10 Best Kid Basketball Shoes Reviews In 2021

People like to get physically fit and active by using many methods. Among all of them, sporting is a very common and useful process to make the health fit and active all the time. There are a lot of sports available all over the world. They are different in categories too. Some of the games are creative, some are very much passionate, some are suitable for increasing stamina and strength of the body. They are also different in terms of pricing, availability, and functions.

Some of them are very expensive to play, some are very much restricted with rules and some are free from any kind of costing and bindings. But there is a common factor among all the games. That is the gameplay instrument. Most of the games are played by using some instruments or elements. They are available for both the player and the game. Such as a football player needs some instruments to use while playing the game. He needs a jersey, socks, a torso, and shoes. They are the essential things for their games. Like football, there are some mandatory things for basketball games too. one of them is the best kid basketball shoes.

So today we will talk about basketball shoes

10 Best Kid Basketball Shoes

So What is a Basketball Shoe?

The basketball shoe is specially made for playing the game. These shoes are perfect to provide the player a good performance while playing the game. They are different from the typical normal shoes. Because they can absorb any kind of possible impacts that can occur while playing. They help the player to move the ankle and the toe easily and freely. For jumping, stopping, or starting they are suitable shoes.

Basketball shoes are available for all sizes and ages. They are available for both men, women, and children. Today we will talk about the best kid basketball shoes and some of the famous brands.

Kid Basketball Shoes

Kid basketball shoes are the same shoe that is for the normal players. They also contain the same features as normal shoes. They are just different in size or color. As basketball is a very famous game for all aged people, these shoes have a good demand among those new learners too. Some of the countries organize a basketball game for the kids every year. So it reflects the demand and the want of those shoes for the kids.

So now, let’s talk about the kid's basketball shoes below:

1. ADIDAS Kids Sneaker

We all know the brand ADIDAS. They are famous for their sports and casual products. This sneaker belongs to this famous brand. It is available in all sizes for the kids. There are almost 11 colors available in this shoe. Each of the colors is different from the other one. They are very attractive and colorful that, any kid will love to put them on their foot. The main element used for this shoe is 100% fiber. The measurement from shaft to the arch is 6-12 inches approx. The sole that is used in this shoe is made of synthetic. A good thing about this shoe is, it has an ergonomic lacing system. It will provide the kids a toe pull on and off ability.

 It is a common thing for the kids that, they are not pretty much comfortable to lace up their shoes. This shoe is featured with the herringbone outsole, it is for better performance and the extra gripping of the blacktop. The insole of this shoe is made of rubber. It is very comfortable for the foot and very much flexible too. The breathable upper part also helps the user to stay dry and odor-free even after using a long time. The wider forefoot is also a perfect thing for the comfort of the user.

Key Features:

  • Availability of different colors with gorgeous design
  • Fiber made shoe ensure very lightweight
  • The outsole of the herringbone that increases more gripping to the blacktop
  • Breathable cushioning and flexibility
  • Ergonomic lacing style looks fashionable and gives an easy pull-up system

2. Under Armor Basketball Shoe

This shoe is made from synthetic. It has a total of 13 colors in it. The unique thing about this shoe is its sole. The sole is made from rubber. But they are very gorgeous because they have a different kind of color in them. The colors are very beautiful and eye-catchy. Though they are unable to see as they stay under of the foot, still they are very unique and attractive for some of the users. These shoes are the kids to play the game. They are light, flexible, and durable.

 The mesh and the textile-made upper part are a good part for the breathable experience. It will supply proper air to the foot so that the kid doesn't feel uncomfortable. For better durability and protection, there is a TPU film attached to the toe cap of this shoe. The molded heel is specially designed for perfect ventilation. The midsole is very light in weight because they contain the advanced compression-molded EVA system. No lace tie-up is perfect for the kids to quickly pull on and off.

Key Features:

  • Made of 100% synthetic
  • Mesh and texture made upper part is good for a breathable experience
  • TPU filmed toe cap for better durability and protection
  • Molded heel constructed for good ventilation
  • Die-cut EVA sock liner give extra support and comfortable cushioning

3. ADIDAS Unisex Wide Basketball Shoe

This shoe contains so many good and premium features. It is made of 100% leather. The sole of this shoe is rubber made. The shoe is available in 3 different colors. There is 2 variant available for this shoe. One is for the kids aged 4-8 years. And the other one is for the bigger-aged kids of 8-12 years. It is one of the most beautiful designed basketball shoes. The red white and black combination color of the shoe gives a very premium and rich vibe whenever the kid will use it.

