Best Insoles for Shoes that are too Big

6 Best Insoles For Shoes That Are Too Big or Wide In 2021

Insoles are the most overlooked element of any footwear. A podiatric surgeon and the founder of Fix Your Feet, Inc. Yolanda Ragland says “One can have multiple benefits from a pair of good insole” According to her, a perfect pair of shoe insert will reduce fatigue, provide shock absorption, fix malalignment, aid athletic performance, offer comfort and give you relief from some chronic foot aches. Are you one of them who have a close relation with soreness, fatigues and so on caused by shoes?

Guess what? you are not alone in this. More than 70% of people in the United States are facing these. And it gets even worse for people who have large feet. But thankfully the cure is not a mystery anymore and that is a perfect pair of insole. By delivering all kind of needed support and cushioning, perfect insoles can make you feel very satisfied with your daily activities.

So if you are a regular runner or spend most of your day standing on your feet then this very article is for you. I have done my study and put together a list of 6 best insoles for shoes that are too big or too wide. Now without wasting a second, pull a chair and sit tight, the solution to your feet aches are just a few clicks away.

Our Most Reliable 3 Best Insoles For Shoes That Are Too Wide

1. Dr. Scholl's Heavy Duty Support Pain Relief

2. Superfeet GREEN Full 

  3. PowerStep Pinnacle Maxx Full Length Orthotic Shoe Insoles

6 Best Insoles For Shoes That Are Too Big

Right now the market is flooded with so-called “best shoe insoles” which can make it really hard for you to choose the right one. On the other hand, buying one by considering all the factors is very time consuming, and that’s exactly why I have come up with this list. Each insole in this list has legitimate positive user feedback and the needed feature that anyone would expect from a pair of ideal insole. Let’s get started.

1. Superfeet GREEN Full Length Insole

Starting with the Superfeet GREEN Full Length Insole. This is one of the best-selling insoles which really have a large fan following but obviously for some valid reasons. This Superfeet’s green insole is suitable for those who need excellent heel and arch support along with a decent amount of cushioning. It has the widest and deepest heel support, unlike most pairs.

It is equipped with thick foam which provides with proper foot base cushioning and firmness. Plus, it offers great shock absorption support which makes it ideal for people with a high arch and heel. And the thick foam also helps athletes to perform their daily activities by delivering them the needed comfort. The Superfeet’s green insole are highly durable and reliable, you would barely find a few pairs of insole like this.

The deep heel helps in pain relief and gives stability. On the other hand, it features an odor neutralizing technology which keeps bacteria out. According to the features, I think the price is fair though some people have found it to be a little expensive. Overall this pair of insole is really outstanding and delivers proper value for the money.


  • Nice shock absorption.
  • Latex and vegan free.
  • Odor control.
  • Anti-bacterial coating.
  • Decent comfort.
  • Highly-durable.


  • Doesn’t offers proper toe support.
  • Little squeaky.

2. Powerstep Original Orthotics-U

Are you looking for a pair of top-notch Orthotic insoles to prevent your footache? Then you might want to take a look at the Powerstep Pinnacle Maxx Orthotic Shoe Insoles. As the name suggests, this insole has a full-length shell design which delivers both the needed support and comfort to your feet. This pair comes in different sizes, so any feet will fit perfectly on it, eliminating the need of trimming or any other customization.

A big thanks to the manufacturer, they have used anti-microbial polypropylene material along with the EVA foam dual-layer cushioning in this very pair which takes care of the disgusting foot odor. In order to give the wearer support and protection from the impacts, this insole features a heel cradle. On the other hand, as these insoles are thinner and low-profile, they can fit in almost every athletic, dress, and casual shoes.

The PowerStep Orthotic insoles are a good option for everyday use. Plus, people who are dealing with plantar fasciitis or metatarsal pain or mild arch or foot pain, this pair would be a great catch for those. This powerStep insole is specially designed to help people with the discomfort and enhance their regular walking and running experience. This insoles are great for big guys.


  • Removes heat.
  • Anti-microbial polypropylene material.
  • Double-layer cushioning.
  • Comes in different sizes.
  • Heel and ankle support.
  • Very comfortable.


