How to Choose Insole for Big Guys

How to Choose Properly Insole for Big Guys

Have you purchased a pair of shoes that are too loose? Or, you're an overweight guy who needs a permanent solution in order to get maximum comfort while walking?

Whatever the reason is, the only solution that you need is to buy insoles for getting comfortable and perfect fitting shoes at the same time! In this write-up, we are going to show you how to choose insole for big guys. We are going to elaborate on everything regarding this topic so that you find the best insoles in a breeze!

What are Insoles?

Insoles (aka inner soles) are one of the most essential pieces of materials that are placed inside the boots or shoes. Even though the prime purpose of insoles is to offer the ultimate comfort, however, it is responsible for assuring a better fit as well. Consequently, you can get a perfect fitting shoe with ease by purchasing insoles, even if you're obese or overweight!

Why Should I Use Insoles?

There are a couple of reasons for using insoles, such as:

Ensure a Better Fit

Insoles are hands down, the best solution for those who need to shrink an oversized shoe. For an overweight guy, it is a bit tough to find out the standard size of shoes. In that case, you can use insoles in order to ensure a perfect fitting shoe.

Adds Comfort and Warmth

For running or long-distance walking purposes, anyone can pick out insoles since it is able to provide ultimate comfort. In addition, insoles can make your foot warm by its extra layer, which can be beneficial for those who are living in a colder area.

Prevents Against Blister

Not only insoles use for oversized shoes, but you can also use it for tight-fitting shoes in order to prevent blisters. As a result, you don't have to end up with irritation and discomfort at all.

Improves Posture

After all, insoles are used for improving posture as well, especially for a big guy. The specialized insoles, which are known as orthotics, can be the best solution in that case.

Insole for Big Guys

Types of Insoles

Here you will find a variety of insoles, including:

Arch Support Insoles
If you have to walk or run for so long, you may face a few issues in your arch. For instance, choosing an arch support insoles will be a wise decision since it can help you by providing better support while walking.
Gel Insoles

This type of insoles is made with soft gel in order to ensure maximum comfort. Basically, these are soft and thick than the previous one. So, you can consult your granny or any older person for using it, as it is relatively comfortable.

Orthotic Insoles

If you want to get rid of poor posture, then hands down, orthotic insoles are the best way to go! Generally, it offers an adequate amount of support into your heel so that you can maintain a good posture while walking or running. You will find two different insoles, including thin and thick.

Trainer Insoles

It is one of the best options for athletes who want to improve their performance. It ensures agility, quickness by providing extra support into the foot.

Heel Support Insoles

For heavy persons, a heel support insoles can be beneficial. It provides additional support into the heel so that you can get rid of unnecessary pain. This type of insoles can hold enough weight with ease, that's the reason why we prefer to use insole for big guys.

Foam Insoles

It is the most common, cheapest, and available in the market. Usually, you can get it at such an inexpensive range, but it wears down quickly, which is the disadvantage of using it.

Still, there are also a few types of insoles, including memory foam insoles, air-cushioned insoles, leather insoles, cork insoles, and many more.

Factors to Keep In Mind While Choosing Insoles for Big Guys

Foot Type

In general, there are 3 different types of foot, including normal foot, high arch foot, and flat foot. After knowing your size, it will be quite easy to purchase the perfect-sized insoles.


Shoe insoles, indeed, made with a variety of materials, including gel, foam, cork, and many more. Not all are the same, whereas each contains different pros as well as cons. You have to choose the material according to your medical condition, like, if you're older and need a comfy option, then picking out the gel insoles could be the best choice for sure.


Size does matter when you are going to choose the best insoles for overweight. If you want to get enough comfort and need a perfectly fitting shoe, then, of course, an insole with the perfect size is equally important. This should not be tight enough, nor so loose. It should be accurate so that you can get the maximum benefit from it.


You have to choose footbed by depending on the arch type. Always ensure that it is comfortable for you. Basically, footbeds arrive in 4 different types, like cushioned arch support, padding with no arch support, rigid, and semi-rigid.

A Few Tips Regarding Insoles

Insoles are a type of material that doesn't last for decades. But still, you can use it for many days with your eyes closed. If you want to use it for years, you need to offer better care to your insoles, like:

Remove it After Each Use

If you are using insoles in your regular footwear, then definitely, you need to remove it in order to dry it up. By wearing shoes for hours or so, it gets sweaty or wet at times, so it is the best idea to remove it after each uses if you want to use it for long.

Wash It More Often

Washing an insole is not rocket science, just make sure to use regular detergent or sports detergent. After that, rinse it out and let it dry up before placing it back to your footwear.

Final Thoughts

This was our guide on how to choose insole for big guys. Hopefully, you have earned enough knowledge regarding insoles, so it will be a piece of cake to find out the right one from now.

Even though insoles are not visible from outside, however, it is one of the most necessary ingredients of footwear that can provide ultimate comfort to an overweight guy as well as make oversized shoes smaller!

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