Cool Ways to Lace Shoes

Cool Ways to Lace Shoes

Some major components make a perfect shoe. The shoelace is one of them. Shoe laces have a different kind of variety and color. Some of them are easy to use, some don't need any kind of tie-up and some are very colorful. They are connected with the eyelets or aglets of the shoe. Let's have a piece of good knowledge about some of the cool ways to lace up the shoes.

Cool Ways to Lace Shoes

Kinds of shoelaces

There are some variants of shoelaces are available in the market. Some of them are made from rubber, some are from elastic and some are from leather. Here, some of the variety of shoelaces have been given below:

Cotton Lace: Cotton laces are the most common type of lace for shoes. They are used for almost all kinds of shoes, boots, and converse. These kinds of laces make a good grip on the shoe. The user has to just put the shoe laces into the eyelets and make a good knot. They are very easy to use and easy to wash

Round cotton lace: This type of lace is stronger than normal cotton lace. They are round in shape and more thin compare to the typical cotton lace. These kinds of laces are perfect to use for heavy duty. There are such shoes that are used for high quality performance or work. Such as military shoes, touring boots, or round leather shoes. The round cotton lace is more common on them. As they are thin in shape, they can easily be attached to the shoes and make a perfect grip

Rawhide Lace: The rawhide lacing system is a unique and difficult type of shoelace. These shoelaces are made from either flat elastic cord or nylon cords. They are very much available in some shoes like boots, formal or casual lofar shoes. Most of them don't need to tie up as they are perfectly attached to the eyelets. But for boots, they have to attach. The attachment is quite difficult than other kinds of shoes. The good thing about this shoelace is, they are a very colorful and unique type of lace and tie.

Nylon Lace: This type of lace is made from nylon and they are braided. These kinds of laces are mostly common in the boots. As they are made from nylon, they are strong enough. The snow boots, hiking boots, riding boots have these kinds of laces in them. There is some military organization that uses these shoelaces for their regular using boots. They can be called one of the best shoelaces compare to others. Because of this, they are very easy to tie and they are completely water resistant and all weather proof. It is not easy at all to tear them even with a good force. They can be easily attached to any kind of shoe if there are proper eyelets.

Wax Lace: Wax laces are very popular and usable now. These kinds of shoelaces are used in almost all kinds of shoes. But they are made for service and normal type shoes. As these shoelaces are flat in design, they can easily make a good grip on the shoe compared to the other laces. There is no difficulty to tie them up or untie. But, as these laces are flat sized, they need to tie up perfectly in a single part. If they are tied up without the sequence, they may become messy to wear and awkward to look at. Sometimes, these shoelaces can create a little bit brittle while tie up. But if they are tied up perfectly, they will probably give the best gripping and adjustment compared to the other laces.

Corded lace: Corded lace is very much popular in some sectors like gaming, traveling, defense, etc. There is a lock with the elastic made cord in the eyelets of the shoe. The lock helps to make the cord tight or loose while using. It is one of the fastest and easiest ways to tie and unite the shoe.

Radium Lace: The fancy users are not getting addicted to these types of shoelaces. Though they are not much regular to all shoes, they look perfect and beautiful. There are no bindings for their use. They can be used for any kind of shoes. They are made from typical kinds of cotton. But there is a simple touchup of radium in these shoelaces. As we all know that, radium can glow by absorbing any kind of lighting source, these shoelaces also glow in the dark or night. Isn't it so cool? The young generation has a great demand for these laces. As we have gotten some good ideas about the types for the shoelaces.

Let’s Know About Some of the Cool Ways to Lace Them Up Too

Single bow: Do you have a bow tie for the party or any kind of occasion, if you have one, then this type of lacing is suitable for you. The style is called a single bow system for lacing. All the laces are connected in the middle that looks like the bow. This lacing type looks more beautiful in the colorful laces

Classic lacing: This lacing type is very simple and easy to make. For those who don't like to follow additional trends and have no headache of walking with the new latest fashion, this one is a good choice for them. The laces are connected in a horizontal position with the eyelets. They look simple but gorgeous in the shoes

Ladder Lacing: It is a very creative type of lacing system for the shoe. The shape of this lacing looks like a ladder. For making this type of lacing, the flat laces are perfect. Because in round shaped laces, it will not create a perfect design. The laces get attached in the eyelets in the vertical position from both sides. One eyelet creates a straight horizontal connection with the other one. That is how the ladder lacing your shoes is made. It looks very cool and attractive in the sneakers or the converses.

Corset Lacing: This cool type of lacing has a flower shaped knot in the middle side. The upper side and lower side eyelets have a connection with the laces. But the ending side of the lace creates a knot at the middle part. Girls who live with a trendy and creative mind love to use this type of lacing system in their favorite shoes.

Zipper lacing: The zipper lacing system is perfect to use for kids' and teenagers' shoes. As the kids don't like to tie or untie their shoes manually, this one is perfect for them. There is no extra issue of tie up or untie the shoes. The laces are connected with the eyelets in a zipper type design. The user has to just put on and put down the shoe that's it.

X lacing: We all know the word X. The shape is used as the shoe lacing system. It has the X type shape in single or double type. They are connected with the eyelets in X design which is very unique and attractive. The X or the Double X lacing is perfect to use for kids, teenagers, or adults.

Weave Laces: these types of laces are a little bit critical to create. But if it is done perfectly, it will look most unique than any other lacing system. It is required two colored laces and a long time. For those who have the patience and the taste of having unique designs, it is best for them. The two colored laces create beautiful weaves in the shoe.

Spider lacing: The spider lacing design looks like the web of a spider. This one is easy to make on any kind of sneaker or casual shoe. But it is perfect to use in sneakers as they have colorful and flat laces. The laces are connected in different angles to the shoe which looks similar to the spider wave.

Ways to Lace Shoes with 3 Eyelets

A low amount of eyelets are perfect and better for gripping. They take few amounts of time for adding the laces compare to the other shoes because of low eyelets. The shoelaces are also smaller in size than the other laces. There is some cool lacing system for the 3 eyelet shoes. Almost all of the lacing systems for 3 eyelet shoes are the same as the others. Some common lacing systems are:

  1. Classic Lacing
  2. X Lacing
  3. Double Lacing etc

Shoes Without Lacing

There are such shoes that don't require tying or untying. They may have the laces used in them, but they are just for show. The round corners of those shoes contain elastic and the lace also has elastic in it. The elastic helps to create a grip and balance in the foot of the user. It will neither make any difficulty nor any kind of problem to wear and use. It has a good demand of using for the kids and teenagers. They don't like to tie or untie their shoes by using laces. Therefore, they just pull on and off anytime anywhere.

Follow these cool ways of lacing for your shoes. You will fall in love with them and get a great vibe all the time.

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