Best Shoes for Walking on Cobblestones

Best Shoes for Walking on Cobblestones at Europe

Traveling through Europe can be an overwhelming experience. You get to see some of the most mesmerizing urban and natural landscape. But there’s a difference between Europe and the rest of the world. Most of the European streets are made of cobblestones, not concrete. Though there’s no arguing about cobblestones beauty, they are actually very hard to walk on. Walking on cobblestones can make your feet sore with your normal shoes, let alone walking barefoot on them.

What you need is specific best shoes for walking around europe that can make your Europe expedition a special one. We know what the best shoes for walking on cobblestones are, and we won’t let you experience the pain that most first-time travelers go through in Europe. What’s better is that all the shoes that we are reviewing for you are available for both men and women with the same features!

Our Top 3 Shoes for Walking on Cobblestones

1. Mens and Womens Classic Clog

2. Unisex-Adult Classic Tie Dye Clog

3. Crocs Men's and Women's Classic Clog

Best walking sandals for Europe on Cobblestones

Best Shoes for Walking on Cobblestones

Here is a list of shoes that are perfect for walking on cobblestone pathways.

1. ASICS Gel-Kayano 25 SP

A shoe that is made with ASICS special Impact Guidance System, this is one of the best travel shoes for europe . Guidance Line Midsole Technology of this shoe enhances your gait efficiency. Flytefoam Propel and Lyte Technologies took the cushioning to another level, giving you ultimate comfort wearing it while being extremely lightweight.

This shoe not only gives you comfort wearing on cobblestones but also Fluidride Midsole takes this into the tier of some of the best durable shoes out there.

Brooks is around for a long time. Their ability to make great best walking shoes for travel in europe made them one of the most trusted brands. Ghost 11 is a result of continuous improvement for a long time. A very lightweight shoe that has high energizing cushioning for your walking convenience. The foam insole is removable and provides greater underfoot comfort and support. Its full-length Segmented Crash Pad can accommodate any foot.

While its Omega Flex Grooves gives natural forefoot movement so that you can walk in ease even in surfaces like cobblestones. If you are looking for one that is versatile, this is the one for sure.

Starting from a just men’s footwear, Cole Haan came a long way with their product range. But they still excel at what they started with, making footwear, now for both men and women. This style shoe is said to be their lightest shoe ever. This rubber sole shoe is unquestionably good for wearing in cobblestones.

While the Cole Haan Grand.OS technology provides the ultimate comfort, it is not behind in style too. It is perhaps one of the most stylish walking shoes for travel. The knit upper of this shoe makes some additional room for your feet, so we suggest you to buy at least ½ sizes down from your usual shoe size.

There’s hardly any discussion needed about how good New Balance shoes are. And this sneaker is the greatest example of their excellent craftsmanship. A hundred percent textile and synthetic shoe, it is perhaps their most famous shoe ever.

One of the most comfortable walking shoes for Europe, it is widely used good european walking shoes for europe  and the US alike. That is because this shoe provides highest level of comfort with a classic look. Excellent for wearing on cobblestones, this ever popular shoe can be just the shoe that you are looking for.

Leather shoes don’t get better than this! This shoe is made with a flexible synthetic sole. It also has Memory Foam Insole, which is very soft and gives an unparalleled comfort of wearing it. The build quality is extremely good, and it will surely last longer than most shoes in the market, even if you wear it regularly on cobblestones.

Men and women versions are a bit different, as the women’s version has padded tongue and collar, unlike the men’s version. The women’s version also has super lightweight shock absorbing athletic midsole, which may help in case of heavy using. All in all, this could be a very good shoe not just for walking cobblestones but also in the gym!

Looking for a shoe that can help you in adventures to come, or a long city walk or more? KEEN Whisper sandals, specially made for women and babies, can be your next stylish walking shoes for europe for travel while being highly comfortable.

You can walk hours in cobblestones, wearing their sandals. With rubber sole and bungee lace capture system to protect your feet, you won’t feel disappointed wearing this. Metatomical Foot bed Design provides excellent arch support. This shoe is also washable, so don’t worry about it being dirty at any point.

Most of the European cities are amazing travel places for many travelers. There are a lot of old buildings, narrow streets which make the most of the cities of Europe in another extra level up. So that all travelers' first choice is to travel in Europe. Cobblestone pathways always cheerful for every traveler, but they can be dangerous too.

If you want to travel in Europe or somewhere like that you should concern about these cobblestones roads. You should take prepare for walking on these cobblestones roads. Choosing the right pair of shoes is the most important thing for your trip. Europe is filled with cobblestones, hilly capitals, bridges, and uneven pathways. This cobblestone and uneven pathway are so dangerous for every traveler though it increases the beauty of nature. So every traveler should ensure their security first.