The outsole of this shoe is from adiware that ensures perfect durability. It is very popular for the wide fit feature. Because, the wide fit function of a shoe allows the user to walk, jump and run comfortably. It helps the user to get free movement and flexibility. The shaft measured approx to the middle top of the arch. The Ortholiner sock liner of the shoe will give the kid a very comfortable service every time.

Key Features:

  • 100% leather made
  • The inner part is wide enough for the perfect footwear
  • Rubber made sole can help to catch the surface easily
  • Orhtoliner sock liner will give a comfortable experience
  • Adiware outsole used for the best durability

4. JMFCHI Basketball Shoe

This one is one of the most good-looking and unique shoes among all. They are available in 16 different colors. All of the colors are very much attractive and gorgeous to see. But the most attractive part of the shoe is the design. It is very beautiful and muscular among all the shoes. Especially the green and light blue color shoe have unique type of sole. It is made of high-quality PU leather. It has a water-resistant ability and very easy to clean. The sole used in these two colors are look like a transparent sole, though it is built from rubber.

The soft fly woven at the upper part is breathable. It helps the user to keep dry even after long use. As this shoe contains a high-top design, it helps the user to keep the same from any kind of foot or ankle injuries. The sole also contains the non-slippery feature. It helps the user to stay balanced at any kind of slippery surface. There is no additional issue for tie up the shoe. The practical shoelaces with the slip-on design come with the shoe.

Key Features:

  • One of the best-designed shoe
  • The high top design is not only fashionable but also a good savior of the ankle
  • Slip one design with the practical shoelace
  • Made of high-quality PU leather. It is water-resistant and easy to wash
  • Soft fly woven upper part is best for breathing and using the shoe for a long time

5. Under Armor Kids Basketball Shoes

This shoe is manufactured by the company named Under Armor. This shoe comes in unisex-sized for all kids. Almost 6 colors are available in this shoe. This shoe is made of synthetic and fabric. It is a very simple designed shoe that is perfect to use for the basketball game. Compact elastic laces are used in this shoe, so there is no need to tie up the shoe.

Key Feature:

  • Colorful and detailed design
  • Rubber made sole
  • The compact elastic lacing system
  • Breathable and comfortable insole
  • Available in variant color

6. NIKE Unisex Basketball Shoe

NIKE is one of the most famous brands all over the world. They are famous for their sports category item and products. This shoe also belongs to NIKE. It is made especially for playing basketball for the kids. It is available in 3 different categories. For the toddlers, the small kid, and the big kid. They are available in 8 different colors and shapes. The shoe is made of rubber and mesh. Because of the mesh, it is light in weight. There is a big elastic strap used for safety. The strap contains the company name on it. This can be a kid's favorable shoe to use.

Key Feature:

  • Made from high-quality rubber and mesh
  • Very beautiful and attractive color
  • Light in weight because of the mesh
  • The big strap used for the perfect fit
  • High-quality rubber made insole is enough comfortable to use

7. WETIKE Basketball Shoe

If you want a perfect basketball shoe for your kid, a WETIKE basketball shoe can be your best choice. The shoe contains a lot of advanced features. It also can be called the all-rounder shoe itself. There are almost 26 colors available in this model. The upper part of the shoe is made of fly woven and mesh. It makes the shoe both lightweight and breathable. There is a partition of soft leather in the midsole. It helps to provide extra comfy to the user. The soft foam mesh insole is perfect for absorbing sweat and keep the shoe odor-free all the time.

As they are high-top shoes, they help to keep the ankle safe from any kind of impact. The herringbone traction pattern of the outsole gives better gripping performance. A high-quality cushion helps to keep the foot in the proper position. The midsole is made from high-quality EVA material it reduces the weight of the shoe keeping the best stability.

Key Features:

  • Fly woven and mesh made upper part for a breathable experience
  • The high top shoe gives more comfort and safety to the ankle
  • Quality made insole is perfect for absorbing the sweat and make them odor-free
  • Perfect non-slippery sole that can be used at any surface
  • Vertical and horizontal flex grooves ensure more flexibility

8. Under Armor Unisex Child Basketball Shoe

Another basketball shoe from Under Armor company. This shoe is available in only two colors. This shoe is made from 100% synthetic. The sole used in the shoe is made from rubber. The shaft is measured approx from the mid-top to the arch. The upper part of the shoe is made from mesh. It provides a breathable experience to the user. The shoe is very much lightweight. It weighs 1.55 pounds only.

There is an enhanced cushioning to the round of the collar to keep the ankle safe. The die-cut EVA cushioning gives great support to the underfoot. Herringbone sole is also used in this shoe to control the traction and keep stable on any kind of surface. The elastic cords are easy to adjust and wear.