  • According to a few users, this insole is not very durable.

Do you step into hard surfaces like concrete most of the time? Then you might have a very close relation with fatigue, isn’t it? If both answers is yes, then a perfect shock absorber is what you should look for and you won’t find any better than the Timberland PRO Men's Anti-Fatigue insole. This pair in one of the best insoles for boots that are too wide or too big.

This pair features an advanced inverted cone design which absorbs all the shocks, so there is no room for fatigue. Moreover, the Timberland PRO Men’s insole also offers dynamic arch and footbed cradle which accommodate different foot shapes for better support and comfort. The manufacturer has used synthetic materials and also used anti-microbial layer which reduces odor and heat.

As this pair is thicker, you would need to remove the existing sole of your boot but trust me, it worth. People who spend most of their day on work boots by inserting this Timberland anti-fatigue insole they can experience the optimum level of comfort and satisfaction.


  • High shock absorption.
  • Flexible arch and heel support.
  • Comfortable footbed.
  • Prevents bacteria growth.
  • Reduces heat.


  • Thicker insoles.

Here comes another durable pair from SuperFeet’s, the SuperFeet’s Blue Full-Length Shoe Insole. This pair is almost similar to the Green version. It is one of the top-rated shoe insoles with which most people are extremely satisfied. This very insole is made of synthetic material and highly durable. Unlike few models, this pair includes high-density closed cell foam and cushion which keeps the insole thin. The level of comfort, cushioning and support this insole offers, anyone will love to own this pair.

On the flip side, the manufacturer has used anti-bacterial coating, latex-free material, and odor controller in order to keep the feet dry, cool and clean. This Superfeet insole is actually a good option for people with medium arches. Plus, this insole fits on most casual and work shoes. Moreover, this Superfeet shoe insole works perfect as a shock absorber, you’ll feel a very low amount of vibration on your bones or joints when you are walking of hard surfaces.

With this pair, you will be able to run or walk smoother and you’ll be very comfortable when you are at work. Especially, if you are dealing with plantar fasciitis and wear medium volume footwear, then you can’t go wrong with this Superfeet BLUE Full-Length Insole.


  • Highly durable.
  • Odor-free.
  • Medium arch support.
  • Vegan-friendly.
  • Made of synthetic material.
  • No bacteria growth.


  • Takes time to adapt the feet size.

Well, if you need something to support your arch then the Sof Sole High Arch insole is the right thing. It offers perfect arch support and removes pain as soon as possible. It can’t remove major pains for sure, minor pains like brushing your leg, stepping on a ladder in wrong way, jumped off the truck, etc. this insole can help you with this kind of pains.

This Sof sole arch insole comes in three arch heights, high arch, low arch, and neutral arch. This high arch insole doesn’t offer much cushioning but the bright side is, it will keep your foot on a good posture. The black thing on the outsole of this pair seems like carbon fiber but actually, that is shaped nylon. And that’s really better, as nylon is a great material. The nylon part also supports the heel which can boost athlete’s performance by stabilizing the foot.


  • Great arch support.
  • Stabilizes foot.
  • Can adapt to any foot size.
  • Nylon plate gives heel support.
  • Minor pain relief.


  • This sole pushes the feet forward.

The Dr. Scholl's P.r.o. Arch Pain Relief Orthotic insole is clinically proven to be the right pair for reducing lower body pain, especially for arch pain. This insole delivers satisfying cushioning in the heel area and needed firmness in the arch area. Any minor pain on the heel can be healed with this insole, the gel button is what does the magic. And the arch firmness helps in keeping your feet stable.

This Dr.Scholl’s P.r.o orthotic insole also delivers a good level of shock absorption. Hard or rough, with this pair of insole you will be able to walk, run or jump without feeling any kind of shock (vibration) in your bones and joints. Moreover, the manufacturer has allowed heavyweight people also to use this pair, this insole can hold up to 200 pounds and that’s huge for this kind of insoles.

