Lacing Your Shoes

Lacing Your Shoes and Keeping Shoelaces Tied

How you lace your shoes can improve fit and comfort, and how you tie the knot may determine whether you can make it through a walk without "flat tires." The right way to lace your shoes to get the best fit.

Staying Tied:

Get the right laces

  • If your laces are too long, replace them with shorter laces.
  • Round laces seem to be more slippery than flat ones.
  • Elastic lacing/lock systems such as Yankz! and Lace Lock
  • Plastic or velcro lace locks you use with your existing laces

Knot them right

  • Double knot the bow. This is not a cure-all - several walkers reported that they needed to triple or quadruple tie their shoes to keep them tied.
  • Double knot the bow and then tuck the laces (all four ends) under the crisscrossed laces towards the front of the shoe.
  • Racewalker and mom Michelle Rohl recommends the following procedure: First, tie your shoes as you normally do. Then, cross the laces. Then form a loop with each side like rabbits ears. Take one loop and wrap it twice around the other and pull tight. Tuck the laces in under one of the crossed laces. They will never come untied and as a bonus they also never knot and come undone when you pull either lace.
  • Another knot: After forming the first loop go around it twice instead of only once before pulling the second loop through. The two times around the center of the knot keeps it from working untied.

Other Tricks

  • Lace-Stick: Rub this safe sticky stuff on your laces and they will stay tied.
  • Two words: duct tape. Run a piece of tape around the instep so it covers the laces. They don't become loose and the ends stay tucked under the tape.
  • Squirt a little water on your shoelaces after they are tied they should stay tied for the whole day.
  • Sew them up with a needle and thread. Tie your shoes before the race and put the stitch through the lace knot, just 3 or 4 times. When done a strong tug will free them up.
  • It is one advantage of having a gait like a duck - although my shoes come untied I can never remember stepping on or tripping on my laces, knock on wood! Another duck-footed walker measured her stride length to assure herself that she couldn't step on an untied lace during a race.

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