Best Shoe after Calcaneal Fracture Heel Pain

best shoes after calcaneal fructure

Calcaneal (or heel bone) fractures are dangerous, but even more when you don’t wear the right shoe after you’ve had it. You may or may not need surgery after a calcaneal fracture, but in either way, doctors will suggest you to follow some instructions afterward.

Your life after a calcaneus fracture will not be the same as before just after a surgery, because it causes heel bone pain which gets sometimes quite severe for standing or walking. It’s a lengthy process that will require you to follow a strict routine, which includes wearing a specialized shoe. But what are the best shoes to wear after Calcaneal Fracture? As you don’t hurt yourself every day, it can be a very tricky thing for you to know this. But fortunately for you, we can suggest you the best shoes to wear after a Calcaneal Fracture with our expertise in shoe testing for a long time!

5 Best shoe after Calcaneal Fructure & Heel Pain

Here are a careful selection of best shoes for calcaneus fracture at heel bone that will ease or heel pain while standing or walking.

1. Aircast SP (Short Pneumatic) Walker Brace/Walking Boot

Aircast SP Short Pneumatic Walking Boot

Aircast SP (Short Pneumatic) Walker Brace/Walking Boot: Specially designed for protection and pneumatic support, Aircast SP Walking Boot is unlike any after surgery boots that you’ll ever find.

There is enough room inside the braces to fit your feet along with the dressing. The adjusted semi-rigid shell has a pre-inflated anterior air cell for comfort and 2 adjustable air cells that can be individually inflated. You’ll also get a hand pump to adjust padding. The low rocker sole that gives you an ease of movement with your broken foot. The premium build quality will ensure that you can use this shoe for a long time.

2. Mars Wellness Premium Short Air Cam Walker Fracture Ankle/Foot Stabilizer Boot

Mars Wellness Premium Short Air Cam Walker Fracture Ankle Foot Stabilizer

Another very good medical shoe. Mars Wellness Premium Short Air Cam Walker is designed to treat you after fractures and surgery period. Inflatable air bladder inside to give a comfortable wearing experience.

With soft cushioning and strong support, it gives you proper immobilization required for quick healing, while being very lightweight. It also has quick release air valve for the desired compression.

3. Darco Med-Surg Post-Operative Shoe

Darco Med Surg Post Operative Shoe Women Medium Black

A very cheap shoe that provides immense support while needed. This is the best way you can describe Darco Med-Surg Post-Operative Shoe. Be it a sprain or a broken toe or a fracture, wear this to get instant relief from pain.

Made with a unique forefoot closure which assists you to walk with lesser pain, without buckling you altogether. This is a square toe designed shoe, so you can wear this in either of the foot. But after all, some material may seem a bit average, as the price is rather low.​

4. ProCare Squared Toe Post-Op Shoe

Aircast SP Short Pneumatic Walking Boot

ProCare specializes in making medical supplies. It’s no wonder they made one of the best shoes that you can wear after Calcaneal Fracture. This is unbelievably good in releasing pain. Few shoes in the post-op category are as perfect as this one.

A high ankle strapping to hold-up your feet in the right position. And rigid rocker sole for pressure reduction. Proper ventilation and soft cushioning. All in all, this is the ideal shoe to wear after calcaneal fracture.

What is a Calcaneal Fracture?

According to the Wikipedia -

A calcaneal fracture is a break of the calcaneus (heel bone). Symptoms may include pain, bruising, trouble walking, and deformity of the heel. It may be associated with breaks of the hip or back. It usually occurs when a person lands on their feet following a fall from a height or during a motor vehicle collision.

Treatment of Calcaneal Fracture

There is some very important thing that your doctor will consider when treating your Calcaneal Fracture.

  • Cause of the injury
  • How severe the injury is?
  • If any tissue is damaged or not

After considering all the above-mentioned factors, your doctor may suggest you a non-surgical option for less severe cases. In that case, you may have to wear a cast for a certain time. Which are 6-8 weeks on average. You will be suggested not to move your feet in this time.

​If however your feet are severely damaged, you will be suggested to go under surgery, which, unarguably will take more time to heal. And you may need proper medication, shoes and much more afterward.

In case, you have to go through a surgery, your doctors will surely recommend to wear you best shoes to wear after foot surgery. ​

What to check for shoes after calcaneous fructure?

So what to consider when you are buying a post-op shoe? You might have to keep the following in mind before buying one.

Strong Support

One of the most important things to consider before buying a post-op shoe is strong support. You want your after-surgery shoe to take pressure for you, so that you won’t hurt yourself again.

Soft Cushioning

You are not going for races with a post-op shoe. All you ask from it is comfort while wearing it. Make sure it provides soft-cushioning, before buying a post-op shoe.

Post–op Standard

When it comes to medical shoes, there is a standard to follow. Proper facilities for your feet to get healed should be there. So, you should check if there are enough features for your quick healing.


Post-op shoes need to have great build quality. They need to take the pressure off you and absorb shocks for you. So, find a shoe that is strong enough to provide these.

There you go! We have gone some extra-mile for you to provide an in-depth reviews of some of the best shoes to wear after calcaneal fracture. Calcaneus fracture recovery time may depend on the severity of your injury, but with a proper shoe, this can be a very easy process.

We wish you quick healing!

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