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Best Gold Kitten Heel Shoes Reviews 2021

One of the best and comfortable heels for women is the kitten heel. Kitten heels are designed with a small heel that is around 2 inches high. The height of the kitten heel made these shoes very comfortable for long use and very suitable for new heel users.

Today we will discuss about 10 of the best kitten heel shoes. We have collected all the necessary information about these shoes. One will able to get the best pair for them from the list. So check the list and get the best pair of kitten heels for you or your loved ones.

Let’s start with the list already to finish your waiting.

Best Gold Kitten Heel Shoes

1. ERIJUNOR Wedding Evening Party

For those women who are searching for shoes for their big marriage day, this shoe would be a perfect choice. Because of its elegant look and design, the shoe is perfect for the wedding day, prom night, and also for parties. These shoes are available in many colors including red, gold, navy, silver, blue, and many more.

The shoe is designed with a pointed toe with an ankle strap design. On the back of the ankle, there is a nice bow that enhances the beauty of the shoe. The strap ensures that the shoe remains in one place while dancing or walking on the floor. Shoes are available in many sizes. With a heel height of 3 inches, the insole of this shoe is made of rubber that provides superior gripping to the floor.

Key Features:


Heel Height: 3 inches

  • Shoes are available in many vibrant colors.
  • Shoes are available in US standard size.
  • Pointed toe design can be matched up with beautiful dresses.
  • Designed with an ankle strap with a beautiful bow behind the ankle.
  • The outsole is made of rubber to provide a good amount of grip while dancing or walking on a slippery floor.
  • The shoe weight is 1.85 pounds.

2. IDIFU Women's IN2 Maxine Wedding

Those women who feel uncomfortable with high heels can start their heel journey with these pumps. These decent and elegant looking pumps can be used anywhere including in office, work, wedding, prom, party, and date night as well.

The pointed toe design will never get old and always will provide a beautiful look on the feet. The 2 inches high heel design will provide more stability to the feet of the new heel users. One would not get any uncomfortable feeling from the shoes. The strap in front of the ankle looks very gorgeous and sexy as the strap crosses the feet. Also, this strap ensures easy buckle-up closure for wearing the shoes fast and keeps the shoes where they should while moving around.

Key Features:

Brand: IDIFU

Heel Height: 2 inches

  • Shoes are available in US, UK, and Europe sizes.
  • Pointed toe design with nice ankle strap.
  • Buckle up closure for easy wearing.
  • Lightly cushioned footbed with ultra-soft lining, and the heel height ensures all day comfort to the feet.
  • Durable outsole and elegant shoes can be used anywhere for any occasion.
  • The weight of these shoes is 10.58 ounces.

3. MaxMuxun Women

If you want to add glossiness to your daily outlook then choose these shoes. These shoes are very suitable to add more beauty to regular outfits. The ankle strap of the shoes is very shiny which will shine more under the sun. The insoles of these shoes are very comfortable and provide all day support to the feet. Also, these shoes would not cause any pain to the pressure points of the feet. The classic shoe design is suitable for any occasion and regular usages.

But while buying these shoes one must check the size properly. Because according to consumers, these shoes run big. Therefore many buyers suggest ordering for one size small.

Key Features:

Brand: MaxMuxun

Heel Height: 2 inches

  • Shoes are available in the US, Europe, Great Britain, and Mexico sizes.
  • Shoes can be found in a variety of colors with a pointed toe design.
  • Gorgeous ankle strap with buckle up closure system.
  • Rubber outsole design for better traction and stability.
  • Decent shoes would not produce any pain on the pressure point.
  • 1.3 pounds weighted shoes.

4. Women's Classic Kitten Heels

If anyone is searching for shoes for weddings, office use, regular use, and also for hangouts then do not search anymore. These are the perfect shoes for all of these purposes. These shoes are available in very glossy and vibrant colors. These colors are very suitable and can be easily matched up with many sorts of dresses and suits.

The manufacturer used faux suede with patent PU leather to make these shoes durable and easy to clean. These materials make these shoes look premium and elegant. The outsole of these Kitten heel shoes is made of non-slip rubber to provide great stability to the floor. The 2 inches high heels provide more stability and comfort feel to the feet. Wearing these shoes is very easy as there is no strap problem with these shoes. You just place your feet and push is inside the shoe.

