Superfeet Flex Insole Reviews In 2021

The insole is a thing that is used inside of the shoe. It is used to keep the feet warm and free from germs. This is mainly a soft learn material that provides in a single piece of each shoe or boot. It is both removable and washable. There are few chances of being infected because of the sole of a shoe. So this shows us how vital the sole of the shoe is to us. We are now talking about one of the famous companies who produce one of the best insoles for shoes.

Superfeet Flex Insole Reviews

It is often claimed that there is not a single insole that can be not only able to provide support for the feet, but also quite affordable as well. Some may prefer having an insole which comes with odor control as well. But is it possible to get so many advantages and features just in one insole? You might be tempted to say no, it is not possible. Because you haven't found one yet, right? But what if I tell you there has been an excellent insole that can provide you with not only great cushioning and stability, it has got some other benefits as well. Are you feeling somewhat Intrigued, yet? If so, let us provide you with an in-depth dissection of the flex Comfort Insoles for Athletic Shoe in this flex insole review.


1. Superfeet BLUE Insoles, Professional-Grade

2. Superfeet ORANGE Insoles

3. Women's Comfort High Arch Support

The Superfeet flex is quite different than other insoles as it is made of very comfortable material. It will give you a soft and smooth walking experience. The Superfeet flex insole's heel cup will stabilize and support your foot. It helps to keep the feet in the right position. Superfeet flex helps to stabilize the feet and naturally absorb impacts. Besides its contoured shape supports the foot at a great length while working. It helps to minimize stress on feet, ankles and knee. The heel Cradle in the super feet max is unique and horseshoe-shaped. It provides quite a comfortable feel on the leg, and it stabilizes the entire foot as well. Besides, the edge is rounded shaped, and that makes it better fit due to improved comfort. It is made from Aerospring Foam, which is known for its ability to absorb impacts and deliver long-lasting comfort.


It is one of their best products which is very popular in the market. These insoles are made of high-quality foam, which is entirely hygiene for the human body. It provides some good facilities to use this thing under your feet. This thing is hand-made, and the outer material that is used for it is synthetic.  The color green defines nature and the vibe of the natural elements. It produces the same quality product for both men, women and children sizes. Some of the reputed doctors suggest using these things and products to reduce their is like a massage to the feet so that the user can feel relax and comfortable to walk

Key Features:              

  • Arch support insole supported
  • It comes with a superfeet shape.
  • Have stabilizer cap
  • Deep hill cup under the sole
  • Fit for every profile and age


It is another right product from superfeet for using as the sole. It is a blue-colored sole and used for every age of people. From running to walking and everyday usage, it is a great thing. It comes with a well-furnished fabric design that can have the attention of all users. The body shape is surrounding, and it can easily fit your feet because of its gentle posture. It is best for all-purpose comfort. The blue color also defines its pure beauty, and it's a gorgeous color too. It is also available for both men, women, and children size. They can easily use and fit it. The cushions used in it are for long-lasting comfort. It has the inner material made of quality foam, but the outer material is made full of leather. It can be used for casual footwear, running shoes, and tracking too. Those who need to be fit and healthy can use it for their daily usage inside their shoes. This will help you to keep comfortable.


 Key Features:

  • Contain high-density foam
  • Easy and comfortable to wear.'
  • It can be used for both casual or adventure purpose
  • Contain stabilizer cap
  • Water-resistant
  • Very much eye-catchy color


Superfeet orange insole comes with a heavily furnished cushioning than the other ones for a better and comfortable walk around. This will give your toe extra support so that you don't feel uncomfortable or tired at all. This is for very aged people, especially those who have problems under the feet and don't have a comfortable movement. Its outer material is made of leather, and the inside one is loaded with enough cushion for the toe. It will make the shoes wear too much comfortable by adding them.  The orange color is beautiful to some of the users. It has a gorgeous finishing so that anyone will love to buy it.  But the main thing is, the fabric they are providing is aero spring dual comfort foam. For hiking =, it is undoubtedly the best thing to choose in my opinion, because it supports the foot during the high-impact activities. helps to absorb the shock that is getting from the front as much as possible

Key Features:

  • Have deep narrow heel cup
  • Fully organic
  • Contain odor control coating
  • Full-length responsive foam
  • Have superfit shape for every aged people
  • Excellent durability


This pink-colored insole comes for women. It is beautiful in color and very easy to use for women. this insole covers the mother's fan reboot very carefully. It gives her proper comfort and walking ability. The lower part is covered with a farm stabilizer cap which is essential for them. The odor control feature helps them to stay smell-free anytime, anywhere. It also comes with a slimmer heel designed only for women who live and lead their lives. It also has a signature super feet shape that helps to support the foot, which will help reduce the pain of the ankle, knee, and joint. The main surface also contains full-length foam so that they can move so comfortably.