Lastly, this insole will make you feel really comfortable when they are underneath your feet. Plus, this Dr. Scholl's P.r.o. Arch Pain Relief Orthotic Women Insole is highly recommended for people who are dealing with ankle pain, plantar fasciitis, joint pain, arch pain, heel pain, etc.


  • Very comfortable to wear.
  • Highly durable.
  • Pain relief.
  • Shock absorption.
  • Offers support and stability.


  • No padding on the toe.

Benefits of Using Shoe Insole

Actually, there are a bunch of benefits you can get just by inserting a good pair of shoe insole. Irritation to pain, you can get relief from most of the feet problems. Nevertheless, below I have listed some common and major benefits that premium sole can offer.

  • Delivers optimum comfort.
  • Makes appropriate foot positioning.
  • Reduces lower back pain.
  • Relief from heel spurs and pain.
  • Make it comfortable to stand or walk for longer periods.
  • Keeps in the correct posture.
  • Prevents soreness and fatigues.

We would suggest to use insoles from good brand and knowing what purpose it serves. There are different insoles for different needs. Hikers will need good hiking boot insoles, again nurses will need compression insoles.

How to Buy a Pair of Best Shoe Insole?

To me, the definition of best is a thing that suits me well. Likewise, the best insole for me, might not be best for you. You have to choose a pair that fills your need. And in order to get your hand on the right pair of insole, there are few factors which should be taken under consideration such as sole types, materials, foot type, etc. Have a look below,

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Different Feet Types

Do you have any medical condition associated with your foot? You have to determine that before anything and then you have to sort out your feet type. You can make a wet test in order to get your foot type. Without knowing your foot type, getting the right insole for you would be very complicated. There are three types of foot, normal foot, high arch, and flat foot. However, check out below video to get your foot type.

Types of Shoe Insoles

Shoe insole comes in a couple of types, each type is suitable for different needs. It would be very confusing for you to buy the best pair if you don’t know the type you need. Here we go

Arch support shoe insole: If you deal with issues in your arch when walking or running for longer periods, then arch support insoles might be the perfect option for you. These soles will give the comfort of standard premium cushion and along with that it also delivers outstanding arch support by adding some backing in the arch area. But before purchasing an arch insole you have to find out your arch type is given above and you have to purchase according to your arch type.

Orthotic shoe insole: These insoles are also an arch support insole but when needed orthotic insoles also deliver metatarsal and heel support. This kind of inserts improves the foot alignment so that people will have good control over the motion and when they flex the feet as they walk. Orthotic insoles also come in two variations, thin or thick. Thicker soles are great for shock absorption.

On the other hand, orthotic insoles are stiffer than the gel or arch supported insert which is why at beginning wearer might feel awkward but with time it will get comfortable.

Some of the jobs like restaurant jobs, guard's job, factory jobs requires best insoles for walking and standing all day that should have to excellent orthotic support.

Gel insoles: These insoles are also known as comfort insoles. And as the name suggests these inserts are made of gel material and the main goal of gel insoles are delivering the maximum comfort. This sole is very soft which is best for people who have a foot or joint pain because when walking on hard surfaces these soles would not let vibration to go to your bones and joints, instead, they keep the shock or vibration into them.

If you have any kind of joint pain or mild feet pain, you should consult to a specialist in order to get the appropriate insole for you.

Trainer insole: Trainer insoles are designed for boosting athlete’s performance by providing needed support to their foot, these insoles come with built in arch, toe, and heel design which enhances the movement during intensive activities. Actually, these insoles are for high-impact activities, if your daily schedule is loaded with a lot of jumping, running, cycling and so on, then trainer inserts will be perfect for you.

Trainer insoles also do come in various variations, suitable for different needs. These soles can be made any material like gel, foam, rubber, etc.

Heel support insole: These insoles are sold in two different types, either partial heel cup or the entire sole. Heel support inserts are specially designed for people who require extra heel support. This insole can be a great help for you when your existing shoe insole is not providing needed support. Heel support insoles are best for heavy people as most of the body pressure falls on the heel.

Diabetic insoles: Did you guess? That’s right. These inserts are for people who are dealing with the diabetic. This insole is also known as an Arthritic insert which either supports hypersensitive condition or insensitive condition and offers an extra layer of soft cushion which helps in pressure relief so that one can walk or run comfortably.

