How to Clean White Shoes in Proper Way

How to Clean White Shoes in Proper Way

Keeping white shoes clean is a daunting job and everyone is used to it. Most people don’t even choose white shoes just to avoid frequent cleaning, although they look really classy. You won’t get the new look of white shoes once you have used them, doesn’t whether it’s from Nike, Adidas or any other brands. On the other hand, not wearing them and storing them on the wardrobe also doesn’t make any sense. So? Should you just stop wearing your favorite shoes?

No way! I am here to help you with the exact information. Most people are surfing the internet for the accurate info but barely few are satisfied with those. Nevertheless, if you are also hungry to know how to clean white shoes in a proper way then I have what you are looking for. I made a digging and have found some proven ways which you’ll find below. In this very article, I have demonstrated all the ingredients that would help you to clean any white shoes.

Let’s get started.

How to Clean White Shoes – Proper Ways Described

You won’t have to spend much money getting the needed ingredient, you’ll find them around your home. There are a lot of ways to clean white shoes, but I don’t want to kill your time with all those. As I said earlier, I will only share the proven methods to clean your shoe. As per my research, I have found toothpaste and baking soda to be really effective in cleaning white shoes. There are other ingredients too but these two are widely used.

Before you Wear White Shoes

If you don’t want to break much sweat in cleaning white shoes, make sure you use the stain-resistant spray all over the shoes. It won’t let most stain that might come in contact sit on your shoes strongly. Spray two-three times in a week, trust me that will reduce a lot of pressure.

This might feel very irritating but really effective. After every tour with the white shoes, clean them immediately with a dry cloth. Wipe off all the scuff or stains you see, otherwise, they will sink into the shoe fabrics and that would be really hard for you to take them out.

How to Clean White Shoes with Baking Soda?

Everyone is familiar with baking soda and can be found in any home. It is one of the best DIY shoe cleaning ingredients that I have ever come across. Baking soda is widely used not only for cleaning, but it can also effectively clean most things from tiles to teeth. And to make it safe, you should add some vinegar too. However, I am going to show you the entire process step by step so that you could understand easily.

Things you are going to need

• A bowl.

• Baking soda.

• Hot water.

• Spoon.

• 2 used toothbrush.

• Vinegar.

Step 1

The first thing you would want to do is, take the laces out of your shoe. Your shoes should be dried and rub the shoes with a dry cloth.

Step 2

Take the bowl, put 1 tablespoon of hot water, baking soda, and vinegar. And keep stirring until it turns into the paste.

Step 3

Now pick the toothbrush and apply the paste outside of the shoe. Brush the entire shoe thoroughly and try to brush in the circular motion that gives the deep cleaning.

Step 4

Once you are done brushing, leave the shoe to dry for 1 hour. And put the shoelaces on the paste and leave them too there for 1 hour.

Step 5

After one hour, pick another toothbrush and start brushing again in circular motion. You’ll see the baking sodas are falling off. Brush thoroughly and take off all the baking soda you see. Do the same thing for cleaning shoe laces too.

Step 6

Now time to give your shoes and laces a hard shower. Make your shoes fully wet and again brush with the toothbrush everywhere. After brushing the shoes, time to brush the laces. Pick them up and brush in a straight motion.

Step 7

When you are done with the brushing, let them dry and you’ll get rid of all the stubborn stains & scuffs.


Among all the cleaning chemicals, baking soda is the safest you would find. But there are a few things that everyone should keep in mind. Baking soda can cause eye irritation if it comes in contact with the eyes. If something like that happens, immediately flush the water in your eyes for a couple of time and visit a doctor as soon as possible.

It’s really important for people who always have kids around them, keep baking soda or any other harmful things out of the reach of children’s. And another thing is, baking soda will work nice for white shoes but never use them on any other shoes, it will fade the color.

How to Clean White Shoes with Toothpaste?

