Choosing antiradar for a car

Road control systems every year are becoming increasingly harder and gaining increasingly distribution, and the traffic police inspector with the radar is now perceived as an anachronism. But the opposition to such technologies is growing inexorably, as anti-lands and devices that protect motorists from errors are improved, especially in unfamiliar places. As a result, any motorist will preferably disassemble how to choose the right antiradar for the car.
At the same time, it is worth paying attention to the main criteria during the purchase of antiradar, and this is:
- compliance with price and quality;
- the ability to determine any radar devices;
- range and accuracy of the operation;
- contents of delivery.
At the same time, it is possible to conditionally divide antiradars into three groups, classifying them at a price.
1. Cheap devices
This group is formed by gadgets with a price from 2500 to 4,000 rubles, and the models in this range gets the most, and with their main responsibilities they all are quite successful. However, their main disadvantages are in a huge number of false positives to such an extent that you can not even include the device in the city, and just go as a soul, since they are still "cooking" everywhere, and the second minus of this segment is ineffectiveness to combat High-tech complex "Arrow".
2. Middle class
This market segment is worth considering first of all if the question arose how to choose a good antiradar for the car. That is, the instruments with a price from 6,000 to 10,000 rubles represent this group, which is no longer enough. However, it can be guaranteed that the radar system pulse signals and laser, which gives a practically a complete guarantee to be warned in advance, and the number of false positives is much smaller than that of cheaper fellows, as a result of which are good helpers, as in the city and on the track.
3. Higher class
If the amount is 12 thousand rubles and no longer a problem, then ask how to choose a good antiradar for the car is not even worth it. Everything is very simple - came, I saw and bought, and the devices of this price segment show the "highest pilot" among the anti-lands. Moreover, such equipment provides a minimum of false signals, a huge range of radar definition on the highway and a comfortable ride in the city. In addition, a high-quality assembly is guaranteed here, a large additional feature and a good delivery kit.
Summing up, it can be noted that the range of anti-lands presented on the market is huge for any wallet and taste. In addition, high cost allows you to quickly and without any problems to get a worthy assistant, but at the same time antiradar from any price segment regularly performs its functions.
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