How to Tie Shoe Laces | Popular 7 Methods Described

Although tying shoelaces look complicated, they are actually very easy when you know the right trick. Many of us tie lace knots inappropriately which causes them to re-tie the laces couple of time in between the journey and that could be very irritating. On the other hand, good knots will make your feet look gorgeous. There are a lot of lace tying methods some are actually complicated and some are easy, but if you can get the right trick once and practice it for a couple of times, it’ll become very simple for.

Whether you want to teach your children’s or want to learn for yourself, I have demonstrated a couple of lace tying methods which you would hardly find everywhere. I have kept them plain and simple, so that everyone would understand. So without any further ado, let’s get down to it.

How to Tie Shoe Laces? Popular 7 Methods Described

As I said back, there are like hundreds of shoe tying methods but I don’t think all of them are necessary. And that’s why I have chosen only 7 knots which looks really impressive and easy to make. Let’s get started.

1. Starting knot

It is a basic knot that I think almost everyone already knows and a very important knot that you would need to tie any kind of knots. Starting knot is the simplest knot that you would ever learn.

Step 1: You’ll have two lace ends. We will call them by lace 1 and 2. Now hold lace 1 with your left hand and lace 2 with the right. And now swap them, means hold lace 1 with the right hand and lace 2 with the left. So lace 1 is facing right and lace 2 facing left now.

Step 2: You’ll have a gap under the two laces, just wrap lace 1 around the front of lace 2 and feed the lace 1 end in the gap, the lace end will be facing your ankle.

Step3: And pull both laces ends tightly and you are done.

2. Double starting knot

It is same as the starting knot but you have to wrap one more time. Wrap lace 1 around the lace 2 and feed the lace 1 head through the hole that just been made when you wrapped lace 1 over 2. After feeding the lace 1 head, don’t pull. Wrap the lace 1 again around the lace 2 and then feed the lace 1 head through the hole and pull.

3. Standard Knot

It is the most common knot that everyone ties. As I said, tying any knot you would need to tie the starting knot. And for tying a standard knot, you would want to tie a starting knot first.

Step 1: Once you are done tying starting knot, now you have lace 1 on your right hand and lace 2 on your left. Now by doubling lace 1 onto it create a loop (rabbit ear shape).

Step 2: Wrap lace 2 around the lace 1 loop, remember the lace 2 will wrap lace 1 from the behind to the front, facing your ankle. And you will see a gap showed up under the laces and feed the lace 2 into the gap and make a loop out of it (make sure you do not feed the lace end into the gap, only the middle part of the lace 2. Otherwise, you won’t have a loop).

Step 3: Now hold both loops and pull them tightly in order to tie the knot firmly.

4. Bunny ear knot

It is called the bunny ear knot because this knot requires two loops. Moreover, this is also known as two loop shoelace knot. So for making any knot what do you have to do at the very first? Tying a starting knot, do it. And follow the rest,

Step 1: Make two loops by doubling both laces onto themselves. And cross both loops over each other, try to keep the left-hand loop behind the right-hand lace loop. We will call the left hands loop 1 and the right hands loop 2.

Step 2: Done? Very good. loop 1 in facing right and the loop 2 is facing left, right? Now what you have to do is, wrap loop 1 around the loop 2. Means loop 1 will come towards your ankle by wrapping loop 2.

Step 3: And now feed loop 1 through the gap, pull both loops tightly to adjust the firmness.

Additional tips: Most newbie makes an uneven knot which looks really bad and gets open after a period of constant shaking. Pull both loops to tighten your shoes and if you see one loop is bigger or smaller than another one, adjust it in your way.

5. Double slip-knot

This Double slip knot is also known as Lan’s secure shoelace knot. It is almost the same as the bunny ear or two loop shoelace knot. So make the starting knot first.

Step 1: After making the starting knot, create two loops by doubling both laces onto them. Left hands loop is 1 and right hands loop is 2. Okay, now simply cross both loops over each other, keep loop 1 behind loop 2.

Step 2: If you are done doing that, now wrap loop 2 by loop 1, and at the same time wrap loop 1 by loop 2. And feed both loops through the whole, that means loop 1 will go outward (towards your toe) and loop 2 will come inward (towards your ankle) through the whole.

Step 3: Now the regular thing, pull both loops tightly to gain the proper firmness. It is a strong knot and most hikers, trekkers often use this knot.

6. Sherpa knot

This knot is called surgeon’s knot, Sherpa knot and also known as Tibetan trekking knot. The Sherpa knot is one of the secure knots that most athletes use often. Sherpa knot is mostly similar to the standard knot, that I have shown earlier.

Step 1: First tie a starting knot and make a loop of the right sides lace. Left hands lace will be addressed by lace 1 and right hands loop will be addressed by loop 2.

Step 2: Wrap lace 1 around the loop 2 from behind, do it the same as the standard knot. Means lace 1 will come toward your ankle by wrapping the loop 2 from behind.

Step 3: Now feed lace 1 through the gap that just been made when you wrapped lace 1 around the loop and pull out a loop of lace 1. And don’t pull both loops now, in standard knot we have pulled tightly both loops for firm adjust in this step.

Step 4: Well, you have two loops now. Lace 1 loop and loop 2. Now instead of pulling the loops, wrap lace 1 loop around the loop two for one more time and feed the lace 1 loop through the gap, that’s all. Now you can pull both loops for adjustment.

7. Reef Knot

A reef knot is actually standard shoelace knot without any loop. This knot is tied when the laces are too short to make a loop. On the other hand, if this knot is tied too tight, you might have a hard time opening that.

Step 1: Make a starter knot. Hold the left lace (lace 1) with your left hand and right lace (lace 2) with the right.

Step 2: Now cross both laces over each other, so lace 1 will be facing right and lace 2 left.

Step 3: Wrap lace 2 from behind by lace 1 and feed the lace 1 end into the hole. The lace 1 end will go towards your toe through the hole and pull both laces end.


So this is the end. As I said back, there are a lot of knotting methods and I have shown 7 methods of how to tie shoelaces. These knots are widely used and secure. Though some of them look complicated, they are really easy. All you will need is two patient hands. And one important thing Reef knot can be really hard to open, so don’t pull very hard.

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