Most durable shoes in the world

Most durable shoes In the world

People tend to buy long lasting things. It is human nature. It is a very good habit. Purchasing durable things mean that you have utilized your money effectively. Same thing we do while we buy shoes. While buying shoes we hardly think about the other features. Rather than thinking about other features we think about the durability most.

Most Durable Shoes

Also, there are some people among us who ask about the durability of the shoes to the salesman before asking about any other features first. Now, it is not a bad thing. Why shouldn’t they? As we all know that modern shoes are very high in price. So it is necessary to get the most durable shoes for oneself.

Features of Most Durable shoes

Quite often people ask about the features of the most durable shoes. Here are the features of how one can easily get the durable shoes for their regular lifestyle for different purposes.

Material- While thinking about purchasing durable shoes, the first thing one must check is the material of the shoes. There are many materials used to construct shoes. These are leather, faux leather, synthetic and microfibers. But durable shoe’s upper materials must be water and chemical resistant. Now the question is among all of them which one is the most durable?

The most durable one is the leather. The leather upper is very durable and also waterproof. Also, there are some manufacturers who produce leather shoes with anti chemical coating. Those shoes are supreme in the term of durability. The leather made shoes are famous for a very long time. Leather is used to make different types of shoes like casual, sports, running and many more. But the only problem with leather shoes is that these shoes are a bit heavier than other shoes.

If anyone wants to buy lightweight shoes with more durability then they can go for microfibers and synthetic materials. These materials made shoes are light and durable. Synthetic materials are very breathable than other materials.

So, we would like to recommend that, if anyone is searching for a pair of durable shoes for playing or running they should go for the synthetic and microfibers. On the other hand for regular activities or casual one should choose the leather one.

Midsole- The shoe’s durability completely depends on its midsole material. EVA and polyurethane are the most used materials in the shoe industry.

EVA is very light in weight, flexible and can absorb impact. Almost all of the popular companies that produce sports shoes use this material to construct their midsole. Some manufacturers use different technology to increase the comfortability of the midsole. But the problem is it is not very durable.

On the other hand shoe with a polyurethane midsole are very durable. This material produces elasticity that helps in impact absorb. But there is a problem with it and that is it is heavier than EVA.

So if you are choosing shoes for daily use then you can choose the Polyurethane made midsole and if you want to get shoes for playing then choose the EVA midsole. Also, make sure to not choose stiff midsoles.

Outsole- Basically top shoe manufacturing brands use rubber materials for the outsoles. Because it is very durable and also works perfectly against a slippery surface. But one must check the construction and the shape of the outsole. Some outsoles are extended to the sides of the upper to save the upper materials from colliding with the rock, mud, or other natural elements on an uneven surface or off road. This shape is very great in extending the durability of the shoes.

The toe cap- Now some may say that how the toe cap helps in durability. Yes, it does. Some people neglect this point when they think about a pair of durable shoes, which is foolishness.

The toe cap saves the front materials of the shoe. While working or running people generally get hit in the toe area of their shoes. Without a toe cap, the area gets to tear down fast. But as the toe cap protects the area from abrasion and collision the area remains intact for a long time. So choose the shoe with a toe cap and don’t be foolish.

Which one is the most durable shoe?

Now it is quite difficult to answer about this question. Because shoes are produced depending on sectors. Sectors mean casual, running, playing, walking and many more. Manufacturers are producing new shoes every single day. Among them, some of them are more durable than the previous their previous shoes and some of them are not. But one must check all of our above described features to get the most durable shoes for themselves.

What makes a shoe more durable?

Shoe durability depends on the shoe construction and the shoe materials. The more durable shoes are constructed with rich materials. The upper material, the midsole, the insole and also the toe cap must be consistent with each other.

How to increase the durability of shoes?

Yeah, it is true that the shoe materials and the construction of the shoe indeed make it more durable but one can increase the durability of their shoes. There are some techniques to increase the durability of the shoes.

  • To increase the durability of the shoes one must clean their shoes after sometimes as the shoes get dirty from use. One can easily clean their shoes.

To know how to clean the shoes please visit “how to wash boots”. Just make sure to use the right chemical for your shoes.

  • Always dry up the shoes after using them. Don’t just throw your wet shoes inside the closet. Dry them up for some time and then put them in the closet.
  • Make sure to walk on the right surface.

Which are the top brands that produce the most durable shoes?

There are many top shoe manufacturing brands such as minimalist basketball shoes , new balance and nike basketball shoe . Among them, some brands like to produce all of their shoes with the same durability. Those brands are Nike, Adidas, Puma, New Balance, Fila, Skechers etc.

But it doesn’t mean that without these brands there are no other shoe manufacturing brands that produce the durable shoes. Who knows there may be very durable shoes from other brands rather than these top shoe brands. So wear shoes from different brands to check the durability.

Final Thoughts

The shoe durability depends on the buyer’s choice. If a buyer wants to a purchase very durable shoe then the buyer should give up thinking about the weight of the shoe. On the other hand, if the buyer wants lightweight shoes then they should sacrifice the durability term. Also, there are some shoes that are more durable with lightweight and flexibility.

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