How to wash Boots Properly?

Boots will get dirty. It is a common issue. But we humans don't like dirty things. Therefore cleaning muddy boots is necessary. You won't want to throw away your highly paid or your favorite boots because of the impure. Do you? Cleaning boots isn't a challenging process. It is a straightforward and quick process. But you have to make sure that you are cleaning them properly while ensuring that you are not damaging the boots' materials. Also, the mud or the sand can ruin the durability of your boots. So you have to clean the shoes properly.



Way To Wash Your Boots

Here are the steps to wash your boots properly without damaging the materials.

Accessories for cleaning:

  • Brush
  • Footwear cleaning gel
  • Soft and clean cloth
  • Sport Wax

Step 1- Before start cleaning, first of all, you have to remove the laces from your boots. You should do that to make sure that you can remove all the mud in the tongue part of your shoes. Then clean the laces using soap water and let them get dry.

Step 2- After removing the lace, use the brush to remove the excess dirt from the boots' surface. While doing that, you should put the shoes under a running tap so that the ground can be removed easily. Or you can have a bowl full of water and then wet the brush to the water and rinse off the dirt from the surface area. To do the process quickly, you can use a hefty splash of water.

Make sure to use the brush nice and softly. Don't rinse the surface very hard. Hard rinse can ruin the body.

Step 3- After removing the dirt from the surface, use the footwear cleaning gel. Almost all of the cleaning gel comes with a sponge on top of the head area. Use the sponge in a circular motion all over the surface of the boots. Ensure that you have applied it to the seams and in the boots' rifts area. Also, make sure to properly use it in the tongue and the lace-up area to remove the mud nicely.

Sometimes you may not have the cleaning gel near you. In that case, you can make a solution by mixing hot water with soft soap. Then use a soft cloth to use the soapy water all over the boots. But make sure to use the soapy water in every corner of the shoes.

Step 4- After using the cleaning gel or the soap all over the boots, it is time to remove the foam from the shoes. Put the shoes underneath a tap and use the water flow to clean the boots. Use the brush all over the shoes to remove the excess mud. You can also use a bowl instead of a tap. Again with a tap, you can do the job way faster than with a bowl full of water. The quick splash of water will help you remove the mud from a challenging area where you won't reach with the brush like the eyelets area.

While cleaning the foam with the brush, make sure to use the outer sole's meeting. As you know, the boots' outer soles are designed with different patterns to give you more traction to the ground. Sometimes the dirt clings on those patterns. So make sure to rinse the routine with the brush properly to remove the attached mud.

Step 5- If you finish cleaning with the outer part of your boots, now it is time to clean your boots' inside area. As the feet release sweat, the insole gets much dirty and also smelly. As you know, smelly boots are pretty gross, so cleaning the shoes' inside the area is necessary.

To clean the inside area of your boots, you have to remove the insole from the shoes. Then put them aside to clean. After removing them, you should put some warm water inside the boots. After that, add some cleaning gel to a piece of soft and clean cloth or use the solution you have made to clean the shoes with warm water and soap. Then use the material to rinse inside the boots. To make this process easy, you should use a toothbrush. The brush will make it easy to reach inside the shoes.

Step 6- After cleaning the inside area, let the boots get dried up; for drying the boots' inside area, put some dry paper towels inside the shoes. This will make the drying process a lot faster.

Step 7- Hey, did you forget about the insoles? I hope you are not. To clean the insole, use the same process as you used to clean the inside area of the shoes in step 5. It would be very easy to clean with this process. Then dry the insole properly.

While drying the boots and the insoles, make sure not to use fires. Fire will damage the materials of the boot. Also, it can burn out your shoes. So be cautious.

Step 8- Don’t think that the process ends in step 7. You have to use conditioner and add shine to make the boots look new and shiny. I want to recommend you to use the product of the same brand as your boot. They will be safe for use and won't cause any damage.

You can use a shine brush or a piece of soft and clean cloth and take a small portion, then use it on the boots' surface nice and slowly. Make sure that you have used it all over the surface of the boot. Now you have finished your job nicely and perfectly. You can wear them and go on the next trip an hiking-boots-under-100/

When Should I Clean my Boots?

Cleaning boot is essential. But it doesn't mean that you have to clean them every time you go on a trip. Sometimes it seems that there is a small amount of dirt or dust in your boots. That amount of dirt doesn't need any washing. You can use a brush to remove the dirt by brushing the shoes outside. Keep in mind that washing the boots often can ruin the materials.


  • Always make sure that the product you are using won't damage the materials of the boot.
  • Use the brush nice and slowly. Don't put much effort, or you can tear the surface.
  • Don't use any detergent. Detergent can contain harmful chemicals.
  • Make sure that you have thoroughly dried the boots before putting them in the closet.

Final Thoughts 

Nobody wants to wear a pair of dirty boots. A couple of clean boots is the reflection of your personality. Also, as I said in the starting that muddy or sandy situation could ruin your boots' durability. It isn't a wise idea to toss your dirty boots in the closet.

It would help if you cleaned your dirty shoes after coming from the mud or sand area. Keeping the boots clean ensures the durability of the shoes. Also, it would help if you weren't cleaning them often. Cleaning the boots regularly can ruin the materials of the boot and make it less durable.

Looking for the solution to clean/ wash your dirty boots or hiking boots. Then check our ideas of cleaning. I hope you will get the right answer that you are searching for.

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