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Best Insoles For Hiking Boots in 2021 – Ultimate Reviews

I know exactly how it feels when everyone is enjoying the hike at the fullest (may be they use best insoles for hiking boots) and you are dealing with irritating foot pain! Blister and foot aches are always there to keep you distracted from feeling the beauty of the amazing outdoors.

Wrong feet position and unsuitable insoles cause most kind of feet aches and luckily there are insoles that are specifically designed for thru hiking! That being said, the problem is not over yet, picking the right pair of insole for hiking is also a challenging task!

So what differentiates the best insoles for hiking from the rest? I have designed an in-depth buying guide for that. And before that, you will go through a list of 6 best hiking insoles which are the top-rated models of the market right now!So let’s sneak a quick peek at it!

Our Top 06 Insoles for Hiking Boots

1. KEEN Utility Men's K-20 Insole

2.Sof Sole Insoles Men's ATHLETE

3. wernies Running Shoes Inserts for Men Women, Athletic Arch Comfort Insole

Top 6 Best Insoles for Hiking Boots

These 6 hiking insoles are already satisfying many hikers, me saying that? No! The users are! You will realize that once you check on the reviews. However, have a look!

1. Superfeet GREEN Insoles | Best Hiking Insoles

Good heel and arch support can create a world of difference in hiking. And what offers better heel and arch support than this Superfeet GREEN Insoles? This very model is the favorite of many hikers because of the comfort it offers when the feet push the soft cushioning that feels great!

It comes with rubber made sole which is highly durable and the heel cup is nicely wide. Plus, the heel cup is thick enough to deliver optimum support when hiking. The base of this insole got a stabilizer cap which is there for supporting the back and making the insoles stable as well!

Along with the performance, this insert comes with an odor-control coating as well. That is something will prevent releasing any kind odor when you take the shoes off! And not to forget, this Superfeet Green Insoles offers good shock absorption as well!

Overall this shoe insert is highly durable and reliable. Though some people have issues with the price, according to the features, the price is fair I think!

With thicker construction, this Sole Active insole offers great cushioning support which is much needed in work boots, hiking boots, and OCR running shoes. Thick construction and high cushioning make these insoles good for winter as well!

At the top everything, this pair of the insole is clinically proven to be good for preventing Plantar fascia strain. The way these insoles are designed they improve balance and also enhances the natural foot alignment by delivering equal weight distribution!

By using these insoles users can expect good arch and heel support as well. It comes with a thick cushioned footbed and these footbeds are approved by APMA (American Podiatric Medical Association). Moreover, these footbeds are heat wear-moldable, allowing you to customize the size according to your need! 

These insoles are one of the best insoles for thru hiking.

The Timberland PRO Men’s insole is one of the best-selling pairs of the market and as you can see in the name, this is pair is an anti-fatigue insole. These insoles are carefully engineered in order to enhance both performance and comfort. And it does offer a great amount of comfort.

It features exclusively inverted cone foam which works as a shock absorber. Not only that, it delivers good return energy to the feet as well. The Timberland PRO Men’s Insole is very lightweight and is heavily cushioned which makes this pair highly comfortable. Along with some good features, it comes with a good price as well. It is highly affordable.

Many experts rate these insoles as one of the best hiking insoles for flat feet.

Are you looking for a good enough hiking insole that comes at a cheap price? Then you might not want to look any further than this Keen Utility K-10 Replacement Insole. But before you process further let me tell you, these insoles are suitable for low to medium arch shoes!

These insoles come with a full-length thin cushion that what makes it suitable regular hiking! Not only hiking, but this pair can also be used for regular jogging and other outdoor activities as well!

Material that has been used in the construction that contains antimicrobial properties which control odor, so if you have a sweaty foot, then this would be an excellent choice for you! This insole fits perfectly, doesn’t require any kind of trimming!

These insoles by far the best insoles for keen hiking boots and work great with other hiking boots.

The Super Feet Blue Insole is another high-performing model designed to support feet during hiking or jogging! This is a medium profile and medium volume insole which means they are suitable for most kind of footwear and feet shape as well! The stabilizer cap offers improved stability and support during walking!

It has a comfortable, wide foot-bed to accommodate your foot with bandage and dressing. Medical-grade Velcro strap, which they used in this shoe, is very effective to ensure the perfect fit. The polymer plastic reinforced shell will give you proper support, while the rocker sole under your feet will allow your natural movement far much easier.

Can you guess what replicates the cushioning in this Sof sole insoles? The Air. It comes with sir capsules which are located in the heel section. And the best perk of this technology is, they transfer impacts into energy. That means, if you push the heel down and it will hit it back with more energy, this feature makes this model good enough for regular running!

