Best OCR Shoes for Tough Mudder, Spartan Races or Mud Run

Are you bored with regular endurance sport or running? Obstacles races like tough mudder or spartan race, or events like rugged maniac offer a lot more than simply walking or running over a long distance. These sports will challenge you with different and challenging terrains and obstacles. It will just not stimulate you but also help you to get into better shape much quicker.

There are quite a few reasons these unconventional sports like tough mudder or spartan race appeals to so many people. But it is difficult to find a specialized shoe for an obstacle race in regular stores as it's not known to most people outside the enthusiasts. So whether you are looking for the best shoes for a spartan race or best shoes for tough mudder, here are the absolute best ones. It will help you get through all weather and every obstacle races.

Our Top Picks of OCR Shoes for Tough Mudder, Spartan Races or Mud Run

Inov-8 Men's Terraclaw 250-M, Black/Blue/Lime, 12.5 D US
243 Reviews
Inov-8 Men's Terraclaw 250-M, Black/Blue/Lime, 12.5 D US
  • Lace-up mesh upper for centralized support and comfort
  • Layered lightweight toe cap for protection
  • Diagonally sewn tongue to keep debris out

A good ocr sho has to fit nicely because as you will tottering through muds, your shoe can come off your foot. Many runners do not realize if their shoe doesn't have a good fit, they are most likely to leave their shoe in the thicker mud. But this is not the case with Inov-8 Men's Terraclaw 250 Trail Running Shoe.

This shoe makes sure you do not lose your shoe in the mud and also it provides excellent traction when going through rocky terrain as well. So it will be able to support you and stabilize your steps in virtually any terrain. Also, it is quite breathable and known for its ability to drain off the water quickly. So it's a versatile option and one of the best shoes for spartan race or tough mudder out there.

Salomon Men's Speedcross 3-M, Slate Black/Deep Blue, 10.5 D US
5,943 Reviews
Salomon Men's Speedcross 3-M, Slate Black/Deep Blue, 10.5 D US
  • Salomon ripstop upper to protect against debris entering
  • Performance fit
  • 10mm drop

Have you read through the features what we think you should look for in a tough mudder or a spartan race shoe? Salomon Men's Speedcross 3 Trail Running Shoe should be an ideal candidate. Why? Because firstly, it weights barely 250G so you will hardly feel it when running.

Many veteran trail runners and obstacle race participants have expressed their satisfaction over its design. The quickly adjustable lace didn't let the runners slow down even for a bit. But most of all, it's durability is what got it widespread fame and popularity. And note that most of the users are those who run 40-60 miles per month and t is very difficult to please. These crowd will have no-nonsense and honest opinions.

So if they are praising these Speedcross 3 Trail Running Shoe, its got to be something you can rely on for your upcoming spartan or tough mudder race.

Inov-8 Men's Trailtalon 235 (M) Trail Running Shoe, Grey/red, 8.5 D US
229 Reviews
Inov-8 Men's Trailtalon 235 (M) Trail Running Shoe, Grey/red, 8.5 D US
  • For running fast on trails, hard-packed trails and over rocky terrain.
  • Superior trail traction: Multi-directional 4mm deep studs, each with a wide contact area, provide aggressive grip, excellent stability and the quick release of any debris.
  • Superior trail traction II: Using three sticky rubber compounds on the outsole increases grip and durability. The hardest, most durable rubber is on the heel, with a medium rubber up the center for increased traction.

Inov-8 Men's Trailtalon 235 is the funkier and lighter version of the Inov-8 Men's sneakers but has a few noticeable differences. The 235 one is made for faster running on the ground with the same support the 250 provides.

Its overall design is more suitable for the intermediate to advanced runners and athletes. It is made for those who are efficient at handling different terrains. Looking for a shoe that can handle both mixed terrains as well? This one is the best you can get. You won't even feel you are wearing this Trailtalon 235M Trail Running Shoe it is very lightweight, comfortable to wear and can be used as all purpose fitness shoes for orange theory classes or zumba dances. Makes it one of the best ocr shoes for mixed terrains.

