6 Best New Balance Basketball Shoes Review In 2021

There are many shoe-producing companies for basketball. Among all of them, the New Balance is one of the top manufacturers. They produce shoes for running, walking, playing, working place and also for regular lifestyle. With these many shoes from the New Balance company in the market, it is hard to choose the New Balance Basketball shoes. A player may want those types of shoes that they can use outside the court also. Or they may wish to those that they can use in the work place. But while choosing shoes, they don't want to compromise the quality, the comfort, and the safety. For these reasons, today, we will describe some of the New Balance Basketball shoes that people can wear for the game and regular activities.

Best New Balance Basketball shoes

1. New Balance Men's 608 V5 Casual Comfort 

The Men’s 608 V5 is very comfortable for its entire construction. These shoes will give a player all the comfort they need. For cushioning, the manufacturer uses the NB Comfort insole for memory comfort. Also, the collar is designed with dual density. The insole and the collar will hold the feet in a very comfortable position across the whole game.

The upper is made of premium leather which is also very comfortable and flexible. To ensure player safety manufacturer used an ABZORB heel crash pad in the heel area of these shoes. The heel pad will absorb impact, and it will provide comfort to the heel area at the same time. The outsoles are designed with flex grooves, and soles are very flexible. Players with these shoes will have all the support and comfort all day long, and they would be able to move in the court very swiftly and comfortably.

Key Features:                                               

  • These are comfortable and flexible shoes.
  • Upper is made of premium leather.
  • The insole is durable and made of NB comfort.
  • A dual-density collar ensures no irritation around the ankles.
  • The heel is padded to absorb impacts.
  • Flex groove's outsole is very flexible.
  • The shoe weight is 14 ounces.

2. New Balance Men's 623 V3 Casual Comfort Cross Trainer

These shoes are very modern in design. Shoes can be used for playing, work, and also with regular outfits. This Men's 623 V3 is made of real leather and rubber made outsole. These shoes are low-top designed. The insole of the shoe is made of EVA foam which gives the player a very comfortable feeling. The midsole is also made of EVA foam which provides the player with the flexibility they need. The midsole absorbs impacts with cushioning and compression resistance.

The shoe is designed with small holes and with the N logo on both sides. The small holes help to inhale air to reduce moisture. The Men’s 623 V3 is designed with a lace-up closure. The shoe will fit perfectly to the feet for the extra eyelets. If the shoe doesn't fit perfectly, you can use those eyelets to have a snug fit.

Key Features:            

  • The upper is made of real leather.
  • Low top design with a rubber outsole is great for traction.
  • EVA foam insole with impact reducing pad on the heel.
  • Flexible EVA midsole.
  • Small hole and N logo design on both sides of the shoes.
  • Lace-up closure with extra eyelets.
  • 13.4 ounce weighted shoes.

3. New Balance Men's Fresh Foam

These are versatile shoes. These shoes are available in various designs and colors. Shoes will look lovely in the court and also in the street. With the weight of 8 ounces, the upper of these shoes is made of synthetic and textile. These shoes are very light in weight and suitable for running across the basketball court for the weight and the upper materials.

To construct the midsole manufacturer used Fresh Foam cushioning. The midsoles are also light in weight, and it provides comfort to the player. The outsole is made of rubber with AT tread, which provides traction everywhere. To protect the toe of a player or a runner or a worker from any danger, the toe area is designed innovatively. Unlike any other running and playing shoes, these shoes are very light and designed with modern technology needed for good performance.

Key Features:                                

  • Only 8 ounces weighted low-top shoes.
  • Synthetic and textile upper made the shoe very light.
  • Midsoles are made of Fresh Foam cushioning which is lightweight and comfortable.
  • Rubber-made AT tread outsole.
  • Toe protecting design to protect the toe of the user from getting hit.
  • Lightweight and versatile shoes can be used anywhere.

4.  New Balance Men's 515 V1 Sneaker

This sneaker is designed fashionably. The high-quality materials made this sneaker suitable for everyday use. But they are old-timers. The manufacturer used suede and mesh to make the upper. The upper is durable and breathable for its design. Also, the strategy seems to be old school sneakers design which is liked by sneaker lovers. The upper is slightly cushioned. This cushion holds the feet with comfort.

The midsole and the heel area of these sneakers are cushioned with EVA foam. The EVA foam made the midsole very soft and flexible. Outsoles are made of rubber with a different pattern. The lace-up closure system allows the user to make the sneakers custom and snug fit.

Key Features:           

  • The Men’s 515 V1 is 10.9 ounce in weight.
  • Suede and mesh made upper.
  • Breathable and lightweight sneakers are made for a regular lifestyle.
  • Designed with asymmetric toe overlay and seem retro sneakers.
  • Cushion-backed up upper feels comfortable with each step.
  • Rubber-made outsole and EVA foam-made midsole are durable and comfy.
  • The dimension of this item is 12.6 inches x 7.8 inches x 4.49 inches.

5. New Balance Men's 840 V2 Walking Shoe

If someone is looking for a simple-looking casual shoe then this would be a perfect choice. These shoes are simple but very comfortable from the inside. With these shoes, one can walk on any surface for its construction. These versatile shoes can be matched up with regular outfits very nicely.