Are you wondering, that toothpaste is for whitening our teeth, how can it clean shoes? I don’t know if you would believe me or not, it’s true actually. Toothpaste cleans most stains very easily but no every toothpaste. You should avoid gel and coloring toothpaste from putting into your white shoes because they can also make a stain. If you want to play safe just pick normal, white toothpaste. However, let’s get started.

Step 1

You should not use a brand new toothpaste to brush your dirty shoes, as you won’t be able to use it on shoe cleaning again and using on teeth is not an option. So don’t waste hard earned money, just pick an old toothbrush. If you don’t have an old toothbrush, you can get started with any kind scrubbing pad but make sure that is soft.

Step 2

Different kinds of toothpaste have different ingredients and some can harm your shoes. So it would sound very wise if you test the toothpaste by applying it in a very small area of your shoes. Leave the shoes for 20 minutes and rub the area and check if there is any kind of stain or not. If you see no stain, you can clean your shoes with that toothpaste.

Step 3

Do not use excessive paste, just take a small dab of paste on the brush. To make it more simple, take toothpaste as much as you would need to brush your teeth. If you are using anything instead of a toothbrush, you can also take toothpaste on it.

Step 4

Now time to scrub the shoe with the toothbrush or whatever you are using. How much pressure do you want to give in scrubbing the shoes? Well, that depends on how dirty your shoes are. If dirt made your shoes color dark, then you might need to give maximum pressure in scrubbing. And make sure you scrub in a circular motion, that will take off stains, dirt fast. Target the area that is very dirty and scrub hard in that area.

Step 5

Once you are done scrubbing your shoes, leave them for 20 minutes. And after that, clean them with a moderately wet towel. If you still see any dirt and stain, repeat the process again.

How to Clean White Fabric Shoes?

The process of cleaning all shoes might be the same, but there is a high chance that ingredients would be different. Ingredients that cleans fabric shoes might harm leather shoes. That being said, there are a couple of ways to clean fabric shoes but I am sharing only one from which people have get benefited. Cleaning fabric shoes are also as simple as cleaning other shoes, there won’t be any massive change but the change in one ingredient. Yes, instead of vinegar you would need bleach in cleaning fabric shoes. So, shall we?

Things you would need

• Toothbrush or scrubbing brush.

• A mixing bowl.

• Baking soda.

• Warm water.

• Towel.

• Bucket.

Step 1

In cleaning fabric shoes you would have to make two separated cleaning solutions. The first solution, take the bucket and pour a gallon of warm water. And mix 2 cups of bleach. That’s all for the first solution.

Step 2

The second solution is to make a paste, same as before. In the mixing bowl, put 3 tablespoon baking soda and warm water. And keep stirring until they become paste.

Step 3

Now take the paste on the toothbrush or any other kind of soft brush and start scrubbing. Press the brush hard when you are scrubbing the shoes, so that every dirt, debris, odors go away from the shoes. Brush in the circular motion and once you are done brushing, leave them for 10 minutes.

Step 4

After 10 minutes put them on the first solution, the bucket one and leave them there for at least 4 hours. The bleach will take away all the grime and dirt from inside the fabrics.

Step 5

After 4 hours, let them somewhere to dry. Never place them near the running stove in order to get them dried soon, that could be dangerous. And that’s all, if you still see any kind of grime or debris, repeat the process again.

How to store your shoes after cleaning

So, you completed cleanings. However, you haven't finished it yet. You have to store the shoes properly.

You should keep your cleaned shoes in a shoe racks or organizers to keep it protested from dust and mosses. Unless you plan to wear the shoes in few days, you can keep it white shoes into separate boxes as well. 


Time to wrap up. So now you exactly know how to clean white shoes and these are methods that most people are using regularly. These methods could be irritating but highly effective, give it a shot and you’ll thank me later. However, I am done here. If you have any kind of confusion, post that on the comment section. Happy cleaning!!!

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