Corrective Sole: Corrective soles are used in order to fix your foot in the appropriate alignment. These insoles have a medium arch and heel support. If you are dealing with a specific medical issue these soles could be a great catch for you, it comes with several layers along with microbial and bacterial layers which reduces fungus and odor.

Custom made insoles: Custom insoles are best for everyone because these will be specially customized for your according to your feet type. It would be wise to get this done by a foot specialist. Though these insoles are expensive, they definitely worth it.

Foam insole: Foam insoles are same as gel insoles. These insoles are very comfortable as they offer great cushioning and along with that it also offers, pressure relief and general support. People who have medical issues like plantar fasciitis, foam insoles will work great for them.

Cork insoles: These insoles are good for shock absorbing and also offers a little bit arch support too. It absorbs a good amount of vibration that causes when we walk on hard surfaces.

Size of the Insole

The size of the insole should be the same as your shoe size. Any big or small insole would not deliver you the expected comfort. So be very wise when choosing the size, although there is an option when you get large insole than your shoe, some cuts the insole from the toe side to make the adjustment.

Built-in insole

Some boot or shoes come with non-removable insoles and there is less chance that you can use an extra insole over that. It is possible when your shoe or boot has enough room for the new insole. Check that out before you make a purchase decision.


The footbed is the where the main comfort lies. There are four types of footbeds,

  • Rigid arch support.
  • Semi-rigid arch support.
  • Cushioned arch support.
  • No arch support padding.

You have to choose one that suits your arch type and feels very comfortable.


Shoe insoles come in different materials such as cork, foam, gel, leather. Each of them is different and comes with their own set of benefitsand flaws. So choose material that is comfortable and supports your medical condition (if you have any).

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are the best shoe insoles for comfort?

When it’s about picking up the best insoles, it literally comes down to your preference and foot need. The insole that matches your foot, that would be the best for you. However, for optimum comfort you can choose any orthotics insole, they deliver great cushioning.

Q: Can you put insoles on top of insoles?

Well, that depends on both insoles thickness and your shoe. If your shoe has enough room for a new insole, then you can use it. Otherwise, you have to remove the old one.

Q: Do all insoles fit perfectly with any shoes?

No, unless you are getting a customized pair. Some insole could be larger than your shoe and in that case, you might need to trim the insole from the toe side.

Q: How long do insoles last?

With normal wear, any high-quality insole should last 6 to 9 months.

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Pad is a part of the shoe. It is used for giving a comfortable and good grip to use. The pad is an essential thing for the shoe. Because, without the padding, the shoe can't be worn perfectly. There is some specific type of pads which are available for big size shoes. today we will know about the pads for big size shoes.

Big sized shoes are made for those users, who have a bigfoot. Some of the users use bigger sizes than their required foot size. Because they find them comfortable and perfect to use. Those shoes need some pads into them.The pads are made from different types of material. Rubber, gel, and polyester are the most common materials among them. Each of them is different from the others in terms of quality, durability, price, and performance. Among them, rubber made pad is very common to all. As rubber can control traction easily, they have a good grip on the foot.

Some of the pads are very special in terms of everything. Those pads are used for athletic or gaming purposes. The athletes perform their game and technique by using one of them in their shoes. These pads have different lineup and positions on the foot. Some are for the front part of the foot, some are used for the midsole, some for the heel. They provide the service according to the performance.

Why these Pads are Used?

These pads are used for various purposes. But the main reason for these pads is to make a grip in the foot to the shoe. If someone uses a pair of shoes without any kind of pads in them, they may not get the proper grip and comfort. Therefore, a pad is very important for the shoe. It also reduces the pain of the foot. The foot can get some pains and wounds for wearing the shoes for a long time. But the pads can easily protect the foot from those issues. Besides, the pad is very important to use in gameplay because it can take any kind of pressure and impact on the game. Many of the physiotherapists and doctors suggest using these pads for keeping the foot safe all the time.

