How to Choose Shoes for Delivery Drivers

How to Choose Shoes for Delivery Drivers

Whatever you are a truck driver, UPS driver, or making deliveries for some other trade, you need to get a pair of shoes, especially for your working purposes. As a delivery boy, you have to walk for miles every day, so it is a must to choose the type of footwear that can offer you ultimate stability and comfort at the same time.

That’s the reason why we are here to let you know how to choose shoes for delivery drivers. The market has loaded with a ton of models, so it will be a bit confusing to pick out the right one. Don’t worry, make a connection with us in order to find out the best one with ease, break a leg!

Why Should A Delivery Driver Wear Special Shoes?

An ordinary person can't understand what a delivery driver goes through on a regular basis. Delivery drivers need to put on special shoes so that they can walk like crazy and offer better service to their customers.

A delivery shoe, indeed, made with stiff material so that anyone can use it for long. Besides, it offers ultimate comfort while walking. It is a plus for those who need to walk for miles each day. Considering all the aspects, a delivery driver should highly consider special footwear.

How To Pick Out the Right Shoes For Delivery Drivers

According to the statement of Jack Levis (Process Management Director at UPS), a UPS driver makes around 120 deliveries each day, which is counted as a massive number. In order to get comfort as well as better stability, a delivery driver should obviously pick out the one that can provide better support, even after walking for hours! So, if you want to get the best delivery shoe in your hands, you should consider a couple of factors that are given below:


It is one of the core points that you have to consider while choosing shoes for delivery drivers. If your boot is loose or even tight, then you can't put in on in the right way, as a result, you will be unable to walk for delivery. So, always focus on the fittings first, which should not be loose, nor so tight!


After walking for hours, your foot may get sweaty, which mainly causes stink, blisters, and a lot more issues. So, you have to consider the one that comes with waterproof design, so that you can use it any weather with peace. Also, it will help you to get rid of odor, blisters, and those types of issues.


Always give priority to rigidity, whereas it is one of the most necessary factors when it comes to delivery shoes. Try to invest in that which can ensure ultimate lifetime, so that you can use it for years without facing any kind of wearing and tearing.

Anti-Skid Design

The shoes that you are going to purchase should be included with the anti-skid design. By having this, you can use it on a slippery road as well as shiny areas. The soles of the footwear should be stiff as well.

Shock Absorption

Choose the combination of both support and cushion. Running shoes seems to be comfy but too soft when it comes to permanency. Working boots, on the other hand, offers enough stability yet transmit too much shock. That's the reason why you should prefer a durable crepe along with rubber outsole, as it has got the ability to absorb shocks.

You may have to walk for hours continuously, for instance, if your shoes are not that comfortable, you can't walk quickly and deliver items to your customer at the right time. So, consider the one that offers ultimate comfort.

If you want a specific model for your working purposes, then our suggestion is to go with the PUMA Men's Drift Cat 7 CLN Sneaker, which is hands down, the most comfortable shoes for ups drivers.

For getting maximum support from your delivery shoes, you have to consider the one that offers insoles along with the footwear. It makes a huge difference without a doubt. With the help of an insole, a lightweight shoe can also provide better support.

Indeed, the market has a couple of insoles. In that case, make sure your medical condition so that you can buy the perfect one for you in order to get superior support from your delivery shoes.

A Few Tips for Additional Comfort 

After knowing the core factors, it is equally important to learn how you can get extra comfort from your delivery shoes, the tips are as follows:

Great Pair of Socks

In order to get comfy shoes, you definitely have to collect a nice pair of socks as well. Throw those pieces of cotton socks away, invest in soft wools that are highly available in the market. Basically, wool handles moisture better than nylon and cotton. In addition, it offers less stink.

While winter, choose a pair of thicker wool socks. In the summer, you should prefer the lighter version of woolen socks. We always recommend buying Darn Tough, Smartwool, or Thorlo. Due to the wicking ability, you can purchase polyester as well.

Try to Rotate your Footwear

If you want to use your delivery shoes for years, then it will be a wise decision to purchase two pairs of shoes instead of one. By rotating your footwear, your shoes can get a one-day break since you're not wearing the same one on a daily basis.

Make a Connection with Insoles

For getting maximum support, insoles are the best option that you should pick out. Not only it helps to shrink your shoes, but it also assists you by providing comfort as well as stability. If your delivery shoes are not included with insoles, then you should try to buy them separately for getting maximum benefit.


This was our short yet efficient guide on How to Choose Shoes for Delivery Drivers. After reading the entire write-up, it will be quite easy to pick out the best one from now. By purchasing a pair of delivery shoes, you can ensure better care of your foot as well as enhance your productivity without a doubt!

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