Best Cleats for Ultimate Frisbee In 2021

Are you a passionate, ultimate Frisbee player and looking forward to taking your game up to a notch? Then you definitely should invest in a pair of best ultimate Frisbee cleat. With the right pair, you will get great stability in the field and it will enhance your agility as well, which are enough to keep you ahead of your opponent. But how to get the right pair of Frisbee cleats? And where to get that?

A market filled with a plethora of different Frisbee cleats can leave you super confused and also might cause you to pick the worst one. But luckily, that is something not to going to happen to you if you roll your eyes below!

Out of hundreds of Frisbee cleats, we have pulled out 10 models which are actually the best. Doesn’t matter if you are a man or woman, we have listed cleats for both genders. Now without wasting any second, have a look and get started with the one you like!

Our Top 3 Ultimate Frisbee Cleats For Your

1. Adidas Mundial Team TF Men Soccer

2. Adidas Women's Goletto VI FG

3. Nike Men's Footbal Shoes 

10 Best Ultimate Frisbee Cleats Reviewed

All these 10 following cleat models have a lot of positive user feedback which pretty much says all about the quality. Besides that, the material used in these models is also top-notch. All of them offers a good amount of comfort and durability as well.

1. New Balance Men's 3000v4 Metal Shoe

The New Balance Men’s 3000v4 shoe is one of the most well-designed and comfortable cleats. Not only, Frisbee, but this very cleat is also suitable for baseball as well. Comes with a good looking design and features REV lite cushioning which delivers the player optimum comfort when playing.

In this very pair, you will also get customer module that will give you amazing cushioning from toe to heel. Which means you will be getting all the needed support while you are on the field. The collar design makes sprinting pretty comfortable as well.

Things we liked
  • The module of this cleat is removable and is constructed with a single piece of a fresh foal that will offer you a comfortable and natural ride. And it is a dual-density midsole.
  • The upper part is heavily constructed with synthetic fiber, which makes it highly durable. Moreover, the upper part is a mesh that maintains good air circulation.
  • The spikes on the cleat are made of metal that are highly durable and can withstand heavy wear and tear. And you will get greater stability.
  • Comes in a lot of colors, allowing you to choose your preferred color.

The Mizunu men’s 9 spike advanced cleat is one of the top-rated models in the market and is highly versatile. Not only for Frisbee, but this cleat can also be used for other games as well such as baseball, football, etc. It is highly lightweight, you would hardly feel like you are wearing something. The manufacturer has constructed using all the top-notch materials which make this model highly durable.

Wearing this pair, you will get both stability and high comfort. The spikes on this cleat are not made of metal so you should not expect high-stability from this. That being said, the stability it offers is good enough for baseball and Frisbee. Moreover, hot or cold you will be super comfortable wearing this cleat, it maintains a good air circulation inside.

Things we liked
  • This cleat is highly constructed with a premium suede upper cover that will give you the optimum feel and comfort.
  • Highly lightweight cleat, you will be able to keep it worn for long periods of time and you will barely feel you are wearing something on your feet.
  • This cleat features parallel outsole which delivers incredible cushioning to the user. Besides that, it also features a padded tongue that also adds to the comfort.
  • Comes with 9 spikes which are made of rubber, gives good traction and higher stability, highly suitable for Frisbee.

Are you looking for a pair of cleat which you can use a different purpose? The Under Armour Men's Micro pursuit is something like. It is not only an ultimate Frisbee cleat but it can be used as running cleat as well. Looks pretty classy and comes in different colors which allows you to choose your preferred color.

Heavily constructed with top-notch materials and delivers proper comfort as well. The manufacturer has kept the price at an affordable side that allows people even in tight budget take the feel of s good pair of the cleat. Features spikes made of top-quality rubber and they offer good traction and stability.

