Nike Zoom Pegasus Turbo Review In 2021

Since the launch of Nike Zoom Pegasus Turbo, this pair has been one of the prime choices of the trainers and the joggers. It has delivered the exact comfort that we have desired so far and you can only feel it when the shoes will be on your feet. Here you will get the Nike zoom Pegasus turbo review to help you decide whether you will buy it or not.

This shoe is one of the latest of Nike’s collections and they are very delighted to release the 35th of their running shoes. This particular style might be at the finishing line of their updates and wearing these will give you a worthy look like a runner or jogger. The record has shown an impressive test result of the Pegasus Turbo. You will get the expected result as this shoe boosts up the running ability of any person.

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Nike Zoom Pegasus Turbo Review

The key formula ‘One-shoe-fits-all’ has been followed while designing this shoe. There are several areas that this shoe has stand-out through its performance. During runs, you will never feel any extra weight because of its innovative design. Its features are briefly described below.

1. Impressive Sole Unit

The foam used in the sole of Turbo is lightweight and comfortable. It will provide your feet a soft landing all the time with easy-going all your way. Moreover, it will feel a little bouncy under your feet.

The responsive feel of the sole is very vital for your feet. The react foam that has used here is completely receptive and will never stick to your feet skin. So, air passing in between the feet and sole will continue at a good rate. As a result, there will be no sweat or stink.

Regarding softness, the Nike Zoom Turbo is unbeatable. There is no difference that you are running or jumping, your feet will always land on the soft surface. Therefore, even after a long exercise or marathon, you will hardly feel any pain or discomfort.

There is a plate over the sole which is responsible for reactive and firm feeling. If you do not want this plate then it can be removed easily. Without the plate, your feet will get the bouncy feeling. Complete durability is a guarantee with or without the plate. So, responsive or bouncy feeling – the decision is yours.

2. Features of the Upper Side

Comparing the standard counterpart, the upper portion is similar to it. The mesh of the shoe is more durable and has an air passing facility. Though it is durable, the thickness is less than the other shoes. During any activity, you can bend comfortably.

On the outer layer, the mesh is so thick that you will see the fly-wire cables easily. So, while running you can get the visual of your foot. At the top of the heel section, there is a curved heel tab that prevents the Achilles area from any injury. Moreover, this works as a great and comfortable landing zone for your heels.

The racing stripe which is a signature feature of Pegasus Turbo covers a large area on the top of the shoe. Its function is to prevent the mesh to stretch much while doing any sort of activity.

You might face a situation like a narrow toe box when the stripe reaching the tongue. This is not an issue that prevents you from buying this product. But if this seems a problem to you then the solution is to pick a half size large shoe than your regular size.

3. The Rubber Outsole

The outsole of the Nike Zoom Turbo is made of pure rubber. In this case, you might raise a question about the weight of the shoe as we all know that rubber is heavy and it adds extra weight. Keeping this fact in mind, Nike has given the outsole a thin rubber layer to balance the weight.

This rubber layer comes in a pentagonal pattern. If you want, you can add rubber rimming additionally. Between the heel and forefoot rubber, an exposed react area is visible. You can do stone climbing without any trouble and perfect grips are guaranteed on wet roads.

Run Impressions

Every time Nike comes with some updates to their latest collections. The same thing happens with Pegasus Turbo but every feature might not seem perfect to every runner. The midsole of this pair are excellent and never cause any pain to the feet. Running with it never feels heavy or any struggle, no matter how long you run.

The softness of this shoe is something you must admire. Even in a loose fit, there will be hardly any slide or misbalance. You can run as much you can, there will be no edge that creates any discomfort. For easy bouncing and jogging, the plate on the sole gives’ maximum stability to your ankle.

The heel and toe protections are very effective in Nike Zoom Turbo. If you are in a race or regular training, you can use this pair as a day-to-day shoe.


  • Great performance at race, jog and run.
  • The outsole has been redesigned to enhance the grip.
  • To provide comfort in the feet, premium foam has been used.
  • Smooth landing every time because of the outsole strip.
  • The whole inside area is designed with natural cushioning.
  • Comfy fitting all over the feet.
  • Professional runners coordinate the whole making process.
  • Considering perfect fitting, half sizes are also available.
  • Performs the best even in long runs.
  • Thin rubber layer on the outsole provides a good grip.


  • It might seem less bouncy to you.
  • A few users say it is overpriced but you have to spend a bit much for a quality shoe.

Wrap Up

Nike has been the top choice for runners as it is delivering quality shoes for the past few years. Just like the previous editions, the Nike Zoom Pegasus Turbo has created hype over the runners and received a good market also. Why not, when a shoe has been designed with the latest features and all?

From the upper mesh to the bottom rubber grip, this shoe has the features to take good care of your feet, no matter how long you are running or training. This shoe of Nike is a worthy one for professionals as well.

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