Best Tree Climbing Shoes

5 Best Tree Climbing Shoes –Top Picks To Buy

There’s a big misconception that tree climbing only needs upper-body strength. True, it does need a lot of upper-body strength, but that’s not the only thing that is necessary for tree-climbing. A good tree climbing shoe is a must to do it properly. Because in the end, not your body, your feet are making the climbing possible. A good tree-climbing shoe gathers your toes into one application of force and helps you balance more on a small portion of area. So, now you know why it’s necessary to have a pair of specialized tree climbing shoes when you’re climbing. But there are hundreds of tree climbing shoes, which one of those suits you? Which one is better? You don’t need to worry about that, as we have done our research, and presenting before you the best tree climbing shoes available in market.

The first question put before us is what makes a pair of shoe good for climbing?

Before buying a pair of tree-climbing shoes, you need to know what makes a tree climbing shoe better than the others. A good climbing shoe is usually made of long lasting material, because of the pressure it has to take. It got to have a comfortable inner portion to make your feet protected from the rough outside surface and finally, a proper pair of tree-climbing shoe needs to have good grip to create the much-needed traction needed for climbing.

We have combined all of these answers and selected our favorites from a list of thousands.

5 Best Tree Climbing Shoes

Adidas is the first brand that will come to anyone's mind, if asked for a shoe brand that they trust. Everyone you know, have a pair of Adidas. But Adidas is not all about the trendy and fashionable sports shoes that we see every day.

In our detailed review we were surprised to see how good this particular shoe is for climbing tree. With it’s 100% textile finish, it’s good-looking. The solid rubber sole gives good grip, while the out-sole makes it possible to wear it even when the surface is wet. Anyone looking for a pair of tree-climbing shoes that they can wear even for regular use, this shoe from Adidas is the ultimate all-round answer!

Scarpa has made some of the better climbing shoes over the year. Having tried all of their shoes personally, this one surely excel from all the others. A long lasting and good looking synthetic finish gives it a premium look. It’s unique split sole makes it feel good when you wear it.

For better precision while climbing, they have added Bi-Tension active randing system, which will help you provide maximum toe power on the surface. We liked Vibram XS edge which really helps for giving you better gripping. By just looking at this product, you can tell that this is going to last long. The materials are all durable and premium quality. It’s a shoe that you can trust for your climb to support you.

La Sportiva is a mixture of low cost and premium. While you are not going to get the features exact to the likes of more pricey Scarpa shoes, these won’t disappoint you too for sure! This shoe is the best seller in the men’s climbing shoes list, and that’s because of several reasons.

They have done their research and put together an aggressive rubber heel rand and impressive FriXion RS rubber soles for making your climbing precise. It’s innovative low-asymmetry EN45 build will give you a comfortable feeling, and save you from pain or cramping on the edges. All in all, this shoe is one of our most favorite for climbing, due to its good value for money.

If you are looking for a cheap yet reliable climbing shoe that will take you all the way. Climb X Rave is the go-to shoe. It has padded collar and heel for your comfort. But what we really like about this shoe is it’s protection for bad smell, by introducing anti-microbial hemp foot-bed.

At this price range, this shoe is a real star. However, if you like this shoe and opt into buying one, we suggest you to buy 1 to 1.5 size larger than your foot size to match on your foot, as it actually comes on at a smaller size than usual.

is a portable grip, that you can use on your shoe. LeanKing is a topper on Climbing shoe and accessories, and this gripper from them is an absolute gem of a product! This gripper has spikes that are made from heat-treated stainless steel, it will last longer and give you a comfortable climbing experience and just enough traction.

TPE band will ensure flexibility and anti-tearing, while lasting for a long time. If you are thinking of spending less, yet thinking of your safety during climbing, this grip from LeanKing is a must-have

Tree climbing is a passion for someone. Or someone do this as a job or someone take this as his hobby. But most of the peoples among us we did this tree climbing in our childhood. We did it regularly as for just enjoyment, nothing else. Tree climbing is always an adventure for all.

So climb in a tree means moving towards the top of the tree. It is most often dangerous work. If you are not an expert in this kind of work, you should not do this. Because it may harm your body such as hand fracture, leg was broken, head injured and many more dangerous cause. So be an expert in this tree climbing you should be learn technique first then always keep in mind your safety, your safety is the key thing for this job. Tree climbing is fun. But it can be dangerous anytime within a second. So you are a regular tree climber, you need a pair of shoes or boots to safety yourself to climb a tree. This can be needed more price for buying tree climbing shoes. But you must need this as a tree climber. Price is not such a big deal. It is necessary like your other tree-climbing equipment. So this tree climbing as a job you should wear safety shoes first.

Tree climbing shoes are made with some essential and exceptional features. It is not as like normal boots. You cannot use it randomly. Just need it when you are ready for climbing trees. But there are many kinds of shoes/ boots in the market. So you should know what kind of shoe is the best for your tree climbing and ensure your safety while buying a pair of shoes/ boots.

Here we researched about some shoes and found out the best tree climbing shoes/ boots. 

