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10 Best Penny Loafers Reviews 2021

Because of the sturdy construction of the boots and sneakers, the loafer has become a trend in this modern era. People all over the world use loafer from office to occasion and also for hanging out. Loafers are very versatile and can be matched up with any outfit including jeans, suits, casual dress, and also with shorts. Both males and females look stylish in loafers.

Loafers have become attractive footwear for modern people. That’s why today we will take you through the 10 best penny loafers. We have made this list by observing user reviews and depending on the style.

Come let’s start with the list without making you impatient anymore.

Best Penny Loafers

1. Cole Haan Men's Pinch

Those men who are dancers or thinking about dancing at their relative's wedding should choose these shoes. These loafers are very suitable for dancing and look stylish. The upper is made of genuine leather which is top quality material for loafers. The midsole and the outsole of these loafers are also made of leather which gives a premium feel to the feet. For the leather outsole, these shoes are very suitable for dancing as the sole would not cling to the floor like rubber soles.

To provide comfort the insole of these shoes are cushioned. These loafers are constructed with hand sewn moccasin design. The manufacturer designed these shoes with sturdy 1 inches high heels.

Key Features:

Brand: Cole Haan

  • Available in US, EU, and UK sizes.
  • The upper is made of 100 percent pure leather.
  • The midsole and the outsole are also made of leather to provide more durability.
  • Cushioned insole loafers will provide comfort to the feet for long use.
  • The hand-sewn moccasin design on the toe made these loafers very beautiful.
  • Designed with 1 inch high sturdy heel.
  • These loafers are 13 ounces weighted.

2. Rockport Men's Modern Prep

If anyone is looking for a pair of loafers to use in the office then this pair would be the best choice. The stylish look of this loafer made it very elegant and suitable for office use, interviews, and also for meetings. Match them up with suits and you will feel awesome and handsome.

For the upper manufacturer used rich quality material to provide a premium look. The toe area is designed with moccasin stitching and the shoe is designed with breathable textile linings. The EVA footbed will provide comfort out of the box. The midsole of these loafers also made of EVA which absorbs shock and provides a bouncy feel underneath.

Key Features:

Brand: Rockport

  • The loafer upper is made of quality leather.
  • Available in US, UK, and also in Europe sizes.
  • Only 12 ounces weighted loafers.
  • Insole and midsole are made of EVA to provide comfort and a bouncy feel.
  • Rubber made outsole will work well on slippery surfaces.

3. Cole Haan Men's Wagner Grand

Are you looking for classic modern loafers? Then check this out. This loafer is a classic design loafer that can be matched up with jeans and formal outfits. The loafer is made of pure handmade leather. On the top, the loafer is designed with a penny keeper detail. The footbed of this loafer is made of leather line EVA which is very soft and comfortable. Those linings are able to wick moisture.

The outsole is made of leather and rubber in the heel and forefoot area to provide better support. These loafers are very flexible, durable, and great for traction.

Key Features:

Brand: Cole Haan

  • Available in the sizes of US, UK, and EU.
  • 1.01 pounds weighted loafers.
  • Designed with a penny keeper detail in the upper.
  • The loafers are made of durable manmade leather.
  • The leather line with moisture wicking EVA footbed is very soft and comfortable.
  • Rubber and leather made outsole is very durable and great for traction.

4. JOUSEN Men's Loafers Casual

Looking for shoes for formal uses and for occasions? Then look further no more. These casual loafers are the right choice for you. These are available in so many colors. Choose your favorite color and match the loafer with any outfit. These loafers are made of skin friendly materials. The upper of this loafer is made of quality synthetic material with a penny keeper design. The cushioned latex insole is very comfortable and provides a great feel on the feet. The rubber outsole is very suitable for slippery surfaces. The midsole of these loafers is able to absorb shock. Almost all the buyers are happy with these loafers and provided positive reviews on these shoes.

Key Features:


  • These loafers are available in standard US sizes.
  • The weight of a pair is 1.5 pounds.
  • Available in many elegant colors including white, brown, black, and navy.
  • High quality synthetic made upper looks stylish.
  • The upper is detailed with a penny design.
  • Cushioned latex insole is very soft.
  • Rubber made outsole is very durable and flexible.

