Useful tips for men

In this new category, we have prepared several tips for men. In particular, you will learn how to do with powerful mother-in-law and when the International Beer Day is celebrated. Share the article with friends and become useful for them to use the source of interesting facts.

1. How to do with powerful mother-in-law?

About mighty mother-in-law or mother-in-law walks countless anecdotes. And not in vain. However, here we will try to tell you how you can cope with powerful mother-in-law.

Direct conversation face to face
Dialogue is the right approach to any situation. Because it is often better to talk to an eye on the eye than to run away from problems.

Talk to the power mother-in-law, frankly, you are not going to answer all of her whims and whims. Yes, you will gladly come to her aid if she needs her, but no more.

Yes, lead themselves politely and politely with my mother's loved one, but remember that you are married not to the mother-in-law, but on her daughter. This means that you do not need to put up with her bad tone or do what she tells you. One thing to help her with heavy shopping bags and completely different - massaging her legs. Ignoring is a smart way to cope with powerful mother-in-law and much more.

Come with irony
In the inevitable orders that have already turned into orders of your powerful mother-in-law, try to raise it, always leaving an open door, which is not exactly irony, but just a joke. Especially if your wife hears comments from the mother.

So, if the mother-in-law asks you to respond immediately to your driver's role, because it is late for your manicure or pedicure, you can tell her that you can't, because you yourself wait until you dry nail polish. On nails. This, of course, is only figurative.

But the fact is that your irony will be afraid of your mother-in-law, and when it comes to your wife (it will inevitably happen), you can protect yourself by saying that you just joked.

2. When celebrate International Beer Day?

The most popular alcoholic drink is beer. This sparkling manna Heaven is leading his story since ancient times.

Beer is prepared for thousands of different recipes.

As the owner of the bar, he planned to increase the flow of visitors in this way - arranged his own cheerful holiday. The selection of the date was very simple - the beer festival should be held in the summer, when it is still warm, but not too hot, besides, he should be held away from other similar holidays. .

Historians and archaeologists argue that the beer appeared a few thousand years before the new era.

By the way, there is an opinion that wheat originally grown not to baking bread, but for brewing. >.

Interesting facts about beer

The largest brewery is Adolph Coors Company (USA) with a production capacity of 2.5 billion liters of beer per year.

It is believed that the biggest fans of beer are Germans, and the Czechs and Irish lags behind them on the consumption of beer.

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