The manufacturer uses 100 percent real leather to construct the upper. The upper is designed with the New Balance ‘N’ logo and also perforated. The midsoles are constructed with ABZORB cushioning. This ABZORB cushioning can take heavy impacts and reduce the impact on the feet of the user. The insole of these shoes is comfortable, but if anyone doesn’t like the insole or doesn't get enough comfort, there is nothing to worry about. Because these shoes' insoles are removable, one can easily remove the insole to insert their favorite insole or the prescribed insole for their daily life within seconds.

Key Features:                                          

  • Casual and straightforward-looking versatile shoes.
  • Shoes are 13 ounces weighted.
  • One hundred percent leather constructed upper.
  • Perforated upper design with N logo.
  • The midsole can absorb impact with the ABZORB cushioning technology.
  • A removable insole can be replaced with one’s favorite insole.
  • It can be used on a rough surface for its sturdy rubber outsole.

6.  New Balance Men's Made in US 990 V5 Sneaker    

The New Balance Men's 990 V5 sneakers are beautiful, fashionable, and eye-catchy. These are made in the US. This sneaker is perfect for playing, working, and also for traveling for its weight. The upper is made of pigskin and mesh designed for air circulation. The collar is made of dual-density foam, which keeps the user's ankle in a very comfortable area and won't cause blisters. The midsoles are made of lightweight foam and a durable polyurethane rim. For a player or a runner, the upper materials are perfect because the upper is hard, but it is also flexible.

Key Features:

  • Pigskin and mesh-designed upper are very light in weight.
  • The collar is padded with dual-density foam to secure the ankle with comfort.
  • Lightweight foam and durable polyurethane rim made midsole.
  • Upper construction is challenging and also very flexible to move.
  • 2.41 ounces sneaker feels very light in regular activities.
  • Shoes are 13.76” x 8.4” x 5.09” in dimension.

Buying Guide for New Balance Basketball shoes

There is a wide variety of new balance shoes for basketball. Some of these shoes are very comfortable for the game, and some of them are not. But to play the game with the peak performance, the new balance shoe user must have the best new balance shoes. Not only for the game but also regular activities shoes must provide the best comfort. Here are some tips that will help people buy the best pair of new balance shoes for a game or regular activities.

Upper construction and material- Among all of a shoe pair's essential things, the most important is the upper construction and the material manufacturer used to build the upper. The material should be skin-friendly. The surface of the user’s feet must feel comfortable and natural. There are many materials used to build the upper of the new balance shoes. The manufacturer uses leather, synthetic materials, textile, and faux leather, etc. From these materials, the user must choose the suitable one. The construction of the upper must be breathable. Breathability depends on the upper design. The shoe with mesh design is very good at breathability, and perforated leather shoes are also great for breathability. Breathability is necessary to keep the feet cool when playing or working and to reduce the moisture from the feet. But if the buyer lives in a cold area, then they should choose those types of shoes that can keep their feet warm all the time.

Size- Now, this is what matters after the upper construction and materials. People who buy shoes online face this problem the most. The fitting of the shoe depends on the size. As everyone knows, improper fitting can cause injuries. If one is buying shoes online, they must ask the size of the seller's shoes. Or else they have to suffer in returning the shoes and getting the perfect pair.

But if someone buys shoes from a store physically, they must try them on and take a couple of steps to check the perfect fit. People shouldn't select very tight-fit shoes. Very tight shoes will obstruct their ability to move. Also, they shouldn't choose loose-fitting cause the ankle will slip from the right place or come out from the shoe. While checking, check there is a little space to move the feet slightly and get the snug fit.

Comfort- Comfort of the shoes depends on the insole, the midsole, and inside cushioning backup. The shoe must feel very comfortable in the foot placement area. Here in our list, almost all of the shoes are very comfortable. The manufacturer used foam to construct the insole and to make the midsole also. Also, some shoe manufacturers used polyurethane to create the midsole. There are some shoes from the New Balance where one can use their comfortable insole by removing the existing one. To get perfect comfort, one must check the shoe is very flexible to run.

Outsole- To play, run, or to work traction of the outsoles is very important. Above the list, all of the shoes are good for traction. The manufacturer used durable rubber soles to construct the outer soles. They also used different patterns to make these shoes very good at producing traction. Also, in the list, some shoes can be used on rough surfaces without losing the shoes' traction. you may know shoes-to-wear-with-jogger-pants.

Who is the owner of New Balance?

James S. Davis is the owner and the chairman of the New Balance. James is an American businessman. He bought this company in 1972. At that time, the company made 30 pairs of shoes every day with only six employees.

Is New Balance better than Nike?

Both of these companies are the top shoe-producing companies. But the New Balance produces comfortable way shoes than Nike. The cushioning of the New Balance shoes is superior to Nike cushioning. Almost all of the users of New Balance shoes have praised the boots for the comfort.

How long do New Balance shoes last?

As we all know, every shoe has its limited life span, and we also know that the time depends on the use. However, according to the specialist, all running shoes run for at least five to six months. So the NB shoes will also run to this long.knee-braces is also key feature to basketball.

Final Verdict

With uncomfortable shoes, people lose their confidence, which impacts their activities and their performance in the game. Also, they can lose their faith in regular activities with uncomfortable shoes. That's why people must choose shoes according to their comfort. This will raise their confidence and will let them do their activities properly.

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