Can Women Wear Men’s Shoes?

This has always been an arguable question. Let me ask you another question that why not women can wear men’s shoes? Do you have any answers? NO, you don't. Converse sneakers, running, and playing shoes are all the same. Both men and women can wear the identical shoe as long as it fits and looks stylish with outfits. For wearing a men shoe, you have to find the perfect size for your feet. Now I didn’t say anything about there is no differences. There are some differences between men's and women's shoes. Those differences are natural.

Differences Between Men and Women Shoes

As we said before, there is some minor difference. I don't think that there are any color differences between men's and women's shoes. Some of you might say that women love pink shoes. Others would say they love purple or any shiny color. But I don't want to argue on that. They can get whatever color they want.

But the main differences are the size and the width of the feet. The manufacturer produces shoes for different gender depending on these. They have a little bit smaller shoes for girls and the big ones for boys.

As you know, a girl's feet are slightly smaller than a boy's. They are about a one and a half size small. Also, boy's feet are more comprehensive than girl's. But that doesn't mean that girl feet can't be extended. Many girls have wide feet like boys. Rather than size and width, there is also another difference between men and women: weight. According to science, men have 15 percent more muscle than women. So the midsole of men's shoes is made to sustain more pressure than women. Midsole in men's shoes is a little bit hard than women's shoes. These are the difference. But there may be differences depending on the style, design, and shape etc.

Unisex Shoes

You may have seen couples are wearing the same type of shoes in high school or the park, or anywhere else. Many brands all over the world produce unisex shoes with good style. Those shoes look good on both men's and women's feet. Nike, Adidas, and Chuck Taylor have converse and sneaker for both genders for playing, traveling, and home use.

Chuck Taylor is making unisex converse from back to 1917. Those shoes are aesthetic. Suppose you want to know more about unisex shoes the search on the internet. From there, you will learn and also may find the ideal unisex shoe for you.

Choosing Shoes

While choosing shoes of men, you have to consider the differences. You have to select the right size and the correct width of the shoes according to your feet. Some shoes of men may fit you perfectly, and some of them may not. Men's shoes' heel parts are more comprehensive because the heel and the forefeet of men's shoes have the exact measurement. If you are buying men's shoes, then you should put them on for trial. Check the boots perfectly attach to your feet. While choosing casual shoes, you can go for any sneaker or converse. But while buying sports shoes, you have to think about other things too. You have to think about the weight and the style again. Also, there are some unisex sports shoes from the top brands you can choose from them.

But while choosing a men's shoe, you have to measure the size perfectly. As we said before, men's shoes will be one and a half size or even two sizes larger than women's shoes. So if you wear shoes of size 7.5, you should choose size 6 of the men's shoes. I hope the measure will be your perfect fit. If it doesn't, then go for half size small.

Can Lace and insole help in the fitting process?

Some of you may be wondering about this. If you are, then yes, these two can help you with fittings. Lace-up can be very helpful in the time of fittings. Some shoes come with extra eyelets. You can use the extra eyelets to have the perfect fit from a man's shoe. The Lace will pressure the tongue of the shoes, reducing the space inside the shoe. If the language is too thick, then you will be able to fit faster. But you have to put in mind that you should tighten the shoe according to your feet while leaving some space. If you tight the shoes very hard, then you will get blisters. Also, too many tight shoes can squeeze your feet, and you will feel soreness while walking, running, training, or in any other activities.

Also, a thick insole can be helpful in the fitting process. Some people use thick padded or foam insole for their feet problems. Also, some people use them to get more comfortable on their feet. A thick insole can consume some space in the shoes.

Women Shoes For Men

As women can use men's shoes, men also can use women's shoes. Men can wear women's sneakers and converse. But they should put in mind the size and the fittings. The women's feet are narrow in the heel area, where the men's feet are not. So while choosing women's shoes, you must check the heel area. If you don't, then you will feel squashing in the heel area. When selecting women's shoes, you have to choose one and a half size bigger and broader than your regular shoes.

Also, you may consider the color and style too. There are many specially designed shoes for women. The type and the color of those shoes only suit women. So you would better not choose them.

Final Thoughts

I want to recommend you not to buy men's shoes for women's feet online. You will suffer from loose fittings. The same thing can happen if you choose women's shoes for men. Although some providers give a warranty, they will change the boots if they aren't a perfect fit. But that would be time-consuming, and you won't be able to get the shoes right on time. Therefore you should buy them physically from the shop, and you will have the perfect chance to trail them on.

I hope after reading this now, you will be able to find the perfect fit of men's shoes for your feet.

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