Can You Wash Insoles

Can You Wash Insoles?

One can simply and easily wash their insoles. There are many ways to clean shoe insoles. One can follow any one of these methods. Or they can select the best method that will be suitable for their shoe insoles. Shoe insoles must be washed at least 2 to 3 times a month.

It seems that most people wash their shoes and take care of their shoes. Whenever they feel a stinky smell coming out from their shoes they just wash their shoes and totally ignore the insoles. This is a very bad habit. Because most of the dirt, dust, and sweat are absorbed by the shoe insoles. Therefore cleaning the shoe insoles is also obvious to get oneself safe from infections.

Can You Wash Insoles?

Some methods to clean shoe insoles. As we said before insoles can be cleaned by following different techniques. However, the best method would be to follow the manufacturer's instructions for cleaning the shoe insoles. Besides here are some techniques one can follow to clean the best insoles for shoes properly and easily.

Water and Soap or Detergent Method

This is the most common and simple method. Following this method will help one to clean the insoles very easily.


  • A bucket.
  • Mild soap or detergent.
  • Soft brush.

Step 1- Fill the bucket with clean warm water. Make sure the water is not too warm or else one can burn their hands. Also, make sure that the amount of water is enough to soak the number of shoe insoles.

Step 2- After filling the bucket with a certain amount of warm water add soap to the water. Add the soap depending on the number of insoles you want to wash. If you have detergent you can also use it. But while adding soap or detergent you have to make sure both these things are suitable for fabrics and aren’t made out of harsh materials or harmful chemicals.

Step 3- Then pour the insoles into the water and let them to get wet for a couple of minutes.

Step 4- After step 3 you have to use a soft brush to scrub the dirt out of the insoles. Make sure the brush is soft or else the insoles materials will wear off. Use the brush gently and don’t add too much force to the brush. After that, use a clean cloth or sponge to get the excess soap or detergent out of the insoles.

Step 5- Now you have to dry the insoles. Let the insoles get air dry. Don't expose the insoles to the sun or don't use fire to dry them up. Let the insoles get dried overnight. After the insoles get completely dried up you can use them.

Vinegar and Water

If the insoles haven't washed for a very long time and are very dirty then one should use this method. With this method, one will be able to disinfect the insoles and will be able to reduce stinky odor from the insoles. As we know vinegar can kill germs and bacteria therefore it is the perfect choice to disinfect the insoles.


  • Vinegar.
  • Bucket.

Step 1- Add warm water to the bucket and use a limited amount of vinegar to the water. Mix them up using your hand.

Step 2- Soak the insoles in the water and let them get wet for some time. One should soak the insoles in the formula for at least 3 hours. If the insoles are very stinky then you can add smell reducing oils to the formula.

Step 3- After 3 hours get the insoles out of the mixture. Then use your hand to rinse them under the water. It would be wise to rinse them under running water. Rinse them perfectly so there won’t be any mixture of the vinegar left in the insoles.

Step 4- After cleaning the insoles you have to dry them up perfectly. Make sure not to dry the insoles under harsh sun rays or even with the help of fire.

Disinfecting With Alcohol

As the insoles get wet because of the sweat if the insoles aren’t cleaned properly then the insoles will definitely produce bacteria, germs, and fungal infection to the feet. Therefore it is necessary to get the insoles disinfected.

To do this one will need:

  • A spray bottle.
  • Alcohol.
  • Water.

Step 1- First of all make a formula by adding some isopropyl alcohol with water in the spray bottle. Here we are mentioning isopropyl because it has a very superior antibacterial characteristic. If you don’t have any isopropyl then you can use hydrogen peroxide.

Step 2- Then put the insoles over a dry surface like a bench or table and spray the mixture to the insoles.

However, if you don't have any spray bottle you can make formula in a bottle and use a clean cloth to pour it into the mixture. After that, rub the cloth to the insoles.

Remember to use the proper amount of mixture to the whole insoles.

Step 3- After using the formula all over the insoles let the insoles get dry. As before, remember not to dry them under fire or harsh sun.

Can You Wash Skechers Insoles?

Yes following the above formula one can wash their Skechers insoles. But while washing them make sure not to use harsh chemicals or detergent. Also, make sure not to use a washing machine.

People tend to do things in easy ways. Some people like to wash their shoe insoles in the washing machine because it is easy and effortless. But let me warn you that the machine can be harmful to the insoles. As the insoles are very light washing them in the machine can reduce the durability of the insoles. So hand washing is the right way.

Can You Wash Memory Foam Insoles?

Yes, memory foam insoles can be washed also. To wash the memory foam insole one can follow our soap or detergent with water method. This would be the perfect method to wash the memory foam insoles. For easy and effortless wash one can use a washing machine. However, a washing machine can ruin the shape and reduce the durability so it would be wise to use hands to wash the memory foam insoles.

Why Should I Wash Insoles?

Some people throw their original and quality insoles and get new ones from the market. This process leads them to many problems like inappropriate size, uncomfortable, and enough cushioning.

But washing the original insoles won't cause these problems. Washing insoles reduce the danger of getting infected by bacteria, germs, etc. Where purchasing extra insoles can cost a lot of money depending on the comfort level. Also, to reduce the stinky smell from the shoes it is very important to wash the insoles.

Final Thoughts

Here we have described about some methods which can be used for washing insoles and also for disinfecting the insoles. All of these methods require household materials. These methods won't cost extra money. Any type of insoles can be washed using these methods.

However, if don’t want to wash insoles quite often you should use socks.

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