how to lace running shoes for numb toes

How To Lace Running Shoes for Numb Toes?

If you are quite an active person, at some point in your life, you must face toe numbness. It’s one of the worst things that can happen to your toe or feet in general. But what is more annoying is that you won’t be able to wear running shoes as you used to. So if your toe numbness is causing you to change the way you wear your shoes, you must be looking for a way to lace your running shoes. We have got an excellent way on how to lace running shoes for numb toes.  It is going to help resolve that to make your shoe fit more comfortably and give you a little bit more space. It can also help relieve some of your discomfort or some of your pain that you’re experiencing as well.

What are numb toes?

Morton’s neuroma often causes toe numbness.   It was in the late 19th century that an orthopedic surgeon Thomas Morton described a painful affliction in the forefoot that later became termed Morton’s neuroma. He and other investigators determined that inflammation of a nerve in the bottom of the foot was often the cause of sharp pain, but it can cause toe numbness as well. What’s more interesting is that many studies have determined that probably this is four times greater than in men. This deformity of a nerve or the inflammation of a nerve usually occurs in between the third and fourth toes.

lace running shoes for numbness

What causes toe numbness?

a. Tight footwear

It’s been suggested that poor footwear may be the most common cause of toe numbness. The tightening of the footwear you wear over the forefoot has certainly been suggested as the reason. Thays why so many more women have this problem than men. but other causes of trauma include fractures of the metatarsal bones

b. Nerves thickening up

You might be experiencing some discomfort due to your shoe squeezing your toes a little too tight. Or maybe you have a bunion on this side that’s sticking out a little far. Either way, the overlays on your shoe are pressing on that area. It leads your nerves to thicken up in the toe and the connecting region. When the nerve begins to become thickened, and when it grows too large, then it doesn’t fit between the bones, the added pressure of the footwear makes it even worse. So all these contribute when it comes to the cause of toe numbness.

c. Walking on the hard surface

Even the repeated trauma of walking along on a hard surface impacting on the ground may cause thickening of the nerve. That thickens and increases in size. Over some time, it leads to numbness in the toe. That’s why if you need to walk on hard surfaces like concrete or cobblestone, put on appropriate shoes.

How to lace running shoes for numb toe?

Step 1

The first thing that you’re going to do is we’re going to remove the laces out of the eyelets altogether. You must get the whole lace out of the eyelets.

Step 2

Now go to this first row of eyelets, and if you look that front row of eyelets closely is pretty much in line with the widest part of your forefoot. So what you want to do is to move up to the next row of eyelets, and that’s where we’re going to start lacing. So that means you have to start from the second row instead of the usual first-row lace-up.

Step 3

Now the front row of eyelets is not being utilized anymore.  So from there, you lace up to the top.  It opens up the forefoot of your shoe to relieve some of that pressure, and you can do this with just about every shoe, and this will make many shoes feel a lot better.

How to solve foot and Toe Numbness

You will find some great tips to solve numbness of your feet or toes:

Final Words

If you have some other problem than toe numbness like foot aches and pains, you can benefit from this technique we have demonstrated here on how to lace running shoes for numb toes. Lacing your running shoe in this particular way provide the relief that you need so you can get out on your run and enjoy the miles.

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