Top 8 Best Insoles for Walking and Standing All Day

Does your regular work require you to walk or stand for long periods of time? Then it must hurt your feet, especially when you reach home and take rest? Running, walking or standing put pressures on the feet muscle which leads to muscle stiffness, soreness, and extreme pressure even can lead to muscle tear.

Since changing work is not the option, what you can do is, change your insole. Stop using the default insoles that come with the shoe, they are not suitable. If you want to have healthy feet till the last breath, install a pair of good insole right now, you will thank us later.

In order to save your effort and money from wasting, we have put together a list of 8 best insoles for walking and standing all day. These models are already making a lot of user smile and hopefully same will happen with you as well.

Our Top 3 Insoles For Walking and Standing All Day


 2. Orthotics Shoe Insoles 

3. Dr. Foot's Adjustable

8 Best Insoles for Walking and Standing All Day

The insoles are brought in front of you after heavy tests which include, comfort level, material, durability, ability to aiding pains, and price comparison with other models. After conducting these tests and a lot of comparisons, finally, the following inserts have survived and have proven themselves to be the best option.

1. Superfeet GREEN Insoles

It is a professional grade insole which is highly supportive. The quality it offers that makes it one of the best insoles for walking all day. Comes with super deep heel cup which positions the soft tissues to absorb shock naturally and also maximize the support.

This pair of the insert is covered with natural material that eliminates all the odor creating bacteria which is why your shoes will still smell fresh even after 6 to 8-hour long shifts. It is a high profile insole so it might require little bit trimming to make it feet in the shoes.

These insoles come with a stabilizer cap which supports the read foot and helps to maintain a good posture. Superfeet green insoles are recommended by some professionals, so should not worry too much about its effectiveness, it’s a great pair!

Do you have flat feet? Then you should choose a pair of insole that is suitable for that. Have a look at this Samurai insole which is an excellent choice for flat feet. Requires no cutting or trimming and neither requires a big buck.

This insole pair is designed by Podiatrist and gives incredible arch support. If you are already dealing with feet aches, use these insoles for a couple of weeks you will feel the change. You can get faster relief from plantar fasciitis or any other kind of heel pains.

The insole is soft yet highly durable. You will get a little extra action from heel since it bounces back. Great shock absorbing ability. Whether you are running, walking, standing, this Samurai insole will deliver you’re the expected comfort and support all the way.

Are you dealing with plantar fasciitis and looking for an affordable solution for that? Have a look at this Plantar Fasciitis feet insole. As the name suggests, these insoles are designed for tackling plantar fasciitis and giving the user instant relief. Comes with great arch support which improves the alignment of both foot and leg.

Gives incredible comfort when worn, helps to remove foot muscle stress and other pains caused by flat feet. These insoles have a deep heel cup which gives you the correct foot positioning and excellent stability.

The manufacturer has constructed these inserts with EVA materials that make it highly shock absorbing and also keeps the feet cooler which is amazing. These insoles are designed for regular use, they are lightweight and offers decent control as well. Suitable for hiking shoes, work boots, work shoes, etc.

This is a suitable pair of insoles for regular runners, construction owners, and active stage performers. The Sof Sole Insole offers excellent get cushioning and is highly suitable for most kind of foot types. With these insoles, you will get additional cushioning at your fore and rearfoot which is enough to keep your foot going.

These insoles enhance your overall performance. The manufacturer has used top-notch premium quality material in the construction which makes it highly durable and comfortable to wear even for longer periods of time. It comes with excellent shock absorbing ability and after having an impact the heel bounces back which gives the user little extra energy.

It is a highly flexible shoe insole and in order to get this pair you don’t have to dig deeper in your pocket, it comes at an affordable price.

Timberland is a well-known brand for producing top-quality footwear, they are serving the market with a quality product for quite a long time now. However, their Timberland pro men's anti-fatigue insole is as good as the shoe and boots. Comes with top-notch quality and offers the level of comfort that everyone needs.

Designed for absorbing shock greatly and also give your heel a little bounce back energy in every step. The manufacturer has used American steer ripped leather which makes this insole greatly durable. They have used technology as well which regulates the internal temperature circulation.

It comes with an inverted cone design which is highly supportive and lightweight and that makes it unique. It features a dynamic arch which is suitable for most kind of foot-shaped. You don’t have to get your hands deep inside the pocket, it comes at an affordable price.

Looking for a pair of insoles that will support your feet during long standing and walking sessions? You have got it, take a deep look at the Powerstep Original Full-Length Orthotic Shoe Inserts. They come at a reasonable price and offers great service as well. They will offer you the exact amount of cushioning you require.

The Powerstep Original Full-Length Orthotic Shoe Inserts are highly suitable for those who are dealing with plantar fasciitis and any other kind of arch or heel aches. It comes with semi-rigid arch support that offers the needed amount of stability and control. The heel section got more cushioning which makes it absorb shocks nicely.

These insoles are very thin and lightweight which nicely suits most kind of athletic and casual shoes. Plus, very easy to remove as well. Overall, best insole for the money.

The Vivesole orthotic insert is one of the best insoles for shock absorption. It comes with wavy design in the heel which absorbs shock nicely in every step. The manufacturer has constructed with heavy-duty materials which makes it highly long lasting.

