New Balance Pressure relief insole

New Balance Pressure Relief Insole Reviews

New Balance is one of the top shoe producing companies in the shoe industry. This company produces motion control shoes. This company produces all types of shoes for players, walkers, runners. New Balance shoes are very comfortable and durable. But we are not here today to talk about the shoes of New Balance.

The best part about this company is that this company also produces insoles. The insoles are very great and can be a good replacement to other insoles. The insole of this company is also very comfortable and durable shoes. This company produces insoles for different arch types with superior heel support.

New Balance Pressure Relief Insole

Today we will discuss about some of the insoles produce by the New Balance. Here are some new balance insoles that one may find comfortable and supportive.

1. New Balance Sport High Impact Insole

For those players who are fed up with their existing insole because the existing ones don't provide the right support and comfort, they shouldn't worry anymore. They can trust this insole and replace their old one with this New Balance insole.

The New Balance Sport High Impact insole is made of EVA, Polypropylene, and Knit Polyester. These insoles are made for the athletes to give them long lasting and durable cushioning. Running and jumping with these insoles are very comfortable as these insoles provide a bouncy feel underneath. Also, the insole is made of impact absorbing materials. Therefore athletes can use them for high impact activities like training,  jumping, running shoes and many more. To add more comfort and support the insoles are designed with a sculpted heel cup. The heel cup hugs the heel and arches for more support at the time of activities.

Also, the insoles are constructed with moisture wicking materials so that the insoles won’t produce any friction or any smell. The insoles are available in many sizes for both men and women.

Key Features:

  • 5.61 ounces very comfortable insole.
  • Designed with vibrant yellow with moisture wicking technology.
  • Insoles are made of EVA, Polypropylene, and Knit Polyester.
  • Available for both men and women in different sizes.
  • Sculpted heel cup to provide support and comfort to the heel and arches.
  • Suitable for running, jumping, and playing for the impact absorbing technology.

2. New Balance Sport High Impact Women's

For those women athletes who love their shoes but don’t love their insoles and want to replace them with the new one but couldn’t find any best. They should choose this insole.

This New Balance Sport High Impact insole is specially made for women athletes. These insoles are very durable and long lasting. The insoles have all the important features for women athletes. The shape of the insole is suitable for women's feet and the heel part is designed with arch support. For women's safety and comfort, the insole is made of EVA, Polypropylene, and Knit Polyester.

The insoles are designed with high impact absorbing technology and moisture wicking methods. With these under the feet, women will feel very comfortable and energetic at the time of physical activities like playing, training, etc.

Key Features:

  • 3.99 ounces insole.
  • The manufacturer used EVA, Polypropylene, and Knit Polyester to construct the insole.
  • Specially designed for women with more cushioning.
  • High impact absorbing insole produces a bouncy feel underneath.
  • Suitable to use with any type of shoes.

3. New Balance Casual Memory Top Insole

The New Balance Casual Memory Top Insoles are available for both men and women. These insoles are very suitable and effective for those persons who have sensitive feet. These insoles are made for casual shoes like sneakers, boots, and many more.

These insoles are made of comfortable memory foam. The insole will match with the shape of the user's feet. These insoles provide all the support and comfort to the feet of the user from the toe to the heel. The cup design of the heel is suitable and works with the foot motion. There will be no need for breakout time with these insoles. Also, there will be no foot pain with these insoles under the feet.

Key Features:

  • The weight of the insole is 5.61 ounces.
  • Suitable for casual shoes.
  • Available for both men and women in different sizes.
  • Manufacturers use memory foam for superior comfort.
  • No foot pain and wet feeling under the feet for its moisture wicking design.
  • These black color insoles are very durable.

4. New Balance Casual Arch Support Insoles

These insoles are made for those persons who face heel pain and arch pain. They should replace the existing shoe insole with this one. These insoles are firm in structure which gives comfortable support to the feet.

The insole is designed with the right amount of sculpted arch support where people need the support most. The heel cup is designed with a deep cut. So that the insole can provide the right amount of support and safety by absorbing shock. By absorbing the impact the insoles remove stress and stain from the feet of the user. Placing feet above this insole feels like placing feet above soft and plush matters. Walking, running, and playing for a very long time with these insoles won’t cause any foot pain and stress.

Key Features:

  • Insoles are 3.99 ounces weighted.
  • Made of polyethylene, polypropylene, and knit polyester.
  • Suitable for casual shoes.
  • Designed with a deep and wide heel cup for more support to the feet.
  • Reduces pain and stress from the foot.

5. New Balance Casual Flex Cushion Insoles

The New Balance Casual Flex Cushion insole is made for those people who want to get support with their every step. These insoles are designed for both men and women and suitable for casual shoes. These insoles are made of TPU, Poured PU, and Knit Polyester. To make these insoles very comfortable manufacturer used two layers of foam.

