How To Use Shoe Cream

How To Use Shoe Cream ?

The shoe cream is a kind of wax that is used to shine up the shoe. It helps to make the shoe more shiny and glossy to look more beautiful. It is a thick kind of cream that contains a good amount of pigment with wax. Today we will know about how to use the shoe cream. So let’s go.

How to Use Shoe Cream?

Using the shoe cream is a very easy and simple method. So let’s describe the method to you:

  • First of all, choose the shoe that you want to apply the cream
  • Make sure that the shoe is suitable for applying the cream. It is good to use leather or fabric type shoe.
  • Clean up the shoe properly by using any kind of things such as a napkin, brush, or other things. Make sure that there is no dust or dirt on the shoe
  • Apply the cream on the shoe by using a brush or cotton. You have to apply the total surface of the shoe
  • After applying the wax on the shoe, let them dry for about one or two minutes
  • Now brush up the shoe for a good shine

Best Shoe Cream

Here are some of the best shoe creams. They are counted as the best one because they have the good performance ability to nourishing up the shoe and give a good finishing in it. Here they are below:

  • Lincoln Stay Wax shoe cram
  • Angelus perfect stay shoe cream
  • Saphir pommeder shoe cream
  • Orthoshop polish and shoe cream
  • Feetpeople regular shoe cream

Meltonian Shoe Cream

Meltonian is a famous and functional hair cream brand. This cream is good and effective compare to the other creams. Let us know about the using procedure of this shoe cream too.

First of all, clean up the shoe perfectly by anything. After cleaning the shoe, dry it up and make it perfect to use. Apply the cream by using the brush or a piece of cloth. Rub it up perfectly in the whole shoe and make sure that no part left gets creamed up. Now keep the shoe at a normal temperature for around 5 to 10 minutes so that the cream can catch the surface perfectly.

Use a dry brush or piece of cloth and brush up the shoe perfect for the shining and a rich texture. This melatonin shoe cream helps to keep the shoe away from dust and dirt. It keeps the shoe perfectly shined from the normal water splashes too. It is a good and unique feature of the shoe cream.

What is the Shoe Polish?

Shoe polish is a wax made gel that is used for keeping the shoes shiny and clean. There is now an extra facility of shoe polish except the shining ability. Though the hard wax of the polish makes the shoe shinier, it can catch dust or dirt very easily. Because the wax of this polish is very hard as a gel.

Difference Between Shoe Polish and Shoe Cream

There is not a big difference between shoe cream and polish. Both of them are the same in type. But there is a difference in their working ability. The shoe cream helps to provide good nourishing and color to the shoe. The clearness of the new shoe usually gets fade after some time. The shoe cream helps keep the color like before and keeps the shoes safe from any kind of normal water splashes, dirt, or dust.

 But the shoe polish helps to keep only the shine of the shoe. The hard wax of the shoe polish easily absorbs any kind of dust and dirt where the shoe cream keeps them away. So overall judging the terms, shoe cream is better than shoe polish.

Shoe Cream for Leather

The shoe cream is a standard and good thing to use on shoes. Because there are no side effects of using it. The shoe cream helps the user to make their shoe cleaner and helps to keep the standard color all the time. It also helps to keep the moisture and texture of the shoe perfectly. It is a good thing for leather.

Because it gives the leather a perfect shining and color. It helps to remain the color perfect and the quality good as before. But it is not very much useful for shinny leather shoes.

Side Effects of Shoe Wax and Polish and Cream

The shoe wax, polish, and cream is not much different from each other. As the term of the side effect, the shoe polish and wax is different from the cream. Because there is less chance of getting damage to the shoe by using the wax and polish. Applying the polish and wax for a long time in the leather shoe can make good damage. The polish can crack down the upper part of the shoe. 

Because the wax is a very hard layer that is used in the leather. After using for a long time, the leather will be cracked and have to repair. The wax will do the same thing if it is used for a long time. But there is less chance of getting damage to the leather from using the cream. Because the cream is a light layer compare to the wax and polish. So it will not make any huge damage even after using for the long term. It will keep the leather perfect in color and quality all the time.

Vaseline for Polishing

Some of the creative users claim that Vaseline can be the alternative to wax and polish. Because Vaseline contains almost every element which is needed to polish or cream up the leather. They are used for keeping the moisture and tone of the human body balanced and perfect. So, they can be used in leather too. they even don’t have any side effects even after using for a long time. But the problem is, they can easily absorb the dust and dirt of the road. As it has a heavy and sticky layer too.

Car Wax in Shoes

Car wax is used for making the car shinier and it looks better too. The car wax helps the car to bright up its color more and give a premium look. The car wax is more effective than the shoe wax for the shoes. Because it can make the shoe more colorful and shiny.

Using the cream for the shoe is good. It not only keeps the shoe and the quality good, but also gives you a better fashion. You may not like to go to a party wearing old, dirty shoes. Apply the cream, make them shiny and the party is waiting for you. Just make sure to use the cream, wax, and polish for limited times and purposes to keep your shoes long-lasting.

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