Things we liked
  • The entire cleat is constructed with a leather upper which delivers incredible comfort and also makes the cleat highly durable.
  • It has mesh tongue which will keep the inside of the shoe breathable by maintaining a good air circulation inside. That will allow you to keep the cleat worn for longer periods.
  • It features full-length EVA midsole which adds to the overall comfort. Offers great cushioning to the user's feet and delivers good support when running as well.
  • These cleats are lightweight, weighs only 11.4oz. Comes with rubber sole and spike which gives good stability.

Do we need to tell you anything about the brand Nike? One of the world-class brands which have never disappointed their consumers. They are also known for coming with innovative designs and products always. However, this Nike Vapor Carbon Elite TD Mens Football Cleats are also a top-notch creation of this brand. Style, comfort, durability, this very model has got everything.

But one thing we want to tell you before you make a purchase, with this pair you won’t get the breathability, since there is no mesh fabric that will maintain good air circulation. Except this, this model got everything of top-quality.

Things we liked
  • This Nike cleat model is entirely constructed with 100% synthetic material and that gives this pair a long life span. It can also tackle some heavy wear and tear.
  • It features sole which is also constructed with synthetic materials and the spikes are pretty durable. You will get incredible stability with this pair worn.
  • Highly lightweight that will allow you to run better than your competitor and you will also enjoy wearing a very light weight pair of the cleat.
  • Offers great comfort and support. The built-in tongue also offers pretty good support. The midsole delivers good cushioning as well.

Here comes another world-class sports brand - Adidas. Nike and Adidas, these two brands are quite competitive. Both of them are leading the sportswear industry with better and better innovations. The Adidas Men’s Adizero 8.0 is an incredible cleat which is ready to keep you ahead of your competitor. These football cleats are excellent choice for ultimate frisbee games as well.

It is a versatile model and can be used in multiple sports such as ultimate Frisbee, football and even in baseball. Comes with a great design, looks very classy. And it fits pretty easily, we are not saying it, the users are. Just head over to the review section, you will realize how big fan base this model has. Besides that, it is one of the best-selling cleats on the market.

Things we liked
  • It comes in various colors, more than a dozen. This allows you to choose your preferred color.
  • The entire shape of this cleat is like a sock. It hugs your entire feet pretty nicely and also fits in most feet easily.
  • Heavily constructed with PrimeKnit textile upper, it is a good material for shoes and is highly durable.
  • Features synthetic outsole that delivers needed traction and grip. That will result in good sprinting and running ability.
  • Comes with the wider lacing system which will make sure your cleat is securely fitted to your feet.

What an incredible pair of cleat for women, the Mizuno Womens Swift 5 Fastpitch Softball Cleat is just an amazing pair of shoe which suits women of any age level. How comfortable this pair is cannot be expressed through words, once you slip your feet in and start feeling the softest cushioning, you won’t feel like taking your feet back. Though the price is a little expensive, but trust that would be the best investment.

Things we liked
  • The spikes on this cleat are placed strategically in order to increase your movement, flexibility and also provides great stability as well.
  • It comes with proprietary flex construction which increases the overall player performance. Running, sprinting, turning is pretty easier wearing this cleat.
  • It features a Mizunu wave structure that relieves the shock sent to the ankle. And that also adds to the stability of this cleat.
  • Delivers great cushioning all over the feet that deliver an incredible level of comfort.

This is not only a softball cleat, baseball and ultimate Frisbee also can be played wearing this cleat. Presenting a game-changer and the best-selling women's cleat of the market, the New Balance Women's Velo V1 Metal Softball Cleat. And before you go any further, let us tell you, this cleat is not for wider feet. Women with wider feet might find this shoe tight and uncomfortable.

Things we liked
  • Heavily constructed with synthetic and textile materials that increase the durability and the lifespan of the cleat.
  • The outsole is also made of synthetic material and can withstand some heavy wear and tear.
  • It features RevLite midsole which delivers great comfort all the way. The midsole has incredible cushioning and that is what gives the user a soft feel.
  • Comes with metal spikes which are also placed strategically in order to increase the flexibility and stability of the player.