The pad is a very important thing for big shoes. Someone use the shoes for their comfort, as they love to wear the slack shoes. But some require these shoes because of their foot size. There are some bigger size feet which are not suitable even to the biggest size shoes. These pads are the best thing for those shoes. If the shoes are tight enough to wear, the pads help to make the wearing more comfortable and easy.

Different types of pads are using in big shoes. They are made from separate materials. Some of the material has been described below:

Rubber-made pad: This pad is made from rubber. It is the most common and used pad all over the wall. This pad is very easy and light to use. Just put the pad in the shoe wherever you want and that’s it. The rubber is best for gripping and stability of the foot for the shoe.

Gel pad: The gel pads are very easy to use and good to wear. The unique thing about these pads is, they have a transparent look in them. The gel is a suction-type material. It can be perfectly adjusted with the foot. But there are no holes or gaps in the gel pad. Therefore, it can't any kind of breathability to the user.

Fabric made pad: This one is a very common and useful pad for users. There are a lot of users who have sweating feet. They get a lot of sweat after using for a short time. As the fabric or cloth can absorb any kind of water or splash easily. It can easily suck up the sweat from the feet of the user. Besides, it is very light and thin compared to the other pads so that the user will not get any kind of uncomfortable issue at all.

Foam-made pad: Foam-made padding is good for taking the pressure off the foot. If it is used in the shoe, there is less chance of getting any kind of injury or impact to the foot. Because foam can easily absorb any kind of force. It is very easy and light in weight for use inside the shoe

Leather-made pad: Though this material is not suitable to use as the pad for the shoe, still there is a good demand for it. The leather-made pad is a little bit expensive and premium than the others. The best thing about this pad is, extra layers of leather can be added to the shoe if needed. It is a good pad for use in the shoe but, it catches the heat more quickly than the other materials. There are no gaps or holes in the pad as it has a very thick lining in it. These types of pads are mostly used in the party or occasional shoes. They are perfect to use at one time.

The insole of the shoe is one of the important parts of it. An insole of a shoe can make your day good and bad. It can even change the gameplay performance of the player too. There are different sizes of insoles according to the size of the shoe and the want of the user. Today we will talk about the best insoles that are too big

Bigger insoles

Bigger insoles can be a good partner for the users. They are not only used for the comfort of the feet, they can improve the walking and running ability of some of the users. Some bigger insoles are also prescribed by the doctors to the user. For those who have several feet or back pains, these soles are recommended them.

The quality: of these insoles are similar to the normal ones. They are only just big. These insoles are for those users who have bigger feet in comparison to others. The upper part of the insole is made from high-quality rubber or polymer. The rubber is the best material for the feet. Because it helps to catch the grip and the stability of the user. They are also made from high quality foam that gives a very comfortable experience to the big footers. Almost all of the insoles are made of three materials rubber, polymer, and foam. Among all of them, the rubber made insole is the most demanded in the big size. Because the rubber can easily absorb the impact of heavy weight and big size. The lower part of the insoles is made from soft plastic. The plastic helps to keep the balance of the insoles easily. very few of the lower parts of the insoles are made from rubber.

Size: The size of these insoles is bigger than the others. They are not only big, but they are wide too. some of the bigger sized insoles are started from 13 and reach up to 18. The regular big sizes for men are 13/14, 14,16/17, 18/19, 15/16, and 17/18. They are the normal sizes for the big sized insoles. And for women, the sizes are available from 11 that can reach up to 16.

Durability; Durability is a very mandatory thing of the insoles. The durability is dependent on the user. As they are bigger and wider in size, they may have to take the pressure off the user. It can take the pressure of a maximum of 200-250 pounds. As they are made from high quality foam and rubber, there is no issue with their durability. They can provide good performance for a long time.