Key Features:

Brand: Camssoo

Heel Size: 2 inches

  • Shoes are available in US and Europe standard sizes.
  • Shoes are made of soft, comfortable, and breathable artificial leather.
  • The upper is made of patent PU and suede leather with matte colors and also glossy colors.
  • Designed with a sexy pointed toe.
  • Shoes are weighted 1.7 pounds.

5. XYD Women Fashion

Are you searching for an elegant pair of shoes with a vintage look? Then look at this pair. These shoes are designed with a vintage look. The shoe upper is made of synthetic leather with is environment friendly.

The shoe is designed with a pointed toe and an open ankle to make the feet more beautiful. In the toe area, there is a bowknot which enhances the look of this shoe and will attract the eyes of surrounding people. Shoes also have a strap with buckle up closure to easy on. The shoes are available in different colors of the straps and the bowknot. Easy to match up with dresses, skirts, jeans, and denim.

Key Features:

Brand: XYD

Heel Size: 2 inches

  • Vintage look shoe with modern design.
  • Shoes are available in US, EU, and UK sizes.
  • Pointed toe design with a nice bowknot.
  • Open ankle design with a strap for buckle up closure and snug fit.
  • Can be matched up with jeans, skirts, denim and suitable for many occasions.

6. DREAM PAIRS Women's

If you are confused about what heel shoes you should choose for the upcoming wedding event then take a look at these shoes. These shoes are designed for you. This shoe is designed in the shape of the feet.

The shoe is made of man-made materials. The outsole of this shoe is made of TPR rubber which is very suitable for a slippery surface. The heel of this shoe is 2 inches high and the platform of this shoe is 0.25 inches. Both the heel size and platform size made this shoe very suitable for all day long walking. The insole is made of padded faux leather to add more comfort to the feet. One shoe can be used for many purposes.

Key Features:


Heel Size: 2 inches

  • Man-made materials use to construct this shoe.
  • Available in different gorgeous colors.
  • Padded faux leather made insoles are very comfortable and suitable for all day wear.
  • Ankle strap design with quality zipper closure for easy wearing and provides a comfortable feel.
  • TPR rubber outsole is very durable and slip resistant.
  • The 0.25 inches platform is suitable for long use.

7. IDIFU Women's Candy

If you are looking for a unique pair of shoes to look different from others then choose these. These are the 1920s marry jane shoes. The shoes are classic design with low block heels. These are available in many solid colors. One can easily choose their favorite color. Round toe design of these shoes ensures that the toe area of the feet remains stress free. For the upper, the manufacturer used man-made material which is very easy to clean. A decent adjustable ankle strap buckle up closure made these shoes timeless and one will be able to get a perfect fit with the help of the strap.

These shoes will match up easily with many dresses in the cabinet and one can use them on many occasions.

Key Features:

Brand: IDIFU

Heel Size: 2.5 inches

  • Available in a variety of solid colors.
  • 1920s marry jane designed modern shoes.
  • The round toe design ensures that there is no pressure in the toe.
  • Man-made upper is environment friendly and very easy to clean.
  • Ankle strap buckle-up closure made these shoes timeless.
  • 10.58 ounces weighted shoes.

8. Bandolino Women's Zeffer

If you are searching for a pair of best shoes to match up with your dresses then this would be the right choice. These shoes are very sexy and can match up with any dress.

The upper is made of shiny patent leather with man-made lining for breathability. Very easy to wear shoes are designed with an adjustable buckle-up strap in the ankle area. There is a nice bow design in the center of the shoes which made these shoes more attractive. Pointed toe silhouette design looks very nice with dresses. The insole is lightly padded which made these shoes very comfortable to wear for a long time. The heel size is 2 inches but users say the heel size is near 3 inches.

Key Features:

Brand: Bandolino

Heel Size: 2 inches

  • The manufacturer uses patent leather to build the upper of these shoes.
  • Adjustable buckle up strap design in the ankle area made these shoes timeless.
  • The attractive bow design above the ankle made these shoes very sexy.
  • Pointed toe design with a man-made durable outsole.
  • The manufacturer says heel size is 2 inches but actually near 3 inches.
  • 7.2 ounces lightweight shoes.

9. Bella Marie Women's

Those women who hate heels because they are not very stable and make it hard to walk in heels for a long time but thinking of buying a pair of heels should look at these shoes. These are very comfortable and classic shoes with a chunky block heel design. The block heel is 2 inches high. These are very suitable for a new heel user as the block heel will provide enough comfort to walk freely.