5. Nunn Bush Men's Noah

According to many buyers, these loafers are very stylish and well constructed. These loafers are sturdy constructed but flexible, comfortable, and light. These loafers will be comfortable out of the box and unlike other loafers, these would not cause any blisters or harm on the feet.

The upper is made of real leather with a moccasin toe and penny keeper detail. Insoles of these loafers are made of gel with padded sock lining which provides ultra comfort to the feet. Some say these can be used without socks. These are easy to match up with suits, jeans, and formal pants.

Key Features:

Brand: Nunn Brush

  • Shoes are 12 ounces weighted.
  • Real leather made upper and synthetic material made outsole.
  • The sturdy constructed loafer is very comfortable, durable, and stylish.
  • Moccasin and penny keeper details on the upper.
  • For the gel insole with padded sock lines, these loafers are very comfortable and can be used without any socks also.

6. Cole Haan Men's Howland

Searching for a vintage design loafer with a modern look? I think this is the pair you are looking for. These shoes are designed with a modern look and provide the feel of vintage loafers. One can use these loafers for many purposes like office, work, occasion, and many more. Also, these would be a perfect gift.

Pure leather upper is detailed with moccasin stitching. With the 0.25 inches high heel the outsole of this shoe is made of synthetic material. The arch area is perforated for air circulation. Some buyers said that these loafers run small in size. So it would be wise to choose the size carefully.

Key Features:

Brand: Cole Haan

  • 10.7 ounces weighted shoes.
  • 0.25 inches heel design.
  • Leather made upper with moccasin stitching.
  • The rubber outsole provides stability and flexibility on every surface.
  • Perforated arch design for air circulation.

7. Rockport Men's Classic

Are you looking for choosing the best loafer for any type of occasion? Then this pair of loafers is for you. This loafer from Rockport is made with style and comfort in mind. This loafer is available in many colors which are very suitable to match any outfit.

The upper of this loafer is very user friendly and can be cleaned easily. The polyurethane outsole and EVA footbed are designed to absorb shock and produce the feet with comfort in all conditions. The footbed is made according to the shape of the feet to provide a snug fit. Also, it is designed with 1 inch high heel.

Key Features:

Brand: Rockport

  • The upper and the outsole are made of leather and synthetic materials accordingly.
  • The footbed is made of EVA according to the shape of the feet.
  • The outsole is made of polyurethane.
  • The footbed and outsole are very durable and able to absorb impact to keep the feet safe.
  • 1 inch high heel loafers.
  • 10 ounces weighted shoes.

8. Clarks Women's Raisie Eletta

If the existing loafers of yours are not able to provide the necessary amount of support and comfort to your feet then you should replace your existing loafers with this pair. These loafers are very stylish and sturdy in design. But from the inside, these are very soft and flexible.

The upper of these loafers are designed with leather and tweed material. These loafers will provide comfort with every step as the footbed is made by following cushion soft technology with ortholite. The outsole of these loafers is made of durable anti slip rubber for superior support. One can pair these loafers with jeans, casual dress, suits, and also with shorts.

Key Features:

Brand: Clarks

  • Loafer upper is constructed by leather and tweed.
  • Cushioned footbed is made of ortholite material.
  • The manufacturer used cushioned pad in the heel area for every step comfort.
  • Anti slip durable rubber outsole made for traction.
  • Loafer's weight is 11.8 ounces.

9. JENN ARDOR Women's Penny

If you want to get compliments for your loafers then this would be the right pair to choose. This pair of loafers is specially made for women. These loafers are stylish, cute, and affordable also. Specially, these loafers are made for office purposes. These are special because unlike other loafers or pumps or high heels these loafers will provide all day comfort with a soft feel.

The upper is made of manmade premium leather. In the upper, there is a beautiful buckle design which enhances the beauty of these loafers even more. The cushioned footbed is designed with breathable linings so that your feet can remain dry and odor free all day long. Add these with any sort of outfit and step with confidence.

Key Features:


  • Manmade premium leather upper is very smooth to touch and available in many colors.
  • The upper is designed with buckles and moccasin details to enhance the beauty.
  • The breathable lining cushioned footbed keeps the feet dry all day long.
  • The thick rubber outsole ensures ultimate traction on slippery surfaces.
  • These loafers are 1.1 pounds weighted.