Key Features:

  • Very lightweight in terms of other shoes
  • Sole is made of high-quality herringbone which is better for any kind of traction
  • The upper part is made of mesh
  • Breathable experience of the shoe
  • Round collar cushioning that keeps the ankle safe

9.NIKE Shoe

NIKE has a lot of basketball shoes and models. This is one of them. This NIKE model is more beautiful than the other models. It is available in 8 types of colors. The best nike shoes color of this shoe is the black and bright ceramic hustle mixed. The shoe is made of 100% leather and synthetic. The shaft measures approx to the mid-top from the arch. The upper part of the shoe is made of leather. 

It helps to give durable support to the foot. For a perfect fit, a midfoot hook and loop strap has been used it. The midsole is made from high-quality foam. It helps to give very flexibly cushioning to the shoe. There is also a thin rubber outsole used in the shoe. It gives better traction.

Key Features:

  • Leather and synthetic made shoe
  • The upper part is made of leather that gives perfect support
  • Midfoot hook and loop system as lacing. It helps to tie up the shoe without using laces
  • High quality foam made insole ensures lightweight and flexible cushioning
  • Perfect and very much durable to use

10.NIKE Air Force Shoe

This one is one of the most common and popular models of NIKE. It is available in 6 different designs. All of the designs are the same in terms of color. Black and white is the main color of this shoe. It is a very classic and retro designed shoe that can be used for any kind of occasion. They are perfect for the gameplays too. It has both lace and strip lock systems in it.

 The design is very simple with the brand logo at the side of the shoe. The seamless interior of the shoe help to reduce any kind of discomfort and gives better performance. For a better fit, there is a contoured tongue used in it. The laces are stain resistant. They can stay bright and fresh even after a long use

Key Features:

  • Classical but stylish design
  • Rubber made sole is best for maintaining the stability
  • Contain two types of putt on the system that ensure the perfect fit
  • The high-quality insole can handle malodor and remove it
  • Stain-resistant lace keep bright and fresh all the time

Buying Guide

So these were some of the best kid basketball shoes above. Now, we will highlight some terms that can be considered to follow while buying the best shoe for you. And here they are below

Quality: Quality is a major term to follow. All the shoes are not the same and equal to the quality. Some of them are made from high-quality material, some are not. You should check the quality to buy the desired material-made shoe for you.

Lace-Up System: As the shoes are for kids, it is sure that they are not comfortable with using the laces. Make sure that, the shoe you want to buy contains the elastic cord or strip system.

Comfortable Insole: Comfortable insole is a great thing for the kids. Because the shoe will stay for a long time in their feet while playing. If the insole is not comfortable enough, the kids will face some pain in their feet. Therefore, check the insole of the shoe before buying. It is good to buy an insole that is made of rubber or high-quality foam

Proper Sole: As these shoes are the main purpose of playing basketball, they must to have the proper stability. The stability comes from the sole. Some of the shoes offer non-slippery functions them. It helps the player to keep stable at any position. It will be a good decision to buy the shoe which contains the rubber made sole in it. Because the rubber made sole can provide good traction on the ground.

Which Brand is Best for Basketball Shoes?

There are some brands which are best for their basketball shoes. And they are NIKE, PUMA, REEBOK, ADIDAS, UNDER ARMOR etc.

Is it Bad to Wear Low Top Basketball Shoes?

Low top helps to create a guard on the edges, whenever the player jumps or runs. They may be a perfect shoe for jumping and running purpose, but they can't save the ankle in case if there is any kind of impact or injury. So the low top wear is not bad to wear. But it is a little bit risky

Is It Ok To Wear Basketball Shoes Casually?

It depends on the choice and the taste of the user. As basketball shoes are more light, soft, and durable than other typical shoes, they can be used casually too. But the big reason to use them as the casual shoe is their design. The designs of the basketball shoes are so beautiful and eye catchy they can easily be used in any kind of occasion or party.

Are Kids Basketball Shoes Worthy?

They may be worthy for some of the users. It depends on the gameplay and performance of the user. Some claim to have a perfect game using the shoes. As they are a little bit costly than the normal shoes, some don't think them worthy in terms of the pricing. But in reality, they are enough worthy because they contain all the essential features that are needed to play the game. So the purpose of their worthy and not worthy vary from person to person

Final Words

Basketball shoes are now perfect and usable for everyone. They are available for all aged people. They are light, flexible, perfect, durable to use. They not only help to improve the game but also work as protection. As the kids have a good chance of getting injured from the gameplay, the shoes can ensure them the least safety for the feet. Therefore, it is good to buy one of them for your loving one. Put on the shoes, be the future Michael Jordan

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