These shoes can be matched up with jeans to any dress. The shoe upper is made of suede which is very easy to clean and an ankle strap buckle up closure for easy fit. The open-toe design will make the feet more sexy and attractive.

Key Features:

Brand: Bella Marie

Heel Size: 2 inches

  • Suede made upper is very easy to clean.
  • Block heel is very suitable for long use.
  • Ankle strap design made these shoes timeless and elegant.
  • Open toe design will make the feet more attractive.
  • 1.17 pounds weighted shoes.

10. XYD Women D'Orsay Wedding

These are very beautiful shoes designed with nice patterns in the toe and the ankle area. These shoes are made of synthetic material with durable anti-slip rubber soles. The kitten heel is approximately 2 inches high.  The padded insole made these shoes very comfortable for all day use.

In the ankle and the toe area, these shoes are decorated with d'Orsay and rhinestone which enhances the beauty and the attractive look of the shoes. Shoes are specially made for the wedding and can be matched up with any dress, jeans, long skirts, and many more.

Key Features:

Brand: XYD

Heel Size: 2 inches

  • The manufacturer used environment friendly synthetic material for these shoes.
  • Timeless shoes are designed with pointed toes.
  • On the toe and ankle area, these shoes are decorated with d'Orsay and rhinestone.
  • Easy to match up with dresses, jeans, long skirts to have a beautiful finish.

Considerations Before Buying Kitten Heels Shoes

When it comes to heels women just select which one looks great and will make them more beautiful and attractive. But they forget to check other important things rather than style. For this reason, sometimes the shoe runs big or small in size. Here are some important considerations that women must check before buying a pair of kitten heel shoes.

Construction- The term construction means the materials and the design of the shoes. Heels made of leather are very durable and provides a quality feel to the feet. Also, shoes made of faux leather are very durable. One also has to check the lining of the shoes that whether the lining of the shoe is breathable or not. Another two important things are the outsole and the insole construction. The outsole must be made of rubber to skip slippage and the insole should be padded lightly to provide long time support to the feet.

Size- Size is a very important consideration. Sometimes it seems that the shoe you chose runs big or small by 1 size. This is very bothersome. Also, wearing small sized shoes will provide pressure and pain in the feet which will cause blisters. On the other hand, walking in big size shoes will let the feet come over. Therefore before buying shoes one has to make sure that the shoe you selected is true to size. To ensure that one should check the reviews of the shoes.

Heel Size and type- Basically, the heel size of kitten shoes is 2 inches. But there are some shoes that can be as big as 3 inches. Some kitten heel shoes are designed with block heel which is very comfortable for long use. However, the heel size of kitten heels is very small so it would not bother much in long use.

Closure- The closure system of the kitten heel shoes is very important. Whether the shoe is timeless or not depends on the closure system. Shoes with adjustable straps are very suitable as one can adjust the strap to get a perfect fit. Also, some strap is designed with a beautiful bow which enhances the beauty of the shoes.

Toe design- Heels are available in various toe designs. Among them, the popular ones are pointed toe, round toe, and open toe. Some pointed toe shoes are very tight fitted which pressure the toe and make things uncomfortable. The round toe design is very suitable this does not provide any pressure on the toe. On the other hand, the open toe is more comfortable than these two and makes the feet more attractive and sexy. If you want to know Best Blue Kitten Heels.

What are the Easiest Heels to Walk in?

If you want to walk for a long time or dance with your heels on, then you should choose wedge heels. These heels are very suitable to walk in. As the size of these heels is wider than stiletto these heels provide more support and stability to the floor and one can easily walk all day long with these shoes. Also, one can use wedge heel shoes with a long skirt and maxi as the dress would not get stuck under the heel.

But the only drawback of the wedge shoes is they would not be able to match with all types of dresses like the stiletto.

How do I Choose Comfortable Heels?

Modern women are getting more and more attracted to heels. But instead of getting comfort, they face discomfort with their heels. There are many reasons for it. To choose comfortable heels one should follow the below points.

  • Comfortable fit: Not too tight and not too loose.
  • Heel height: Too high heels will cause leg pain and discomfort.
  • Toe Design: Small toe design or narrow toe design will cause discomfort and pain.
  • Padded insole.
  • Rubber made outsole.
  • Breathable lining.

Final Words

This article contains a list of the 10 best kitten heel shoes. We have tried to highlight each and every detail of these shoes so that things became clear at one can easily buy them. We have also provided a buying guide which will show heel lovers the important factors of the shoes. Take your time and read this hope you will get your favorite pair.

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