Best Shoes for Delivery Drivers and Truckers in 2021 [Fedex, UPS delivery made easy]

Delivery Drivers need to put on appropriate shoes at work.

The surge of online shopping and app based pizza orders has made the delivery driving quite a booming profession. You wake up in the morning, maybe sip on coffee or tea, and hit the gases to reach your destination and deliver the goods to a satisfied customer, all day. Though it might not feel like it, you are putting an equal amount of stress on your lower body as well. Two independent research conducted within the countries of the European Union and North America found nearly identical number of injuries caused by slipping and falling, 14% and 17%!

While many measures can be done to avoid such a situation, merely buying good shoes for your delivery work can significantly reduce the chance of you falling over, even the surface is slippery as soap! So what are some of the best shoes for delivery drivers, and how do you pick a pair?

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Features of Top Delivery or Courier Shoes

Whether you are heading out to deliver a large number of goods or simply heading out to deliver a pizza or unloading UPS parcels, the best work shoes for delivery drivers ought to have some features. Purchasing a delivery shoe that has all these features will ensure the safety of your foot and make sure you have got the best deal!

  • It should be lighter and have enough breathability. It will make sure they are comfortable to wear for long our and also ankle and heel area and. You will be wearing it for a long, long time, and you will be doing constant braking, acceleration, and gear shifting. So having enough breathability will make sure you don't get blisters or stinky feet after the end of the day.
  • The soles of the best shoes for the delivery job needs to be anti-skid. Because you will be walking on every kind of surface, from perfectly shiny roads to the slippery road, choosing a shoe that has anti-skid features will let you walk without any worry.
  • They need to be flexible enough so that it can provide better stability and support for the foot when walking on an uneven surface.

Why should delivery drivers wear special shoes?

You need to wear special shoes so that you run like crazy without tipping over if a customer goes bonker and chase you with a gun!

But jokes apart, delivery drivers deserve special shoes for them more than anyone. Because they will be running for hours and a long way drive regardless of whether you feel uncomfortable or have weather issues, if you get a good quality delivery shoe, you will be able to walk around anywhere without thinking twice about the surface. These shoes will give your feet much better comfort and protection. So you will be up to work in any condition. It will have a positive impact on your earnings as well.

3 Best Shoes for Delivery Drivers

1. PUMA Men's Tazon 6 Fracture 

2. Skechers Men's Afterburn Memory

3. Merrell Men's Moab 2 Vent Hiking

Timberland PRO Men's is a great work boots for bus or truck drivers and got everything an excellent delivery driver or helper should have, keeping your feet warm enough in the winter and let you work comfortably when in the workplace.

Honestly, these are all we ever ask from a shoe for delivery work. Still, we have to get disappointed as not all shoes can deliver even this. But Timberland PRO Men's Direct Attach Boot is made to take all the abuse you can put on it and yet able to keep your feet comfortable for long hours. It is very breathable and light on your toe, so your legs don't feel strained either.


  • If you work and walk for long hours, it is the best shoes for delivery drivers you can get
  • It is waterproof so it will help you to work in rain or snow effortlessly
  • The leather design is very classic and looks good


  • The sole may start to crack after a few years of use

You can never tip over or lose balance with Wolverine Men's W02164 Marauder-M Boots as this shoes are most comfortable shoes for ups drivers. It provides quite a good and comfortable fit for the delivery drivers. But we need to talk about the great traction this Wolverine boot provides on slippery surfaces.

The boot holds up so well on a slippery surface; you will never slip even in soaking wet concrete floors. It is also good at keeping your feet warm and comfortable, even after a long day in your work. So you won't feel any tiredness or numbness at all.


  • Extremely comfortable to walk around
  • As good as an expensive boot. But it saves a lot more money than those
  • Does not collect much debris
  • Good insulation to stop the winter bite


  • None that we could find

Are you a delivery driver with a passion for hiking? Then Ecco Men's Track II High GORE-TEX will certainly seem very appealing for you. It features everything a hiking boot requires but is also equally for delivery drivers as well. Its antibacterial sole will keep the odor away and absorb moisture.

It will help your feet not to be smelly and make you feel yucky at the end of the day. Also, the company takes measures to protect the environment with their Ecco shoes, which can be an excellent cause to support them.


  • These shoes as comfortable as hiking shoes and shoes for delivery drivers should be
  • Rain or shine, you will get the best service from the shoes
  • Gives your feet good support and comfortable in long flights as well
  • The lightweight feeling helps to make hiking easier than ever


  • The color may fade and look older than it is

KEEN Utility Men's Detroit is something that every delivery driver who has a sweaty feet’s dream come true. Do you want to find something that is easy on your legs and provides better stability?

KEEN Utility Men's Detroit has better traction than most of the shoes, but most importantly, it a long-lasting boot that you will be able to use for years to come. Also, you will feel comfortable from the first day and do not deal with the stiff boot, which happens all the time.


  • Long lasting materials
  • Lightweight
  • Best for Pizza deliveries
  • Comfortable in dew or snow


  • Not so great for work in heavy rain

Now it’s time to get some shoes for all the hard-working sisters out there. All the hard boot out there is not the best choice fora delivery driver, be it a man or woman. But the WOLVERINE Women's Floodhand is very comfortable and easy on your feet.

It makes sure you feel light on your knees and ankles throughout the day. It might feel a little heavy when you first get it. But when you get used to it and get your foot used to then, it let you concentrate on the hard work much better. Also, the full-grain leather will keep your feet dry no matter whatever weather out there


  • The shoes are oil, water, and slip-resistant to keep you functional in any condition
  • Helps fatigued feet for surviving long days
  • Very sturdy and well made
  • It is very good looking


  • Laces are shorter for some people

As much as women love their beautiful heels, they will always go for something that is comfortable shoes when it comes to working. Skechers Women's Flex Appeal 2.0 Sneaker is such a shoe that gives them a fierce force to work or run comfortably throughout the day.

It has excellent soles and a lightweight feel. It is one of the best shoes for delivery drivers, and you will understand why right after the moment you try it on.


  • Incredibly comfortable
  • Comfortable in all weather
  • Squishy soles are added for the comfort
  • Pretty flexible


  • The shoes are little narrow
  • A little overpriced compared

Skechers for Work Women's cures a common thing with women. Which is often wake up with sore feet and the reason? Those manufacturers who make uncomfortable shoes that only look pretty. Skechers for Work Women's is a perfect reply to all. It is perfect for those who have to work or walk for long hours at a stretch.

If it makes your feet ache like hell the very next day, get a pair of Skechers for Work Women's. It is made with the finest mesh to provide better breathability. Also, it is quite comfortable and supports your feet, so you won't feel any soreness or pain even after working 12 hours at a stretch.


  • The shoes are comfortable like a protective glove for the aching feet
  • Looks good no matter you are wearing for business or casual
  • The fabric stretches to give you a better accommodation to feet


  • It might feel a little weird if you are too comfortable with lace shoes.


Now a days, many jobs requires specific shoes that suit to the job requirements. If you're a mechanic, then mechanic boots will help you perform well in your trade.

To all the delivery drivers out there, I would recommend you to take care of your feet properly.  Specially, if you need special support, consider using a pair of good insoles for long-time support. Because it silently takes all the abuse and often overlooked. So getting the best shoes for delivery drivers we listed here can a way to start giving it the attention it deserves.

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