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Today health consciousness is growing among all age classes of people and they want to lead a healthy life. That’s why people pay a priority in comfort wearing rather than the modern style. “Old is gold” the tractate is more applicable for the negative heel shoes as it was first introduced in the USA in the year of 1970. Many people are experiencing negative heel shoes for the ultimate relaxation and comfort after years of suffering from heels or other elevated shoes Negative heel shoes are widely used by the people who has plantar fasciitis problem.

Though Kaslo Earth is a well known brand for negative heel shoes, we'll provide a unbiased Negative Heel Shoes considering other brands as well.

Our Top 06 Negative Heel Shoes For you 

1.  Crocs Men's and Women's LiteRide Clog | Athletic Slip On Shoes | Comfort Shoes for all

2. KEEN Women's Presidio 

3. Tommaso Pista Aria Knit

4. Unisex Garden Clogs Shoes Casual Slippers style for all people 

5.Amoji Unisex Garden Clogs Shoes

6. Amoji Unisex Garden Clogs Shoes

Best Negative Heel Shoes

We have written this review after spending several hours researching on the expert's article and consumers reviews to provide the right information to our readers.

Here are the list of shoes that you can rely on for wearing and walking after a foot surgery or fracture.We feature also negative heel shoes womens.

1. Skechers Performance Go Run Ride Running Shoe (Women)

Skechers Performance Women's Go Run Ride is a flexible and lightweight, fleet-footed Running Shoe features a responsive cushioning for a tireless run. Breathable upper surface ensures a cool and dry environment for the foot. Synthetic outsole with firm grip helps the runner for good performance on the roads.

A lace up vamp ensures the security of your feet. Amazing soft cushioning features a comfortable experience for normal users as well as the runners. Gorgeous color schemes with an elegant appearance make the shoe more attractive and catchier for the users.

Kalso Earth Harvest is an extremely durable and exceptional negative heel shoe features wilderness upper leather that adds an aesthetic appearance. Premium leather sock lining ensures a dry, pungency free smell and comfortable use. Removable insole allows you a flexible use.

Heel padding from recycled PU foam with rubber outsole ensures a good grip on the road while running. You can wear the shoe for 24 hours with incredible comfort even if you have an overweight and back pain problem. Moreover, many of the users claimed by wearing this shoe they feel comfort against back pain.

Women’s Earth Origins sporty Mary Janes appears with a worthy outlook with its upper leather with fabrics linings. This sporty Mary janes features an adjustable hook and loop closure strap that allows an easy on and off for convenience use.

Ample blank space on the upper sole ensures adequate flow of air and light for good health of your feet along with the utmost comfort and luxury. Negative heel with rubber outsole ensures an excellent grip and extra durability. This one contains Cushioned foot bed with arch support that ensures utmost comfort for the users.

Chung -Shi Comfort Step is more fitness-oriented shoe designed focusing on the supportive balance, toning of muscle, enhancing blood circulation and formative effect on the foot architecture.

Comparing with the regular shoes the Comfort Step Sport Ii helps to distribute the total body weight on feet bio-mechanically correct way. The angled sole helps to transfer the body’s balance from the heel to the toe and ensure a natural running and walking movement.

Ultimate comfort, easy adjustment, and extreme durability take the comfort step in a new height of popularity.

Brooks Men's Revel is a trendy, minimalist and lightweight shoe that is appropriate for the light workouts, hiking, and daily uses. Soft and bouncy cushioning allows you extra comfort while using. Brooks men’s revel features painless user experience even with the flat feet.

Toe box with enough space for toe-splay allows a comfortable and satisfying experience for the runner for the long run. However, Brooks Revel features a quality performance with an elegant appearance in a cheap and reasonable price than the other running shoes.

Negative heel shoes are those kinds of shoes that have a special feature. The negative heel shoe is different from the other shoes because it has a lower part sole for the heel and a flat part for the barefoot. These kinds of shoes are perfect for use at any downward or horizontal surface. Because the barefoot will give you a good grip and you will get a natural feel for the thinner heel sole. The heel remains a little bit lower or down to keep the spine cord perfectly balanced.

There are a lot of brands that contain these negative heel shoes and they have a good value. The negative heel shoes are made of the same material that is used in normal shoes. Some of the negative shoes are expensive because of containing premium quality materials. Most of the negative shoes are made from fabric, rubber, and leather. They are used as the main upper part of the shoe. The insole of the shoe is made from rubber or polyester. They are the same as like as typical normal shoes. The difference is just in the sole. The sole of a negative shoe is a little bit thinner on the heel side and has a fat part of the sole in the barefoot part. They are designed for those who like to stay conscious about their health.