Comfort: Comfort is the main priority of these big size insoles. They stay inside of the shoes and take the pressure off the whole body, so comfort is very much important for the user. As a soft foam or fabric is cushioning at the upper part, it helps the user to stay active and fresh every time. Because of the breathable upper sole, the user will not get any kind of malodor even they use the insole for a long time at a glance. It will keep the feet dry and odor-free all the time

Gameplay Feedback: These big size insoles are mostly important for those users who are related to any game. As we all know that, basketball players have big size feet with a good weight, they use bigger-sized insoles. Some of them needed the maximum insole size of 18 or more for their feet. They can weigh around 300 pounds too. These insoles are very much important things for their game. Putting the bigger size insole in their shoe helps them to perform well.  The insole fits with their feet properly and helps to improve their game. They also can take the pressure of running, jumping, and walking. They are the best friend for their shoe.

Physical improvement helper: The common problem among tall and heavy sized people is, they have some back pain and ankle pains. Sometimes, their ankles can take the heavy pressure off their body while they walk, run or jump. They face more kind of pains whenever they play any game too. To get relief from this kind of pain, the big sized insoles are perfect. Even these insoles are suggested or recommended by the doctors too. Because the quality and features of the insole help the user to stay stable and balanced whenever they walk or run or jump. Even they will not any kind of major impacts whenever they will do any kind of tough activities.

Bigger Size Boot Insole

The boots also have a bigger size insole in them. But these insoles are mostly rare according to the brands. As the boots are made of leather or synthetic rubber, they also have insoles made manually based on the size of the user. They are made of rubber or high quality leather.

 An insole for the boot is mostly needed in the winter season. Because most of the boots are bought of one size bigger than the regular size. When the feet are sweaty in the summer, the boots are perfectly fit for the feet. but in winter, there is less chance of getting sweat from the feet. That time, the insole gets used in the boot. So the bigger size insole is required to have the proper stability and gripping on the boot.

Advantages of These Insoles

These insoles can contain the grip of the leg perfectly and keep them balanced no matter what kind of activities the user. It helps to reduce the pain of the heel. There is a common problem of using shoes for a long time. And that is the pain of the heels. But these insoles are very much helpful and effective for heel pains. They are perfect for reducing back pain, ankle pains, knee pains, and other minor physical terms. But the main advantage of these insoles is for the players. Players with big sized feet use these insoles in their shoes for a better game and running.

Heel Pads for Big Size Shoes

The heel pad is one of the best parts of the foot for making the grip more stable and perfect. If the shoe is big, the first part that comes to mind is the heel. As the heel is connecting with the shoe perfectly, it is needed to adjust the padding with it. Some of the pad needs an extra layer in it so that the toe can touch the proper edges of the shoe. Rubber, foam, and leather are a perfect thing for using as the heel pad. As these materials are stretchy and have a good quality of traction, they can easily catch the heel and make a good fit with the shoe.

Tongue Pad for Big Shoes

The tongue of the shoe contains and controls the foot. It helps to keep the balance and the control of the foot into the shoe. If the shoe is big, the tongue pad can help to make the shoe perfect and fit in the foot. It also helps to make the shoe more comfortable and perfect to wear

Alternative Ways of Adjusting the Shoe

The pad is mainly used for adjusting the big-sized shoes with feet. But some more ways can be used for adjusting the shoe with the feet. some of the techniques and ways are described below:

Using the insole: Insole is a perfect thing to use in the shoe. The insoles are made from rubber or polyester. It can be used to adjust the big size shoe with the feet. it also helps the user to keep their feet free from bacteria and malodor all the time

Using clothes or tissues at the toe side of the shoe: It is also a good thing to use in the shoe. As the shoe is big in size, the cloth or the tissue can easily adjust the foot in the shoe. But it has to keep in mind that, the cloth or the tissue has to be very thin and light to use. Because, if the cloth is thick and hard, it may cause several toe pains.

Advantages of the Pad in the Big Shoe

It should not call the advantage for the big size shoe, it should be called the essential and most needed thing for those big sizes. This thing can make any of your shoes usable and perfect for you. It is a very much important thing for the foot. So you also should use it if you ever get or buy a big size shoe for you. Without them, those shoes are useless.


We've tried to cover all the aspects that one might need in order to get their hand on the right insoles. And also made a list of best insoles for shoes that are too big, hope that helped. Before you pick a pair of insole, spend some time and go through the buying guide, surely you will end up getting the best pair for you

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