Are you looking for a good cleat that comes at a cheaper price? Well, you got it. Then, have a look at the Under Armour Women's Glyde RM Baseball Shoe. Do not misjudge this model just because the price is low. Highly comfortable to wear and comes in a good design. And the manufacturer has constructed this cleat with top-quality materials. Comes in different colors, which lets the choosy people choose their preferred color.

Things we liked
  • The upper portion of this shoe is constructed with synthetic material. And it has also got a special textile coating on the forefoot portion.
  • Highly durable cleat can withstand heavy abuse. The synthetic material construction makes it highly lightweight as well.
  • It features Armourbound midsole that delivers incredible cushioning. Not only that, it works as a great shock absorber as well.
  • Comes with rubber spikes that offer the needed amount of traction hence you become more stable on the field.

Another hot cake in the market, the Adidas Women's Goletto VI FG W Soccer Shoe is a choice of many women. The way this cleat is designed it nicely suits females of any age level. The colors and the combination of three or four colors make it looks incredibly classy. It is not only an ultimate Frisbee cleat but also the best choice for soccer players as well. Got top-notch construction and delivers next-level comfort.

Things we liked
  • The Adidas Women's Goletto VI FG W Soccer Shoe is heavily constructed with synthetic fiber, which makes it highly long-lasting and wear & tear-resistant.
  • Synthetic fiber makes this cleat highly lightweight as well, so you can put the shoe on for long periods without any kind of inconvenience.
  • It features a Die-Cut sockliner which delivers the user extra cushioning and comfort. And also make sure the shoe fits securely.
  • Comes with a TPU outsole that features bladed heel. The bladed heel helps in sprinting and gives flexibility.

And presenting the last cleat of this review list and yet another top-notch one. The Puma Women’s Evospeed 4.2 is also known as one of the best soccer cleats for women. But later on, it was discovered that not only in soccer, but this very cleat also performs outstandingly in many sports such as ultimate Frisbee, softball, baseball, etc.

Moving on to the quality, when it comes to Puma then you should worry very less about the quality. Though for your satisfaction, let us tell you, the quality is great. A lot of users are satisfied with this very model and according to them the comfort it delivers that also pretty amazing.

Things we liked
  • There are a lot of color options that enables you to choose the exact color you love. Besides that, the overall design is also pretty cool.
  • Entirely constructed with synthetic fiber, for the sole to the upper portion. Synthetic fiber is well-known for their long lifespan.
  • This shoe features a combination of both conical studs and bladed heel, this should give you greater stability in the field.
  • Synthetic material makes the shoe highly lightweight and very comfortable to wear. The midsole delivers good comfort as well.

Things to Consider Before Buying the Best Frisbee Cleats

As you're already familiar with the game-  ultimate frisbee, you know it well that any pair of cleats or seakers won't work on frisbee field. You've to wisely select your frisbee cleats.

Let us help you make a wise buying decision by making you aware of a bunch of factors. Do you know what features or factors separate a good pair of cleat from the average ones?

No? Then you definitely want to check out below!

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This is the most important factor you should consider before buying any pair of the cleat. And what delivers comfort? Everything but most importantly the midsole. If the module is not top-notch, it’s going to be very uncomfortable. So what you should do is, look for insoles that are nicely padded and delivers great cushioning.


You need a pair of nice cleat for sports, that’s obvious, isn’t it? Sport means your shoe will be going through heavy abuse. Which means the build quality of the claim has to be top-notch. When choosing cleat makes sure to choose models that are heavily constructed with top-quality material. Synthetic materials are well-known for durability.

Right Fit

You definitely don’t want your cleat to slip off from your feet during an intense match, right? Then you have to get your hands on a pair that fits in your feet properly.


How stable you will be in the field that largely depends on the outsole of your cleat. If you got an outsole that delivers good traction, then you will have greater stability. Also, take a close inspection of the spikes as well. Metal spikes are great, but rubber spikes are also good. With a great outsole, you will have good sprinting ability and flexibility as well.

Final Words

Wrapping it up! If you have gone through the entire article you definitely have found the best ultimate Frisbee cleat for you. If you didn’t, don’t hesitate to let us know what you are struggling with.

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