Best OCR Mud Runner Shoes For Women

4. Salomon Women's XR Mission Running Shoe

Salomon Women's XR Mission Trail Running Shoe,Score Blue/Very Purple/Pop Green,5 M US
3,667 Reviews
Salomon Women's XR Mission Trail Running Shoe,Score Blue/Very Purple/Pop Green,5 M US
  • Colorful mesh upper for breathability and visibility
  • Quick-lace vamp for secure fit
  • Padded collar for comfort

Salomon Women's XR Mission Running Shoe is one of those rare products where the customers can't believe they are getting so much value for the money. It's perfectly designed for women who feel like they need a bit extra support when running.

They will be able to run and strike the ground with much comfort. Because it's virtually impossible to hurt ankles due to its nearly perfect cushioning. Overall, the Salomon Women's XR provides the most value for the money and best obstacle race shoes for women.

No products found.

Salomon Speedcross 4 is a perfect shoe for those women who love to storm through thick mud, rocky terrain, or even snow! Its a nearly perfect shoe made for women who love to take challenges. Because it is very comfortable and a good fit for narrow toes. Its water resistant feature is a plus, but there is something else that makes it one of the best mud run shoes. Its excellent grip against mud does not let it stuck up with muds.

Inov-8 X-Talon™ 200-U Trail Runner, Grey/Orange/Blue, 7.5 M US
80 Reviews
Inov-8 X-Talon™ 200-U Trail Runner, Grey/Orange/Blue, 7.5 M US
  • For off-trail running, fell running, mountain running, obstacle course racing.
  • The 8mm sticky rubber studs not only claw through soft terrain but also hold firm on harder ground, delivering phenomenal all-round grip.
  • Weighing just 200g and boasting incredible flexibility, it compliments the foot's natural movement.

Inov-8 X-Talon 200 is a unisex Sneaker, but more than it is a perfect shoe for obstacle racing. Its made for those runners who want to go on whether its mud, water, or snow. It's designed for aggressive runners, and it provides a right level of comfort during the run. Also, it can provide excellent traction and better stability in any terrains.

More than that, it can drain off the water from shoes much quicker. Don't you think these features are something everyone wants to have in their obstacle race shoes?

Why specialized OCR shoes are required for Spartan races or Obstacle races?

You will need a different shoe for participating in obstacle races. Because your old pair of trainers might not support you nor they are made to take so much stress. As you will be knee deep into the mud and jumping through pools of water, your regular sports shoes will quickly start dragging and slow you down.

Because these can't take this beating. Regular runners shoes are designed for walking or running through much more uncomplicated terrain, not mud races and waters. That's why you need some specialized OCR shoes for tough runner or spartan. These will help you go through with much faster and won't wear out your energy either.

How to choose the best tough mudder shoes?

  • Here are the features you need to focus on when purchasing the best tough mudder shoes. These basic premises can be applied when you are shopping for the best mud run shoes as well.

  • Buy one size larger than you will with your regular shoes. Because such long and intense physical stress will force your toe to be swollen up. Choosing one size bigger will make sure you are still comfortable and do not suffer from blister as it will be very painful.

  • Buy a lightweight shoe. If one thing you need to make sure when purchasing shoe for a tough mudder or any other OCR shoe, it has to be this.

  • It should have a good grip on wet and muddy surface and provide you enough stability.

  • Never choose a pair that are difficult to clean.

  • It should have good drainage and breathability as lots of water will be entering into your shoes.

Final Words

Regular running and sports like the spartan race and tough mudder are different ball games. You will need a better grip, comfortable cushioning, better water drainage, and much more to grind through these sports. Our picks on best shoes for tough mudder and spartan race make will you return home not just with a sense of accomplishment, but without any damage done to your foot as well.

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