Key Features:

  • It comes with deep and narrow heel cups.
  • It contains a very durable structure.
  • Very much comfortable because of the portion
  • Fully organic and coated with odor control
  • One of the best insole
  • Give a tremendous impact because of fully covered foam and well-furnished quality.


This one is another excellent product that superfeet is providing. This insole is mainly for those users who belong to the broad foot. It mainly fits the size from 3E to 6E. It has a rigid stabilizer cap under its surface, which provides generous support to those wide-footed users. The internal part of this insole is made of leather, and the sole is made of rubber which gives excellent and super comfortable feedback to the users. This product mainly originated in Australia, and the fabric used in it 100% polyester. So this one is a little bit different from the others. It is mainly arch support typed insole, which has a very well and beautiful finishing. It also has the feature of odor-controlling containing the deep heel cup. These are ideal for walking, hiking, all challenging activities.

Key Features:

  • Have biomechanical shape
  • Perfect for wide barefoot
  • The thickness of 4 m.m
  • Hygenic because of the proper breathable underlayer
  • Contains odor control coating
  • It can be used in any climate and situation.
  • Contain a super fit shape that gives excellent performance while walking or hiking.


This one is different from the other insoles because this one has another level of comfortable posture. It is an authentic product of WAKI HOME.they are mainly a worldwide company and have tremendous demand. These insoles are supportive of fleet fit and have plantar facilities. They are made for both men and women. their high polymer EVA can ensure excellent cushioning. The material used for this isole is pure plastic. Using them gives the shoes very flexible contains a perfect fabric called anti-slip sawn velvet fabric. The portion is skin-friendly. It is best to use in every category of shoes, such as traveling, casual, hiking, cycling, etc.


Key Features:

  • The best supportive insole within budget
  • It comes with a high-quality structure that can ensure good performance.
  • Breathable ventilation design system
  • Very supportive to SpareFoot heel and the arch because of its good quality and advanced features
  • Free replacement or solution policy from the company to the customers anywhere around the world

Buying Guideline

Comfort: first of all, the main thing is the main priority. That is about comfort. Nobody will use any insole if they are not comfortable with their movement. in that case, I must say that they are the same in the comfort sector because they provide high-quality fabric to the customers. still, you can check out the reviews of the users and make the right decision so that you can choose the best one for you

Construction: it is essential to know what material is used to make the insoles. In that case, most of the insoles are made of plastic and rubber. Some are made of different elements too, but only rubber and plastic ones are very demanded. Some doctors prescribe their patients to use an insole, which is made of plastic, and some prescribe rubber ones. Whenever you buy the insole, get a review and then decide which one you will buy.

Durability: durability is essential because the insole is not a regular product that someone will buy daily. The durability comes from the quality of the insole. For example, I can say that the insole made of plastic will last longer than the rubber one because plastic doesn't rot so quickly. Besides, you must have to check about the performance capability too. All of the insoles are perfect for hiking, traveling, cycling, running. You have to decide which one is fit for you and your shoe.

Commitment: as all the insoles provide good performance and almost the same one, it is now to highlight the company or brand policy. Few of them will ensure you about the service after buying. But they are not promising too. Therefore, you can have or check out the user review so that you can have an idea about the commitments of them. So these are the facts that will help you buy a perfect insole for yourself.


How do I know which size is for mine?

To buy an insole, you must have to know your size of the footwear. but if you have any other type of footwear like you have soccer shoes or  cricket shoes, then you have to buy according to the size of your foot

Do they have an insole for kids?

  • Their blue and yellow insoles are available for the kids, and the sizes are J (11.5 to 13)
  • Most of their kid-size is available in B (2.5 to 4)

Which are the best ones for runners?

  • Well, there are few of the best for the runners as the company and the customers claimed
  • The soft sole athlete insole, super feet comfort insole, the sole active medium insole. These are the best ones for the runners.

Do insoles give any hurts?