As the toes are positioned higher than the heel, the negative heel provides great comfort and performance to the users. Compared to the normal type shoes, negative heel shoes are very much perfect and good to use. In normal shoes, whenever you walk on a downward road, you may feel the attraction from gravity and may fall. But the negative shoes help you to keep stable and balanced even on the downward roads. It will feel like you are walking on sand or a normal surface by using them. Because of the negative heel shoes, the foot inclines up a bit more than using ordinary shoes. There may no other shoe that will work effectively as the negative heel shoe. Because it will ensure the user the best support and balance whenever they will walk.

Earth Shoe With Negative Heel Technology

Earth shoe was first invented in 1953 by Danish Yoga and designer Anna Kaiso. They have added the negative heel technology in some of their shoes after a time. This shoe gained good popularity among the users. Because these shoes can recover the physical condition and can provide a good and healthy life. As the shoe delivers the majority of the weight of the body at the back of the feet, it helps to get proper alignment and posture of the body. The negative heel technology also helps the user to breathe better than before. Among all of the negative heel technology shoes, the podiatrist was the most popular designer of negative heel shoes on Earth.

Do they Cause Heel Pain?

Certainly not. Even these shoes are recommended by doctors. Because they are very user friendly and perfect to use. They reduce the pain of the body and any kind of major foot issues

Difference Between the Negative Heel and Flat Shoes

There is a good difference between negative heels and flat shoes. They are different in size, structure, and performance. The flat shoe has a flat sole used in it. It provides the same balance to the total body, where the negative heel has a thinner sole in the heel side but the other surfaces remain the same. By using the flat shoe, the user may feel an attraction of gravity whenever they will walk down a downward road. There is a chance of getting heel pains after some days too. But the negative heel shoes will not give any kind of a pain to the user. Because they provide a strong grip to the front part of the foot. It will help the user to keep the body and muscle balanced all the time. walking for a long time with negative heel shoes will not give you any kind of pain compared to flat shoes. So it is good to use the negative one for the perfect mobilization of the body

Importance of the Negative Heel Shoes

Negative heel shoes are very demanded and important to some of the users. Those who know the value of these shoes love to use them. There is no benefit in using flat type shoes. They are just used for covering the feet and keep them clean. After using for a long time, the flat shoes can occur several toe and heel pains. But the shoe with a negative heel has the least chance of getting any kind of injury or problem. As the negative hill delivers the majority of body weight at the backside of the body, it helps to generate good exercise for the ribs, muscles, and backbone. It is the only one shoe, that keeps the backbone in a proper and good position. The best thing about this shoe is, it can be used for a long time without getting any kind of pain.

Advantages of the Negative Heel Shoes

There is a lot of advantage of using the heel shoes. The main advantage of the shoe is, it helps to keep your body and muscle in the right position. It also reduces the pressure of the back and provides the proper posture. They generate more power to your body and muscles whenever you walk wearing them. The body stays balanced and the backbone gets low pressure too. These shoes are the best thing to increase the metabolism level of the body. They are perfect for every aged people.

Disadvantages of Negative Heel Shoes

There is no major disadvantage of using these heel shoes. But they can a little bit risky to diabetes and heart patients. As the shoe has a backward body setup posture, it creates a little bit of effort to push at the front side. This may cost a minor impact on those patients. But this will make a problem if the users don't go habitual to the shoes. If they use the shoes regularly, they will not get any kind of problems even after a long time.

Positive Sides of Negative Heel Shoes

  • Negative heel shoes feature a unique design with wider arch support and adequate space for movement of toes. These features ensure a comfortable walking, running, and jogging experience.
  • Many of the users validate that these shoes help to relieve their severe back pain from the improper posture while driving, sitting on the desk, weight lifting and others.
  • Negative heel shoes burn calories more effectively while jogging or running rather than the other types of shoes.
  • It helps the users to attain the right posture that surely adds value to their personality.
  • The shoes feature a thin sole that ensures relaxed breathing to the users.
  • Negative heel shoes are safe and comfortable for long time user even having with a back-pain problem.
  • Additionally, these shoes will expanse your muscles while walking that you don’t make it normally.

Negative Sides of Negative Heel Shoes

  • Though it has a great influence on relief the back-pain problem, not suitable for the people who have chronic back pain.
  • Not suitable for people with flat feet and short calf muscle.
  • Harmful for the diabetic patient who has an ulcer on the bottom of the feet.

Research About Negative Hell Shoes

Reseach About Negative Hell Shoes

Negative Heel Shoes Brands 

A.Crocs negative heel shoes
B.Kalso negative heel shoes
C.Clarks negative heel shoes
D.New balance negative heel shoes
E.Brook negative heel shoes
F.Adidas negative shoes
G.Nike negative shoes 

Final Words

According to California College of Pediatric Medicine in San Francisco, more than 70% of people will not face any problems with negative heel shoes. The people who have a major health problem should consult the specialist doctor to choose the appropriate shoes. However, the 70’s trends are coming back and lots of people have become used to with these comfortable and stylish shoes.

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