10. Minishion Womens Casual

This Minishion Womens Casual loafer is available in many vibrant and elegant colors. These loafers are known as everyday shoes for the design and style. Women can use these shoes in any place and on any occasion.

The upper of these loafers are made of suede leather. With the cushioned insole women will have all day comfort and confidence. These loafers are handcrafted and feature a brushed finish for long use. On the side of the ankle, there is a small logo of a horse that is made of rustproof metal. The outsole is made of durable rubber walking comfortably without falling. These loafers are very soft and flexible.

However, if you have wide feet then it would be wise to order half size bigger than normal or to contact the dealers.

Key Features:

Brand: Minishion

  • Available in standard US and Europe sizes.
  • Suede leather made upper is very soft.
  • Cushioned insole provides comfort and support.
  • Features with brush finishing and loafers are handcrafted.
  • Small horse design logo on the side.
  • The durable rubber made outsole is very flexible.
  • Easy to match up with many outfits.

Features to Consider Before Buying Penny Loafers

This buying guide is for those people who are confused and facing problems with buying the right pair of penny loafer for themselves. Here we will try to highlight the important features of the loafers that a person needs to check before diving into the buying process. If you wnat to know Best Black Knee-High Boots .

Types- Loafers are available in many types. Some are designed for casual use some are for office use, and many more. However, there are some versatile loafers that can be used for all purposes. So choose the right pair depending on your using place. But we would like to recommend you choose the versatile type as they can be used for multiple purposes.

Materials- Loafers are made of leather or synthetic materials. The best quality loafer is leather made. The leather made loafer is durable and provides a nice and premium look. These are sturdy than other materials. Also, the manufacturer tries to use skin friendly leather in the shoes.

On the other hand, synthetic materials are also good but not as good as leather. They would not provide the premium look as like the leather.

One should make sure that the outsole of the loafer is made of rubber and it is very flexible. In some loafers, the manufacturer uses synthetic material or even leather to construct the outsole of the shoes. These materials are not anti slip and one can fall on slippery surfaces.

Size- Size is a very important consideration. One must select the size of the shoes cautiously. It would be wise to read reviews before choosing the size of the loafers. Because some loafers are narrow and they are not suitable for wide fit. A narrow loafer on wider feet will provide pressure on the feet and will be the reason for pain and discomfort.

To choose the size one can also contact the dealer as the dealer will be able to tell if the loafer you selected is true to size or not.

User Friendly- After checking all of the previous features now the last thing is to consider is whether the loafer is user friendly or not. This depends on many aspects including snug and comfortable fit, the right size, flexibility, etc. One must check the insole of the loafers and make sure that the insole is padded. Also, for more comfort choose a pair of loafers that can absorb shock.

If anyone is buying a pair of loafers for long use then they must choose a pair which is snugly fitted and very comfortable and flexible.

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Which Brand is Best for Loafers?

The best brand for loafers depends on the product they produce. The loafer style, comfort, premium quality materials, and the interaction with the users make a brand the best. Here are some best brands for loafers:

  • Gucci
  • GH Bass
  • Church’s
  • Mast & Harbour
  • Cole Haan

Should I put pennies in my penny loafers?

There is no need for putting pennies in penny loafers. The slot of the penny in loafers is for design purposes. However, if you want then you can put pennies there. But this would be a work of a nerd. I never heard or seen anyone doing this. So I would like to recommend you not to do this at all.

Are Penny Loafers Comfortable?

Basically, the answer depends on the use of the loafers. Using loafers for all day long will provide slight soreness in the feet. But the manufacturer of the penny loafers tries their best to provide the penny loafers users the best comfort.

However, there are some other features that also determine the comfort of the penny loafers. These features are the loafer fitting, insole type, midsole flexibility, etc.

Final Words

Loafers have become a trend for modern people. This footwear became a trend because of easy wearing, comfort, flexibility, and the ability to match up with any outfit.

In this article, we have discussed about 10 best penny loafers. In the list, one will find any sort of penny loafers according to their need. Also, with the help of the buying guide, one will know the important features to look for before buying loafers.

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