How To Paint on Shoes Properly

Shoes are the most needed thing which is essential for human life. Nowadays, it is quite impossible to make any movement without shoes. There are different kinds of shoes nowadays, which are now so much trendy in the whole world. One of those trends, painting on shoes, is a new fashion of wear. So, let's discuss this thing.

Paint on shoes

Painting on shoes is a trendy and practical fashion. People like to use unique and stylish things to paint or decorate their boots to look attractive and are very eye-catchy. There are different kinds of shoes with other qualities. Leather shoes, rubber shoes, sheepskin shoes, wool shoes, and so many. So all of them can be painted and modified so easily. Just a few steps have to follow, and that's it. You will get nicely finished and attractive painted shoes. To paint up a shoe, first of all, you have to decide what kind of paint you will use. For example, if we say we will paint a boot shoe, then the paint will be different from the rubber shoe. Because the quality and the posture of both boots are not the same.

Different kinds of paint can be used for painting in shoes. Leather paint, acrylic paint, and spray paint are the most common ones. There are some different painting items too, but those are not so common as these ones.

how to paint on shoes

how to paint on shoes

How To Paint on Shoes

So first of all, wash the shoe properly and dry them up. Remember, you have to dry them properly; otherwise, the paint will not be sufficient. Then, rub the body of the shoes with an alcohol pad or with a clean spray. This is optional, and you can use either use it or not. Remember to remove your shoelaces too.

After washing them up, take the paintbrush and dip it into the paint according to your desired color. For example, if we say that we will paint a sneaker, it is good to use fabric or acrylic paint because the sneaker's posture is mostly rubber-type or made of heavy clothes. So they can absorb the fabric paint so quickly. Compared to other paint quality and pricing, the fabric and acrylic paint are very reasonable and available everywhere.

So after starting up the painting, make sure that you hold the paintbrush easily because if the paint touches other surfaces, it is not easy to remove it. Use some glew tape to cover the other part of the shoes to keep them safe. Ensure that the place where you are doing those paintings is protected with proper safety from the paints. Then you can start painting the shoes. After applying the first layer of paint, it must have to make dry to add the next touchup. Without making them dry, never try to use another color. Then it will be so messy.

Next, when the paint is dry enough, try to add some designs to it from your own. For your plan, you can use marker pens or coloring pans too. But you have to make the designs carefully otherwise the paint will be affected. After adding some of the methods, make sure to clean up the other surfaces with water or alcohol and let them in sunlight until the paint dries.

After the paint and design are dry enough, move to the next process—the shoe's lower part, the sole. Remove the glue paper from the outside surface and apply the paint to the sole if you want. You can make some customized stickers in some parts of the only to make them look beautiful. This will be more eye-catchy and attractive rather than painting the whole sole. Using acrylic paint, you need to pay full attention and use thin brushes to paint. Stay aware of the corners of the surfaces. They are a little bit difficult to paint.

Painting Way For Single Color

This is what we were talking about painting and making the designing shoes. But if we make a shoe color with a single color, then it's easy to make it using spray paint only. Spray paints are one kind of liquid spray that comes in a medium-sized can and value for money. It is available at every grocery shop and easy to buy. You need to cover the sole with glue tape and then spray it up. It has less quality of making a mess and very useful too. Just spray and let them dry. That's it.

Painting the Leather shoes

To paint the leather shoes, all the procedures are the same. Just the difference is, the leather shoes are shiny, and they are very smooth. That is why the painting will not remain in those types of structures. Therefore, we have to use stiff paper or sandpaper in the shoe body so that the paint can easily catch the system. Fabric paint(youtube) will be good for the leather ones.

Using Some Protectors To keep The Paint Safe

After the paint has been done, it’s to time to use some protective instruments to protect the painted shoes from the water, mud, and other things and make the paint permanent. There are many paint protectors available in the market. You need to apply it to the shoe to lose the color and always stay gorgeous.

Few suggestions to follow while painting

1.Make sure to wear proper safety and gloves because some of the paints can be harmful to the skin

2.Let the children away from the equipment

3.Don’t burn or try to cut the spray cans. Those things contain enough amount of gas to make any accident

4.It will be more useful to you if you practice painting on some old shoes first. then you will have a better idea about the paintin IF You Want T To nike-basketball-shoes-reviews/

The Demand For Painting Shoes

Nowadays, there is a considerable demand for painting shoes in the market. Some of the people are making handmade shoes and adding various kinds of unique designs on them. Those are very popular and very fashionable. The rate of using customized shoes is increasing day by day, and now, some of the cartoon characters are also having sponsorship with some famous shoe companies. So we can say that it has a massive demand in the market /ems-boots/




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