in the kitchen, you can suffer discomfort, muscle pain, bone pain as well as joint pain. A suitable platform and nice cushioning can only improve support and stability. If your shoes have a removable inner sole that is a plus for ensuring comfort.

Fickle Styles

People like their shoes which are stylish and nice. Prior to the protective quality, everyone considers how the shoe will look like. Many fickle styles and colors are available in the store that will allow you to work in the kitchen and even to visit your guests in the dining room.


After wearing a kitchen shoe for several hours, it feels you like concrete. Comfortable shoe needs to be flexible and lightweight. You can move easily wearing a lightweight shoe and it allows you to feel fine when you stand on your toes and get something from cabinets. Additionally, you will enjoy working in your kitchen and feel less chivied.

Slip Resistant

All chef shoes should follow the OHSA standards to be properly slip resistant. A non-slip shoe is a must-have thing in the kitchen that enhances the overall working performance. Be sure to select the best non slip shoes for chefs which let you walk on the floors without any risk of sliding, slipping, and falling.


Durability is a factor that you should consider for long term use and save your money. Nobody prefers to buy a kitchen shoe in every month. You need to buy a pair of shoe which is durable and ideal for protection.


Some shoes come with a composite or steel toe, and you can consider them for your extra protection.Arch support is important for women and individuals who have flat feet. Different arch support such as low, medium, and high are available to meet the needs of different people.

Stain Resistant

Working in a kitchen includes some damages and the risk of unexpected incidents. Spilling cooking elements on your shoes is common. Make sure to choose kitchen shoes for chefs which are coated with protecting materials to keep away from any damage.

Final Words

The best and comfortable chef shoes offer the utmost comfort and protection for working men and women. It is vital choosing the footwear developed by specialized manufacturers who understand the kitchen environment. This footwear will meet your need and effectively face the challenges happen frequently in the kitchen.

Some of the best chef shoes we have reviewed here, each selection among them is rich in different quality features. Consider which one meets your needs and go for that. However, always extra research is recommended before going for a specific chef shoe.

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