The Sof Sole insole is perfect for people who have a low or neutral arch. It comes with a stability plate that supports the arch and the insole improves motion control. Fabric that has been used in this insole is made with Moisture-wicking CoolMax technology, that will keep the feet blister-free and dry entirely! The price this Sof sole insole comes with is highly affordable and it offers greater value for the money!

When You Need a New Insole?

If you are dealing with feet pain because of heavy pressure on feet, then you should get insoles immediately. And when it comes to replacing, that depends on the use. Usually, with gentle use, a high-quality insoles pair will last up to 6 to 9 months. If you heavily user the insoles regularly, then they would not last more than 5 to 6 month!

How Proper Insoles make your Hiking life easier?

Good insoles can make you feel great, and the wrong one can turn your entire trip down. There are several reasons why getting the right pair of insole is important for hiking.


What is the most common problem people face in hiking? Tired muscle and feet, right? In such issues, insoles play a great role. And among all the types, Orthotic insoles does a fine job in relaxing the tired feet and muscle by preventing tension and fatigue.

Prevents heel and foot pains

Most people feel pain on feet because of the regular heavy walk and run, and the pain limits their normal movements. In the worst case, some even notice inflammation in the lower surface of feet. Insoles distribute the body weight evenly on all over the feet and as a result, the pain decreases. They can absorb sudden high shock as well.

Flat Feet Pain Relief

Most people feel pain on feet because of the regular heavy walk and run, and the pain limits their normal movements. In the worst case, some even notice inflammation in the lower surface of feet. Insoles distribute the body weight evenly on all over the feet and as a result, the pain decreases. They can absorb sudden high shock as well.

Prevents heel and foot pains

People who have flat feet most of the time suffers badly from feet pain, and the pain spreads to the knees. The reason why flat feet people often faces such issues is because of the low or neutral arch. However, the right insole pushes away such problems. Some insoles deliver false arch and distribute the entire body pressure and even shocks evenly.

Relief from Overpronation

When the arches get flatten and become painful, that’s exactly when overpronation occurs. It happens because of one reason and that is, putting much pressure on the feet muscle or overworking the legs. Overpronation leads to some other major problems such as sprains, Achilles tendonitis, knee pain, heel pain and so on.

Using an orthotic insole can help you get rid of such pains. These insoles will keep the ankles and knees of older person’s strain-free during long road walks.

What to Check in Good Hiking Insole?

If you have gone through the upper section, you must know how important good hiking insoles are. As I mentioned at the beginning, I have demonstrated some features which differentiates the best insole from the rest. Before you pick a pair, make sure to check all these features. Have a look!

Proper Type

Insoles come in a couple of types and each type is suitable for different need. Type plays a major role in choosing the right pair of the insole. However, there are some insoles called “sport insole”. Sport insoles are specially designed for regular heavy use such as hiking, jogging, running, etc.

These insoles are way too firmer, sturdier, and also delivers better support during walking or running. They constructed heavily with hard materials so that they can withstand heavy wear and tear regularly and they deliver greater stability as well. Your foot alignment will be on shape with these insoles.

And then there are some soft insoles which are cheap and can be found everywhere, these insoles are only for occasional walking. Compared to these insoles sports insoles are more reliable, stronger and offers better foot care. And best of all, sports insoles will fight with most kind of foot aches!


This is another big factor to consider when choosing the best hiking insoles. Different insoles come with different volumes. In case if you don’t understand, volume refers to the space the insole takes in shoes. Most of the time the volume is proportional to the arch shape. And volume is what creates a good fit and supports your feet all the way.

Basically, low volume insoles are best suited for skate boots that are slimmer in both dimension and shape. And you should choose the insole according to your arch if you have low arch choose a low volume insole.


Not only insole, whenever you are buying something you should check the durability level of the product. Are you buying a pair of insole for a single trip only? No! right? You will be using that for a long time. And would that insole last for a good amount of time?

It will if that is enough durable. Then how do you know which one is durable? Take a look at the material used in the construction. If the material is durable, the product will be too! But the most effective way is to shop from well-reputed brands, the price will be expensive but they will worth that price.


Your foot shape won’t be the same always, based on your movements it will change. And that is why you would want insoles that are adaptive to foot movement change, in other words, flexible. Flexible insoles will keep delivering comfort every time you go hiking wearing them!

Final Words

Insoles are great helping hand when you are on your feet most of the time, they are the one that will give you faster relief from tired feet. But that will happen only when you will choose the right pair. I have given a list of 6 best insoles for hiking, each of these models is doing as expected and hope will do the same with you as well.

Happy Hiking!!!

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