They may use some special safety shoes for walking on cobblestones. Thus these cobblestones are looking great, but it is not easy work to walk on these cobblestones. Sometimes when it is rainy season or the roads are being wet then it will be a big problem to walk on it. In some cities, roads are slippery and uneven.

So here we discuss some best shoes for walking on the cobblestones. You can easily find the best shoe for your trip in Europe for walking on the cobblestone. If you are a good traveler so you should take a pair of shoes for your travel anywhere. These shoes help you to enjoy your travel without any problem while walking on the cobblestones in Europe.

Best Cobblestone Shoes

We researched a lot about some kinds of shoes for walking on the cobblestones. We traveled in Europe along before. Then we did our experiment of some shoes for walking on the cobblestones. We used some best kinds of shoes while walking on the cobblestone in Europe which was so much comfortable. Now we are trying to elaborate on some best shoes for walking on the cobblestone.

Keen Explorer Waterproof Shoes: When you are ready for going outside on the cobblestones road for sightseeing, you need the best pair of shoes. This is obviously can be the keen waterproof shoes. It increases your travel excitement to an upper level. You can both walk or hike with this same shoe. This shoe is a combined pack for walking and also hiking. This shoe gives you extra stability while walking on cobblestone roads or somewhere on wet, slippery roads.

It also has a notch in the backside that helps you the better comfort while walking. It is also holding the wet cobblestone roads when you take one step to the next step. It is very comfortable. You don't need to anxious about sudden rain in Europe. Keen explore shoes give you the best support while raining. It is made with the technology of slip resistance and also waterproof. So you can travel somewhere in Europe when it has been raining. The shoe is absolutely waterproof.

You can remove dust easily. Just use a brush or soft cloth for removing dust from your sneakers or shoes. This is so much comfortable so that you can also use it in buses, trains also for traveling anywhere. There are many kinds of shoes released by Keen explorer. You can pick some extra bright colors of the shoe. It will be visible more beautiful in any capture. You will wear this shoe with jeans pant I prefer.

 But you can wear it with other dresses too. If you choose a neutral color dress code such as white or gray something, it will very suitable with a casual vibe with these Keen explorer shoes.

Keen Coronado Slip-on: We prefer also this kind of shoes. It is for rough care-free slip-on shoes. You can wear these shoes the whole day long without any pain or no any bad impact because these shoes are very durable to wear for a long time.

This shoe is made with some chemicals and equipped with 'eco anti-odor technology'. So that it can break the odor from sweat in warm weather. Naturally, it can remove the odor from sweat without using any heavy metal chemically. So it is also a plus point to wear this shoe for a long period.

This Coronado slip-on has three basic colors. These colors are – black, white, and copper-colored. All are fashionable looks. And also ensure your security while walking on cobblestones.

Skechers Walk Lite: Most people like to wear slip-on type shoes or sneakers while traveling anywhere especially in Europe. So this Skechers walk lite shoe is one of the best slip-on shoes as well as it is quality with comfort for walking on cobblestones. This shoe is super comfortable to wear and walk in any wet place as well as cobblestone streets. They have a variety of shoes for traveling such as go-lite, go-walk, ultra–flex, etc kind of shoes.

There are used in "Goga mat insole" technology which gives you more comfortable while walking a long time on cobblestones. The soles are more flexible and comfortable to walk and hike also.

This shoe is very lightweight to carry anywhere in your suitcase or travel bag pack. You can easily put it into your bag.

How to Choose the Best Walking Shoes on Cobblestones

You should remember some essential factors while choosing a shoe to walk on cobblestones. Keep in mind that alls shoes consideration is not the same.

Most of the cobblestones are situated in Europe. So there's always a chance of sudden rain all around Europe. So when choosing walking shoes then should pick always waterproof shoes for walking on cobblestones. Now you can safe from the sudden rain. It will be not affected your walking on cobblestones while raining. These shoes are always a suitable price for at all. So you can purchase the best one you need.

At last, you should know that cobblestones are a part of European heritage. So when you will go for traveling in Europe there always a challenge for you. So prepare yourself for walking uneven pathways and also cobblestones with some of your best walking shoes.


Cobble stone pathways are part of European heritage. The best shoes for walking on cobblestones are those that are pleasant even when the surrounding is rough. We have considered many shoes as a contender for the best shoes to wear on uneven surfaces and these are the shoes that stand out. The above-mentioned shoes performed astoundingly well in our test and they are sure to give you a very good experience wearing on cobblestone shoes.

Happy traveling!

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