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5 Best Shoes to Wear after Foot Surgery Review In 2021

Post-op shoes are not luxury. They are a necessity. After many types of foot surgery you will need to wear a specialized shoe dedicated to taking care of your feet. For a foot or bunion surgery or after a foot fracture, your doctor will ask you to wear a post-op shoe. That’s because in order to recover quickly, you should get stuck to a bed after a surgery or foot injury. Instead you should move your feet a little bit to keep the flow going.

Post-op shoes come in with different size and features. Depending on your injury, you may need different shoes.

Comparision of After Foot Surgery Shoes

Budget Friendly
  • This shoe is clinically proven .
  • Delux foam liner 
  • Recommended by doctor .
Also Great
  • This will help you to get back on your feet. 
  • There support are excellent .

What to consider before buying Post-op shoes?

There are many types of post-op shoes available on market, each with distinct features and quality. You have to consider your injury and then choose your perfect shoe according to that.

Most of the after-surgery shoes are made light weight for comfortable wearing experience. They usually provide good ventilation to keep your dressing clean, while keeping your feet packed and limiting the inner movement so that you don’t accidentally hurt your feet again. Good support, cushioning too are features of the best shoes to wear after foot surgery. The best post-op shoes are also made such way that it can absorb sudden shocks, which may put your feet on danger.

We have done an extensive research on this arena and found out some excellent shoes that have the combination of all of these features that will make your days after surgery a little less painful!

When to wear after surgery shoes?

You have to replace your general shoes with after surgery shoes in following conditions -

  • after a foot surgery
  • after a bunion or hammertoe surgery
  • after a cartiva implant surgery
  • when you got a broken toe
  • you have got your ankle broken
  • after you have broken or injured feet

Best shoes to wear after Foot Surgery

Here are the list of shoes that you can rely on for wearing and walking after a foot surgery or fracture.

1. Aircast SP (Short Pneumatic) Walker Brace/Walking Boot

Why these shoes?

Aircast is one of the premier brand on the market of post-op and fracture shoes, and they continue to uphold their name with shoes like this one. This shoe will give you a certain relief from the pain of moving your feet after an injury.

With ample room inside, it has just enough space to fit your feet inside with dressing, and what’s more great about this shoe is the 2 adjustable air cells that can be individually inflated to ensure comfort wearing this. It also features a hand pump to adjust the padding for your desired support. The semi-rigid shell makes it a durable contender of this list.

Value for money

It’s well in the bucket of the high price range, but once you see the technology that has been used here and the assurance of durability, you will surely realize why this is a bit pricier than most.

Why these shoes?

This shoe is perfect for people who just had a surgery on their leg. Previously known as United Surgical Boot, this is one of the best post-op shoe in the market for a long time.

Uniquely build with the combination of a Rocker sole and an insole for shock-absorbing, this shoe helps you walk as painlessly as possible after a surgery. Its plastic molded upright gives you better support for your limb movement, while it also has steel reinforcement with it, to ensure the durability of this shoe. It also has a customizable lateral air bladder to ensure the comfort while you put this shoe on.

Value for money

Priced at the 40’s, this shoe is one of the best in this price range. Not just because of its durability, but because of the comfort it provides for people just gone through a fractured leg.

Why these shoes?

ProCare is known for its ability of making quality health items and this shoe from them is no exception. ProCare Squared Toe Post-Op Shoe is one of the best in the category of post-op shoe.

Its square-toe design ensures your toe has ample room and comfort while wearing this shoe while it also features an ankle strapping which will keep your feet firmly placed. This shoe will provide adequate ventilation to keep your dressing clean and your toes dry.

Value for money

This shoe might not give you the advanced features, but this is enough for a short-term use after a fracture. Priced in the low tier, it certainly gives you value for money! One more thing that we haven’t said is that, it’s a universal fit shoe, which means you can put this on both foot. Did it just crossed the limit for its price range?

Why these shoes?

We can never ignore AirCast shoes in a post-op shoe review, can we? This is a premium post-op shoe from AirCast. And, with its well-built semi rigid shell, it will give you the perfect support that you may need after a foot operation.

A post-op shoe like no other, this shoe is very easy to put on or off. You can pump the inflatable air chamber to your preference and comfort. This is an ideal shoe if you just started your weight bearing process after the surgery, as it will make minimal movement a lot easier. Its open-frame structure means it will keep the flow of air to your feet and thus making itself easier to wear for a long period of time. Given its price range, unsurprisingly, the universal fit is also there to allow you to wear this show in both foot.

Value for the money:

While this is the most priced shoe in this list, we can’t say that it is overpriced. Its unique features and cutting-edge technology will make sure the highest comfort for a post-surgery patient.

Why these shoes?

This is one of the bestselling post-op shoe, because it is not intended for just support but also for quick and better healing process after an injury.

It has a comfortable, wide foot-bed to accommodate your foot with bandage and dressing. Medical-grade Velcro strap, which they used in this shoe, is very effective to ensure the perfect fit. The polymer plastic reinforced shell will give you proper support, while the rocker sole under your feet will allow your natural movement far much easier.

Value for money:

According to the price range, we think this is a very good buy. If you are looking for something that feels more natural on your feet, this is the shoe to buy.

best shoes to wear after foot surgery


We don't want to keep post-op shoes to keep in our shoe rack. However, bad situations make us to do that. Though there are many variety of post-op shoe available on the market, all are not of same functionality and quality. They are distinct in their feature and use. So, you need to be careful before buying a post-op shoe, if it’s going to suit you or not. Because the perfect post-op shoe will make your life after surgery easier, while a bad one may just make the situation worse!

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