High Heel Prom Shoes | The Pros and Cons

High heel prom shoes are the most popular choice for a lot of young women, but they’re not always the right choice. This article lists a few of the pros and cons of wearing high heel prom shoes, and also provides a few shopping tips for choosing prom shoes with heels.


  • High heel prom shoes are available in a wide selection of styles, including sandals and pumps. Because of the huge variety, you’re also not limited to a specific type of heel; you can find prom shoes with heels ranging from chunky to stiletto, and mid-height to sky-high.
  • Generally speaking, high heel prom shoes are very flattering. They elongate your legs, making you appear taller and slimmer.
  • Unlike flat prom shoes, which tend to look best with floor-length dresses, high heel shoes look great with nearly any style of prom dress, including full-length gowns and shorter dresses.


  • High heel shoes are typically more uncomfortable than a pair of good flats — and they can be difficult to dance in as well.
  • In addition to being less comfortable, high heels can also be more dangerous on the dance floor. Watch out for yourself and those around you, and whatever you do, don’t take off your shoes while dancing. You don’t want to end up with a stiletto heel landing square on the top of your own foot either.
  • If your heels will make you taller than your date, this could make him or her uncomfortable. Of course, if you’re both very confident, this probably won’t be a problem, but it is something you may want to consider before choosing your prom shoes.
  • Never carry a pair of high heel shoes when you're in travel, because it will just add up extra weight of your backpack. You can choose good pair of Mary Jane shoes for travel.

Tips for Choosing

  • If you’ve never worn heels before, then you don’t want to try them out for the first time at your prom. Be sure to choose a heel that you’re comfortable with, and get in plenty of practice time before the big night. These articles will help you get comfortable in heels.
  • Shoes can have high heels without having to be skinny, stiletto heels. For a bit more comfort and stability, try looking for prom shoes that have platform soles and/or wedge or chunkier heels.
  • Avoid skimpy slides, and look for pumps or sandals with ankle straps that will help to keep them in place.
  • Be sure to try your shoes on before committing to them. For best results, try them on at the end of the day, and be sure to move around a lot in them to see how they’ll feel when you’re dancing. To insure they’re the perfect pair, you should also try them on with your prom dress.

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