This pair of the insole will give you quick relief from the plantar fasciitis and some other kind of heel and arch pains as well. It supports most kind of foot shapes so there will be no painful pressure points to make your day and feet awful. If you are dealing with flat feet, over pronation, these insoles will stabilize you by providing the right support.

These insoles are designed by podiatrists which offer optimum foot support that can even eliminate back and leg pain. It is molded with anti-blister cover and is anti-microbial insole.

And this is the last insole of this review and comes at an extremely cheap price. If you just need an insole for your regular walking, you can go for this Dr. Scholl's WORK Massaging Gel Advanced Insoles with closed eyes. Since it comes at a cheap price you should not expect service like high-end models but that being said, you are going to have decent comfort from these insoles.

These insoles come with deep heel cup which works great in absorbing shocks. Plus, also features extra padding where the ball of the foot is supposed to be placed, that offers great cushioning. You will get incredible arch support which will allow you to transition the weight from landing to bounce back.

And lastly, the manufacturer has used SweatMax technology in this Dr. Scholl's WORK Massaging Gel Advanced Insole which removes all kind of foot odor.

Things to Consider Before Buying the Best Insole

We have demonstrated a few factors which need to be considered before you buy the a pair of insoles for walking and standing all day. There are different types of insoles which are suitable for different needs, have a look at them and then take a purchase decision. Given below!

Arch support

If you need high arch cushioning, then you have to look for an insole that offers high arch support. It is not that, arch support insoles only offer comfort to the arch, the thing is you will get everything in a decent amount but there will be a little high arch support.

Insoles that come with high arch support offers the user high flexibility and stability. The user will get a better balance as well. People who are dealing with discomfort around their arch, they require high arch support. And that improves their overall posture and foot positioning as well.

That being said, there are different types of arch, there are low, normal, and high arch. So as you have already guessed, find out your arch type and choose an insole according to that.

Orthotic Insoles

Orthotic inserts are designed in a way they provide arch-specific support, helps in improving the biomechanical foot problem, they offer good metatarsal support and in some case, they even offer support to heels as well. It is a highly versatile type of insoles. They are sometimes constructed rigged and sometime semi-rigged to enhance the foot alignment so that the user gets the accurate motion control when they walk.

These insoles are offered in the entire foot and come in thin and thicker variations. The thicker the insole the more shock they will be able to absorb and thinner insoles are not good at shock absorbing. Orthotic insoles might feel a little irritating at the beginning but with a couple of use, it will get highly comfortable.

Gel Insoles

As the name implies, these insoles are made of gel materials and offer extremely high comfort. People who walk or stand all day long and just require high cushioning in their feet, gel insoles are what they need. Gel inserts are also highly capable of absorbing impacts. These insoles can aid if you have slight joint or foot aches since they reduce all the kind of hardness of floors when you walk, that happens because of the gel material.

That being said, if you have excessive foot or joint ache, it will be wise to see a doctor first and follow what they suggest. Lastly, choose a gel insole only when you need little cushioning on your feet, do not pick it for aiding pains.

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Athletic insoles

And you have guessed right, these insoles are for athletics or for those who do a lot of running activities. Athletic insoles come with built in arch, toe and heel design which allows proper movement of the feet during extreme situations. If you do high-impact activities regularly such as jogging, cycling, running, etc. then athletic insole would be a great option for you.

The manufacturers use different materials in the construction of athletic insoles, they use rubber, foam, or gel. Which material they would use that depends on the activities that are supposed to be performed with those insoles. However, athletic insoles come expensive, but they offer great value for the money.

Heel support

There are some heel cups sold separately which are supposed to be placed at your heel area. And there are full insoles which comes heel cup attached. These insoles are perfect for those who require support in the heel area. Heel support insoles can alleviate heel stresses during long walking or standing sessions.

These insoles offer a great balance to the user so that they don’t lose balance even in slippery places when most falls. For example, restaurant jobs requires its chefs and waitresses to wear good chef shoes and non-slip waitressing shoes. The softness and thickness of the insole depend on the shoe you will be putting the insoles in. If you will be using boot, then heel cup will be good for you. And for women who wear high heels, they would need full insole.

Arthritic insoles

These are also known as diabetic insoles since they are designed for the people who are dealing with diabetic. And people who are dealing with insensitive or hypersensitive foot conditions, these insoles will help them as well. Arthritic insoles offer an extra level of pressure relief which makes standing and walking very comfortable.

Corrective inserts

These inserts are for people who have wrong foot alignment and want to improve that. Corrective insoles are designed with a medium arch and heel support in order to enhance the foot alignment.

Custom insoles

When you want someone to build insole which fits you perfectly that is called custom insoles. They are the best option, and most of the time prescribed by the foot specialists. These insoles are designed for taking your foots measurement and your need, so they offer incredible support.

If you have already tried different insoles from the market and yet not getting the expected service, then it is time you see a foot specialist and make your own custom insoles. However, custom insoles are really expensive but that being said, they are incredible, worth every penny.


So these are the best insoles for walking and standing all day. Do not waste your money on meaningless insoles, before you go for buying, make a little research and if possible visit a foot specialist and then purchase!

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