How Much are Versace Slippers?

Pricing is a common fact for choosing everything. Especially for expensive items, pricing is a great thing that requires judging. In the whole section of expensive items, footwear is one of the common ones. Some of the footwear brands can even cost around millions for a pair of shoes or slippers! Today we will discuss and know how much are Versace slippers.

How Much are Versace Slippers?

Versace slippers are much demanded and famous among their users because they look very premium and rich in design. Compare to the other type of slippers, Versace is totally different as they follow their structure, design, and theme. If regality and premium vibe is a requirement from a pair of the slipper to use in both indoor and outdoor area, there is no better option rather than going for the Versace.

Types of the Slippers

Versace slippers are available for both males and females. The great fact about the slippers is, a single pair can be used by both genders. On the other hand, they are very preferable for the universal fitment. Although they have different sizes available in them, a medium sized slipper can be easily put on by all.

Structural Details

Versace slippers are surely not as same as the other ones. And the reason is their design, color, and quality. The majority of the slippers come with a moderate lower sole that remains under the feet. But Versace slippers are available with great cushioning on the lower side. Not only that, the inner part of the slipper is perfectly cushioned with high quality fabrics that deliver great coziness and easy movement to the user. Some of the slippers even contain a great and rich color combination that looks absolutely amazing on the feet.

The inner sole delivers a great and excellent comfy like no other with a tremendous level of cushioning. On the other hand, this great cushioning level also can avoid the cold weather and cold surface for keeping the feet warm.

All the total beauty of a pair comes from the upper part where the designs have been placed with an excellent touchup. In this modern generation, a touch of royalty and delicacy into a type of footwear is enough to catch all the attention.

Color Combination

Having the demand and popularity of this slipper is mostly dependant on the color combination. While talking about a pair of slippers, almost all of them are available either in single tone color or design that may specifically suit a particular outfit in terms of outing. Wherever a pair of Versace can easily suit with any dress up or fashion ware.

Only the color combination and design let this thing happens to the slipper. As for color, some of the great touchups get used. Black, white, multicolor, royal blue, red, and navy blue are the main and rich dyes that let the slipper charm up in feet.

How do they Cost?

Talking about the prices for Versace slippers means describing the rich vibes. Comparatively, all the slippers from Versace can cost twice even thrice than a normal slipper. Here a chart below, some types of slippers have been explained within the price range.

Pricing range

Available slipper models

Low ranged

 (within 80$-300$)

  • Versace medusa classic-black
  • Versace medusa print-multicolor, black, white
  • Versace Greek key cotton-black
  • Versace Gold medusa Barocco-multicolor, white, black
  • Versace Baroque print cotton- Black
  • Versace chain PVC slide- Black
  • Versace baroque slippers-black, yellow, white
  • Versace palazzo medusa-white, black, blue
  • Medusa terricloth- black, white
  • Medusa black and gold head
  • Logomania faux fur
  • Sandals shoes man

Starting from the slipper models with low price

Slippers with a medium price:

Pricing range

Available slipper models

Medium ranged

(within 3001$ to 700$)

  • Versace medusa embroidered terry toweling slippers- black
  •  Versace mules with medusa studs- black
  • Barocco print silk slippers- metallic
  • Men’s DSU leather flip flops- black
  • Logo patterned slides- green
  • Baroque motif slides- multicolor
  • Embroidered sliders with Greek pattern- black
  • Glittered medusa slides- blue
  • Barocco printed slides- multicolor
  • Printed cotton slippers – black
  • Hibiscus printed slides- multicolor
  • Jacquard cotton slides- blue
  • Medusa head velvet slides-black
  • Grecca cross strap slide-green
  • Faux fur palazzo slides- black, white

High priced slippers

This range will show all the higher priced slippers of Versace.

Prince range

Available slipper models

Higher ranged

(within 7001$ to 1600$)

  • Black velvet smoky medusa slippers
  • Barocco multicolor print slippers
  • Embroidered leather slippers-black
  • Embellished velvet leather slippers- black

All the slipper models of Versace have been listed in three different charts. They have been categorized according to the price listing. Starting from the low ranged slippers, there are a total of almost 12 models within 80-300$

Coming to the second listing, the price has been set to 301-700$ which is added as the mid range. There is a total of 15 slipper models in the listing. It means, most of the models of Versace are found in the middle range.

And lastly, the slippers with higher cost have been added. There are only 4 of the models that are available as high priced slippers. And the price range starts from 700-1600$

Reasons Behind the High Pricing

As we have known the price range of all the slipper models available in Versace, it is clear that they are definitely very much expensive. Minimum pricing for these slippers starts from 92$ that hit a maximum of 1525$ they are way too much expensive and unique than the other branded slippers.

But there are some facts about which these slippers are expensive. And the reasons are:

1.Production level costing: It is said that a good thing always prices high. And the reason is simple; production house applies a great amount of expense behind their products that come with the best quality, design, and functions. Besides, the laboring cost, main material, manufacturing process always remain the same and premium. This is the first and main reason for this higher price.

2.Marketing and advertising: Some of the companies spend a huge amount of money on advertisement and marketing rather than their production. This one is another great reason for having at a good high price. Big events, fashion shows, brand promoting, media advertisement, etc are some of the great ways of marketing. Each of them costs a lot that creates an impact on the main selling.

3.Bounded production rate: Another great reason for this higher price is, restricted or limited producing rate. It is a common fact that get seen in a great numbered fashion brands that, they produce a very lower quantity of items that are known as exclusive and limited collections.

This is also a business strategy that helps to increase sales as some users desire to grab the limited collections. On the other hand, lower quantity of producing remained in the higher cost as they don't get used or applied further. If they get produced for a higher quantity, the cost may reduce in a good number. But the lower producing rate is the big issue for increasing the price with a great number.

4.Practical experiments: Lower level brands can supply their products without making any observation, research or experiments. While talking about the top level brands, Versace is one of them with a great market value and high priced items. Another functional reason for this maximum pricing issue is their practical experiments and researches.

It is obvious that going for a high priced slipper must not have to contain any bad factors or quality or even a single issue. Therefore, these products get examined and inspected practically before launching for the users. This is another reason for the high price that also reveals a great advantage. Users don't even care about the pricing if their purchased slippers can provide the best service.

So we have to know completely have an idea about how much are Versace slippers. In short, they are very expensive. Even it is confirmed that a minimum of 10 other types of slippers is possible to buy with the same expense of a single pair from Versace. But still, they are much demanded and some of the models often become difficult to find out for the huge popularity. And the main reason is the quality of the products. No matter how high the price is their design, quality and performance can't be denied.

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