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We know you are serious about fitness. And you should be. Serious things also need specialized care. To be fit, you need to do exercise regularly. And if you decide to hit the gym for exercising, the first thing you’ll need is a good pair of training shoe. Now, there are many shoe brand that are manufacturing training shoes but very few can beat the quality and comfort that NOBULL provides. NOBULL shoes are excellent for gym and are only comparable to the likes of Nike, adidas and New Balance.

Our expert team has tried tons of shoes till now for research purpose and NOBULL is one of the brands that has always amazed us with its quality products, both for men and women. So we decided to write a dedicated review for NOBULL’s training shoes and why they are one of the most trusted brands around.

Top NOBULL Shoes Reviews

1. NOBULL SuperFabric Training Shoes

Available for both men and women with the same features, NOBULL SuperFabric Training Shoes are a gem of footwear. Made with SuperFabric, as the name suggests. If you don’t know what SuperFabric is, they are a unique slash and scratch proof material. They are mostly used in gloves and military apparels for their extreme durability.

Apart from the SuperFabric all around the upper side, this shoe also features high carbon lateral and medial outsole guards that protect the sidewalls. The outsole lug pattern suits all kinds of environment and gives you perfect flexibility, traction, and support.

No matter what do you want to perform, running, climbing, sliding, lifting or anything else - NOBULL SuperFabric will do the best for you. Choose from a variety of sizes and colors that you really desire for.

All in all, this shoe will keep you free from worries for a long time.

Good Features
  • One of the most comfortable training shoes that you will ever come across.
  • SuperFabric is highly abrasive-resistant, yet breathable. So they should be very good for long-time usage.
  • The outsole lug pattern gives an easy transition in and out.
  • High carbon lateral and medial outsole used for better performance of the sidewalls.
  • Available for both men and women with the same features.
Features that you may not Like
  • Apart from its fine quality, some customer said that it makes squeak sound while walking.
  • Some people reported that the shoe is a bit narrow, so you should consult them before buying one for your size.

Like NOBULL SuperFabric Training Shoes, their Canvas Trainer Shoes too comes for men and women. This shoe is a bit cheaper than the previous because they dropped the SuperFabric in this one. Instead of SuperFabric, they used a minimalist perforated canvas upper side, which has its perks too. The shoe itself is very lightweight, it almost feels like there’s no shoe in your feet. The outsole lug pattern ensures multi-environment usage and an all-round performance throughout the year.

NOBULL Canvas features enough space and durable structure which give you more flexibility, support, and comfy. The 4mm heel is just perfect for your regular use while giving you a trendy look. This is, no doubt, a shoe that meets most of your requirements for working, walking, and workouts. We also have not heard about any misfit for this shoe. They are excellent as a gym shoe of this price range.

Good Features
  • A very lightweight shoe thanks to its perforated canvas upper side.
  • This is comparatively cheaper than the same quality shoes from other brands.
  • After testing different size, we found out that they fit perfectly for every size.
  • Simple design, highly efficient shoes will feel you good even during the rugged workouts.
  • Proper sidewall protection are ensured by the medial guards and carbon lateral.
Features that you may not Like
  • They did not use SuperFabric in this one, which means it will lack a bit in durability and scratch resistance for sure.

no bull shoes

If you are looking for gym shoes that are so versatile that you can even wear them casually, these shoes will be a great addition to your shoe rack. Stylish, yet made with durable material, they are a very good bang for the buck!

NOBULL has really put some sincere effort in these shoes, and as a result, they perform great in every way. In mid and high-mid range, these shoes will surely impress you. Use of materials like SuperFabric has made these very durable and tough.

Buying a training shoe? Buy these for sure!

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