  • According to the doctors, the insoles will not cause any hurt until you have any medical issues or permanent discomfort. Some doctors suggest their patients use and apply the insoles on their shoes because the right insoles remove several pains like the toe, barefoot, and foot pains.

Do insoles damage the shoes?

  • Certainly not. Because the insoles are designed and made thinking about how they will mix up with the shoes. and it will not cause any damage to the shoes for another reason, that is the insoles are made by high-quality fabrics and plastic, which is very much useful.

Is there any possibility of having monitors while using this?

  • The insoles are made of suitable plastic and rubber. As the top side of the sole has rubber, it will help the user absorb the sweat of his/her feet. Besides, it has the proper ventilation system under the body that is entirely covered by plastic, so there is no tension of being sweated and having a monitor.

Q1. Do Superfeet flex Insoles provide support for flat feet?

Answers: Superfeet Flex Comfort Insoles provides excellent support for flat feet. It came with enough cushioning and made with high-quality material.

How do you use Superfeet flex Comfort Insoles?

Answers: Throw out the insole you already have in your shoe and replace it with Superfeet FLEX Comfort Insoles.

How long can you expect it to last?

Answers: If you are going to put it through regular usage or maybe walking and running a few miles a day, it is still going to last over a year.

Are super feet flex insole water-resistant?

Answers: They are quite water-resistant, and in case it gets wet, just put it there to dry, and it will be fine.

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Are insoles worth it?

  • Insoles are not only for hiking, traveling, playing, and running. They give a good physical condition too.
  • How?
  • They are designed according to the comfort zone of the toe, foot, and ankle. Some users may have knee injuries or foot pain problems, but using these insoles will improve your knee and barefoot injuries. They will also help you walk as quickly as you deciding those factors is indeed worthy.

Why are the insoles so expensive?

  • Because they are made of different kinds of materials which are very costly and very much durable. their making process, the structures, and the production is very advanced
  • That is why these insoles are very high in price.
  • No discomfort or waiting

    Some people might not consider this important, but this waiting puts me off. Because I don't know about you, but if I purchase new footwear, I want it to try as soon as possible.

    The great thing about these flex insoles is that there's no waiting period for it to get comfortable to wear. You should be able to place these in your shoes and immediately wear them without the initial discomfort. It is even more supportive than over-the-counter shoes that are prescribed as orthopaedics shoes and insoles. You can start wearing the flex insoles right away! And, it will be your go-to the insole for all-day support.

    Superior shock absorption and heel support

    The heel is angled out a bit along the sides so that the insole will fit comfortably in the widest variety of shoes. Once it's placed in the shoes, its well designed heel cup positions will help the soft tissue of your heel due to its great shock absorption. It has a four-millimetre thick foam layer which absorbs and lessens the impact on your feet.

    Better arch support

    If you stand on it, you can feel the bounce that this insert gives which is excellent. Also, it has a very deep heel cup, and that's something that you want to look for in excellent arch support. Because the heel cup is deep, it cradles your better foot, and that prevents the heel from pronating too much during walking. It is a problem that a lot of people have their feet pronate too much and that heel cup helps to control it.

    Very suitable for older people

    It is Great for aged people who suffer frequent pain in their feet. It is one of the best comfort wear insoles they can get. Superfeet flex is perfectly suitable for supporting them in activities like running hiking or court sports. The Superfeet flex insoles insole should work well for Achilles tendonitis and shin splints.

Final words

Insoles are now a very demanded and popular product because They can assure an excellent physical condition. Not only in the ankle, knee, and barefoot. But also in the whole body. Even the doctors are also allowing some of the patients to use the product. Though they are a little bit expensive, it must be kept in mind that good things come with a reasonable price. These insoles are practical, useful, and durable too. Here in this topic, all the insoles are excellent and very helpful for the athletes, the walkers, the players, and all. So choose your one's at the time.

If you would ask me whether I would get one at the end of this flex insole reviews, absolutely yes! Superfeet flex is named as comfort Insole not without any reason. It is a comfortable insole to wear for day to day work. The superior combination of flexible heel cradle and full-length foam is excellent. It provides an easy and smooth walking experience. Beside its build for enough ventilation. It keeps your feet cool and sweats free, which is necessary to keep your feets free from odor. Also, it saves your feet from stress it has to put up with daily. So you should not get just one, if possible have an extra one in hand because they are that good.

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