Best Shoes to Wear with Jogger Pants

Best Shoes to Wear with Jogger Pants in 2021

Are you wondering which shoes to wear with your jogger pants? I’ve got this. It is not only you, but there are also a bunch of people out there who are struggling in matching a perfect pair of shoe for their joggers. And that’s what pushed me to come up with 6 best shoes to wear with jogger pants. I have seen people wearing these shoes with jogger pants and they look outstanding and soon you too will. Let’s get started.

Our Top Picks  Shoes for Jogger Pants

Budget Friendly
  • Very comfortable shoes.
  • Best for walking .
  • Recommended from buyers .
Also Great
  • High energizing cushioning.  
  • Lace up closer .

Top 6 Best Shoes for Jogger Pants Reviewed

I have done my study and handpicked 6 shoes you will find below which has proven to be suitable for jogger pants. Not only jogger pants, but most of these shoes could also be used for multiple purposes. All of these shoes have legitimate user feedbacks and apart from that, design, quality, and comfort, these shoes are holding the lead in everything. Have a look.

1. New Balance Mx608v4 shoes

Starting with the New Balance Mx608v4 shoes which is available for both men and women. Though this pair might look like the traditional shoe the color and design make it perfect for wearing with jogger pants. This pair is usable as workout shoe too because of the comfort it offers. The insole of this shoe reduces the body weight stress from the feet and that’s what makes it super comfortable to wear.

Thanks to the manufacturer, they have attached a pair of ABSORB cushion in this pair of sneakers which makes this pair suitable for people who are dealing with some minor feet issues. This model also features thick rubber sole which provides with the needed traction and balance. In order to give you no irritation on the ankle, this shoecomes with foam padded dual density collars.

The New Balance Mx608v4 shoes feature impressive leather upper that brings a lot of people’s attractions. And another best part of this model is, it comes in 19 different colors, that allows you to choose the color you personally like. Users are satisfied with everything of this pair of sneakers except one that is, this pair of shoes are not for rough use.

Are you looking for a shoe that is comfortable and durable at the same time? Then you don’t want to miss out the Skechers Men's Afterburn memory foam shoes. I wouldn’t say this pair is so stylish but trust me, it looks good with jogger pants. Skecher’s have used synthetic leather in the construction of this pair and that’s what makes this shoe pair durable.

The Skechers Men's Afterburn shoes come in 9 different design and colors, that enables you to choose the one you like most. It features mesh fabric and that’s very comfortable. What mesh fabric has to do with comfort? Mesh fabrics are breathable which keeps inside the shoe air circulated and that’s exactly why you wouldn’t feel irritated wearing them for long period of time.

The collar of this shoe is nicely padded which is supposed to keep your ankle irritation free and deliver full comfort. As you can see in the name, this pair of shoe has memory foam insole. Memory foam insoles are so satisfying, if you didn’t land your feet on one you wouldn’t know. Memory foam insoles make walking and running comfortable.

For optimum grip and balance, the manufacturer has inserted thicker outsole. The laces come in black color and are durable enough to last for years. People who are looking for a pair that would be able to withstand heavy use, the Skechers Men's Afterburn shoe is the thing. One thing I didn’t like about this pair is, it is not lightweight.

Nike is no stranger, it is one of the most reliable brands. Shoes, clothing, or sports, they have their mark left everywhere. And similarly, this Nike shoe the Nike Men's Air Monarch Iv Cross Trainer is no different. This shoe has earned the best-selling tag and people have really appreciated the design, quality and the performance of this shoe.

One of the reasons why I chose this pair is, you can wear this literally with anything. Shorts, jogger, or any other pants, this pair of Nike shoes suits everything. However, let’s come to the features of this shoe. The overall design is impressive and also comfortable to wear. Like the previous one, this pair also comes with mesh fabric which makes the shoe both breathable and comfortable.

Unlike most, the Nike Mens Air Monarch IV Cross Trainer shoe comes in 20 different designs and colors. And even better, you won’t find any crazy colors, all of them looks so classy. One advice from my side, if white is not your favorite color then don’t go for white since dirt, grime, etc. are more visible in white than the other colors.

You will find a loop at the back of the shoe which helps to wear on or off the shoe easily. Like others, this pair also features a padded collar and cushioned insole. It also features thicker outsole for maximum traction and balance. The laces are also durable. The thing that tends to dissatisfy the users is, these shoes are a bit squeaky.

Puma is another name of trust and has been serving the industry for very long. I must say, this pair here got an impressive design, especially the heel. With this pair, you are not getting shoes only for matching up with your jogger pants but for comfortable running also. You can use this PUMA Men's Cell Surin 2 FM shoes for exercise, walking, and running.

There is no way that manufacturer like Puma will use low-quality materials in building their shoes. Likewise, they have used premium sleek leather on this PUMA Men's Cell Surin 2 FM pair. Things that make this pair suitable for running are, mesh in the toe side which keeps the air circulated in every situation. It comes with traditional lacing system and laces are enough durable.

The rubber outsole which is durable and provides with enough traction and balance you will expect from the shoe. Also comes with cushioned insole, you will feel premium level of comfort every time you will push it with your feet. This model also offers TPU mid-foot shank for extra stability. One downside of this model is, it might not fit perfectly on wider feet.

The Brooks Mens Ghost 10 shoes is another classy shoe pair which collaboration with jogger pants in just amazing. Not only jogger pants, but these shoes can also be worn with most outfits. Apart from that, it is an excellent choice for running. The Brooks Mens Ghost 10 shoes is the best-selling product of the Brooks. The design, quality, performance, everything of this pair is appreciable.

This very pair comes in total 9 different colors and trust me, you are going to have a hard time choosing one of them, each color looks so amazing. The Brooks Mens Ghost 10 shoes won’t cause you any kind of foot pain, even the insole of this shoe can eliminate some kind of minor foot issues. The insole of this pair has high shock absorbing ability and that makes it a good choice for exercise.

The cushion insole will offer a great level of comfort. Also features a rubber outsole and comes with a traditional lacing system. Two thing I personally didn’t like about this model, the outsole doesn’t provide enough grip and the shoe gets a bit loose with a month of use.

And here comes the last one of this review list, the ASICS Men's Gel Contend Running Shoe. This is also a multipurpose shoe but best for running, as the name suggests. The design looks like a casual shoe but it is going to deliver optimum comfort to you when you will start running wearing it. The outsole has meshed synthetic material which will enable you to keep the pair worn for long period of time.

It features EVA foam insole and it is what makes this pair suitable for running. The rubber outsole offers a good amount of grip and balance. Like few models, this ASICS Men's Gel Contend Running Shoe is not a heavy pair. Comes in a bunch of colors and that gives you the option to choose the one you like. This ASICS Men's Gel Contend Running Shoe also has the same problem of getting loose with regular use.


These are the 6 best shoes to wear with jogger pants that I have found. I have gone through most of the user feedbacks of these shoes and exactly wrote what I got. I have shown all the flaws of these shoes along with the benefits. Hope this article will help you to get a perfect pair for yourself.

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