The insole will hug the whole feet from underneath with comfort and support. These insoles are very supportive and durable. With these insoles, one won’t feel pain in the feet and will be able to walk or run for a long time.

Key Features:

  • Insoles are very durable and long lasting.
  • Made of TPU, Poured PU, and Knit Polyester materials.
  • Made to use with casual shoes.
  • Very supportive and durable.
  • Hugs the feet from toe to heel with a plush feel.
  • Provides a spring type feel while walking.

Buying Guide for New Balance Insoles

Sometimes it seems that the insole of the shoe isn't well constructed. For this reason, the shoe doesn't provide the right amount of support and comfort to the feet. This problem leads a person to change the insole of the shoe.

While buying New Balance insoles one must put in mind the following features of the insoles.

Size- Choosing the right size of the insole ensures that weather the insole will fit in the shoe or not. The insoles of New Balance are available in a variety of sizes. To know the size of the New Balance insoles one can follow the chart below.

The New Balance insoles sizing chart:






















With the help of this chart, one can easily choose the perfect size for their shoes.

But if anyone buys large sized insole for their shoes then they can cut the toe area by measuring the proper size of the area. There is a guide for cutting the insole of New Balance to get the proper size.

Arch support- Almost all the New Balance insoles come with arch support. To get the proper arch support for one's feet, one must first consider the type of arch of their feet. As we know that there are 3 different arch types. Each of the insoles by New Balance is designed to support at least one or probably two arches from the 3 types.

While buying insole one must consider the arch type to get the proper support. Because an improper arch type from the insole can be painful. Also, improper arch type insole won’t provide the right amount of support for a long day.

Cushioning- All of the New Balance insoles are designed with high quality materials to support feet. The cushioning of the insole depends on the impact absorbing capability of the insole. New Balance insoles are very good at impact absorbing.

On the other hand, the heel area of the insole is also a necessary consideration when it comes to cushioning. The heel area of the New Balance insoles is designed with a deep cut. The cut hugs the heel of the feet.

Also, the insoles of New Balance provide a bouncy feel from underneath. Which provides a person plush feel on the feet.

Moisture wicking- We know that physical activities cause the human body to produce sweat. So it is normal that the feet of humans reduce sweat. But having the sweat underneath the feet isn't a good idea. It feels very uncomfortable and also it produces a nasty odor from the feet.

The insoles from New Balance are constructed with sweat wicking technology. The technology helps the user to reduce sweat from underneath the feet. Also, the insoles are manufactured with odor removing materials so there will be no bad smell coming inside the shoe.

About New Balance Insoles 3020

The New Balance Insoles 3020 is one of the popular insoles of new balance. It is very supportive to the feet and also very comfortable for its construction materials. Another reason for its popularity is that this insole can be used with almost all types of shoes including casual, running, walking, and for playing also.

This insole would be perfect for those people who are facing difficulties with their existing shoe insole and isn't able to find a proper insole. Almost all the users of this insole are satisfied and praised for the comfort.

How Long do New Balance Insoles Last?

The new balance insole can last from 5 to 6 months on average. Shoe insoles get wear off from long use. That means the durability of the shoe can vary depending on the use. For a daily runner, it is obvious to change their shoe insoles after 5 months. On the other hand, for a professional runner, the shoe insole must be replaced after every 4 months.

But the durability of the shoe insole of a walker can be more than 6 months. One can increase the durability of the shoe insoles by using several pairs of insoles.

How to Cut a Large Size New Balance Insole to Get a Perfect Fit?

Sometimes it seems that people get large insole for their shoes. For this reason, it becomes very difficult to fit the insole inside the shoe. There is nothing to worry about. One can easily trim the insole to get the perfect fit for their comfort.

To trim the insole here are the steps that one should follow:

  • First of all, remove the old existing insoles from the shoe.
  • Then mark the proper size of the new insole with the help of the old insole. To get a perfect size one should put the old insole over the new one and use a pen to mark the size of the toe area. Make sure that you are not marking the heel area.
  • After marking the toe area use a safety scissor or cutter to cut the new insole. It would be wise to use a safety scissor instead of using a cutter. Cut the excess area carefully.
  • After cutting the insole insert the insole into the shoe and enjoy.


Insoles are very important when it comes to the comfort of the feet. The arch and the heel of the feet comfort mostly depends on the insole. For this reason, to solve this problem we have collected information on some of the best insoles produced by the New Balance. If anyone is facing problems like arch pain or heel pain with their shoe insole then they can replace their insoles with our listed insoles.

Our listed insoles are well constructed and have all the features that a person needs. Almost all sorts of people can use these insoles to get the proper comfort and plush feel underneath their feet.

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