Best Types of Shoes for Climbing Trees

  • Bates Men’s Work Boot: This special shoe comes from the company named boot geek “Bates”. This shoe is really awesome. This is a famous brand name. Bates released many of their popular shoes. But this model launched with some unique features, specially for tree climbing. To be more clear, this boot made with a zipper around it which ensures its comfortability.
  • So maybe a question arise in your mind that why this is so much unique and safety also for tree climbing. Yes, its answer should like this is not just comfortable but also ensure your security because this boot or shoe made with the slip resistance modern technology so that it hardly slips in some case of climbing trees.
  • There are no harmful metals for being making this shoe or boots. Just rubbers and pure leather, Nylon is used in making this tree climbing shoe or boots. A side zipper also helps to long last your boots, and it will not be painful for your use. Its causes no extra pain also. You can feel peace while wearing this shoe because it is made non-Metallic materials.
  • So above all characteristics of this shoe or boot is clear that this is not only one comfort quality. It is made with fabric as well as leather and long-lasting slip resistance insole that are really amazing. In a single sentence, we must say that a comfort set is waiting for you. You will be more surprised as well as to hear that for the professionals this pair of shoes or boots are the first choice always. It is always in the top list of favorites one.
  • Keen utility work boot: This is also another best tree climbing boots or shoes. It also comes from a famous brand. They earn people's believe and hearts with their best-selling products. So it's also undoubtedly another tree-climbing best comfortable boot.
  • These boots meet the all requirements of a climber needs with some essential features. The upper side of this boot is mixed up with some colors combination, which makes the boot more interactive to the people. You can easily control the footbed of this shoe/ boot. So it's very important while climbing a tree to control the feet which is covered with boots or shoes. Another key thing will be surprised you that its slip resistance. It increases our confidence level when you know that your climbing tree boots are not being slipped any sudden moments. The tree climber can use this show without any restriction as like as they want to use this.
  • This show or boot is really breathable to use for a long extended period of time. After all, yes, this is a great comfortable boot or shoe for climbing trees. The combination of Nylon and leather are so much interact with people. That’s why al loves this pair of shoes or boots.
  • Merrell Men's climbing boot: This shoe brand have also some good history of providing the best quality boots from long ago still now running. This golden pair of boots is included all major requirements to yours. All of your demands it's know well and implement as you want a pair of boots for tree climbing.
  • This is being made with waterproof technology, which increases its demand. The raw materials of leathers and fabrics are used to make this boot. This makes the boot more popular. It makes with modern technology so that all can receive it as the best health and safety shoes or boots.
  • You must surprise to hear that these boots are designed durable and this pair of boots will long-lasting. You may have no pain while wearing it's the whole day. It's simply the best shoe for tree climbing. Multi-sizing options are available for this shoe. It provides high security while climbing a tree. So at last you can choose this as your tree climbing boot because it ensures a high-level comfort zone.
  • Maelstrom Military Tactical Boots: All over the peoples of the world knows about the basic idea of military boots. Do you know the heavy performance of military boots? It super strong and heavy for use. But today, for this only tree-climbing, not for joining the army camp.
  • It is also breathable and made with the technology of waterproof with slip resistance. It is made with an amazing combination of Nylon and Leather.
  • You can polish the nylon side of the shoe before go any mission or trip to tree climb. You have found many types of sole of these shoes but the main fact is the sole quality. You can choose a shoe seeing its sole quality. Among some of best shoes, it is also an amazing shoe. It is a non-slippery boot which is the first and forest safety thing for a tree climber. People like these boots also their arch supports as well as. Your feet are likely so warm in the natural weather. Same thing is to happen in the internal of these shoes or boots.
  • There is various color as well as perfect sizing also. You can pick any of them. It is also best for its pricing. Its price is adorable so that everyone can buy it with a little price with the best safety and comfort. Some of tree climbing boots or shoe doesn't suit in all weather. Some of bots are useable in the summer season and some of them are usable only the winter season. But this suits your feet in every single weather. You should choose it with your size so that it will be perfectly fit in your feet. This sole quality is good enough but its footbed is the best one. This footbed is well made so that it feels so soft while wearing this shoe.
  • The outer side is so much heavy and strong enough so that you can use these boots in any heavy load and over walking too.

How to choose the best tree climbing boots with spikes: Finally, you need to know which best boots for you is. You should choose the best quality of boots and ensure that is the best comfort as well as. Your boots should be made with waterproof and slip resistance technology. You should pick the right shoe which is covered with enough padding.

So it’s all for tree climbing shoes. Now you can easily understand and find the best one for tree climbing.

Our favorite: We have gone out of our way and featured several great shoes to give you enough information so that you don't have to climb trees with your trainer shoes instead of proper climbing shoes.

If you have enough budget, surely Scarpa Men's Vapor V Climbing Shoe will be the best buy for you. But if you are looking for a shoe that last long, looks premium and give you the service while being in the reasonable price range, La Sportiva Men's TarantuLace Performance Rock Climbing Shoe is the shoe for you. It rocked all our tests and will surely look good on your feet!

Which one of them you liked the most?

Let us know in the comment box!

Meanwhile, we wish you all happy climbing!

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