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8 Best Shoes for Orange Theory Fitness Programs In 2021

Orangetheory is getting popular day by day. And like every other, this exercise too needs some special kits to get started with. Shoes are undoubtedly the first of them. To get the best out of this intense fitness training program, you need to wear best shoes for orangetheory. In this fitness program, you have to go through some of the most high-intensity exercises, so your shoe needs to cope up with that. For your convenience, we have prepared separate lists of shoes for both men and women, so that you won’t have spent hours trying to find the best one.

Our Top 03 Shoes for Orange Theory Fitness Programs

1. Brooks Men's Adrenaline

2.Brooks Ghost Men's 13 

3. Brooks Mens Ghost

Orange Theory Fitness Program and It's Benefits

If you still have not heard about Orangetheory franchise or seen one, chances are you’ll see it soon. Orangetheory is a fitness exercise where you will have a live heart rate monitor on your hand. You will go through light to heavy exercise level, with each passing level the intensity will be increased and the final level will consume almost your full heart capacity. A professional trainer will guide you through the whole process.

So does it help? How much different is this from the regulars?

The answer is, yes it is different yet working. And that is why it is spreading all over the USA very quickly. Use of technology made it very precise, so you can do just the level of exercise you need. This is a very personalized fitness program too, which makes it very effective for you to meet the fitness goals!

So now you know the benefits of Orangetheory. Now let’s get you up and running with a pair of shoes to get the optimized effect of Orangetheory. This is the list of best shoes of Men and Women for Orangetheory.

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Best Shoes for Orangetheory

Here are the list of shoes and sneakers that will be great fit for high intense fitness workout like orangetheory.

1. Brooks Men's Adrenaline GTS 19 (Men)

This is a super comfortable shoe with really good cushioning. The modernized 3D fit is a very nice feature to have, as this shoe will fit you perfectly. The BioGoMo DNA and DNA LOFT cushioning together makes you comfortable to place your feet in.

But the most important part of this shoe is perhaps the GuideRails Holistic Support System, which will ensure you not getting injured while having an extra bit of exercise. Though the price range may seem a bit high, however you won't regret to buy one of the best orangetheory mens shoes.

The ever amazing New Balance has provided us with so many good shoes, that we can’t keep count. This shoe from them is one of the best for exercise, especially for Orangetheory. A 100% leather shoe with a rubber sole.

Breathable textile lining and EVA footbed which will reduce the chance of injury by a big margin. Though newer companies offering more and more exciting gym shoes, we are glad that brands like New Balance are still keeping their quality right with these extremely fine shoes.

Let’s keep it simple, Nike Metcon 4 might be the last gym shoe you will ever buy. Available in tons of size and color, this shoe is as comfortable as is gets. The features too are just too many to get started, the molded footbed, fully cushioned collar, breathable and soft linings altogether will make a new and complete gym shoe wearing experience for you.

The rubber outsole will ensure the traction and grip, which results in higher durability and the stability you need in a high-intensity training like Orangetheory.

This is an indicator of how good a shoe can get if it ticks all the boxes. A super lightweight shoe, just how you like it. An upper side made of mesh, it literally feels like a sock or softer than that.

Bounce midsole present for the flexibility you will need in your gym. This is undoubtedly one of the best shoes to wear during Orangetheory exercise. And can add up this versatile shoes on your shoe rack.

Like men’s shoe, we are also starting the women’s shoe with a Brooks one. Like the men’s shoe, this too deserves its place. A shoe made for long time use. Thanks to the Guiderails Holistic Support System, it can keep up with excess movement, while the BioMoGo DNA midsole cushioning makes it very comfortable to put your feet into.

The single mesh will be making sure that you are getting a soft touch. Overall this is a very good contender for being the best women’s gym shoe.

This is the women’s version (New Balance Women's WX608v4 Comfort Pack Training Shoe) of the men’s one that we mentioned before. This is made of the same materials, so we won’t go much further to write everything in detail.

But what you can be sure of, is that it will give you the same feel and quality like the men’s one. A wonderfully crafted leather shoe built with top quality material, you can buy this for your Orangetheory session without blinking your eyes.

There are women who believe in lying around and watching TV and there are people who believe in making the fitness goals come true. This shoe from NOBULL is for the later ones. A shoe that will ensure seamless running to high-intensity training like Orangetheory. Outsole lug pattern is there to ensure the shoe behaves the same in all types of environments.

The upper side is made of a one-piece seamless SuperFabric, which is extremely durable yet breathable. It also creates a mesh-based layer to protect you from all kinds of outside pressure. What more can you expect from a training shoe?

Some shoes are made for specialized use, and this one is for exercising. A perfect running shoe that can bear much more pressure than many. It’s available in a lot of colors and sizes. Built with a unique upper side material called Fitknit, that can move and expand according to your foot, it’s very comfortable to put on.

The smooth fabric lining gives a very good in-foot experience. Overall it’s one of the better shoes in the price range and also in the exercise and training shoe market.

Final Words

We have tried hundreds of shoes, both online and offline. And our expert teams made their opinions. These are the shoe that can be termed as the best shoes for Orangetheory. They can take extra pressure and they will make sure that you go the extra mile with them. So what are you waiting for? Let’s start exercising together, will you?

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