What are Saddle shoes and what to wear with Saddle Shoes?

What are Saddle shoes and what to wear with Saddle Shoes?

Saddle shoes are those typical type of shoe which have a low heel used in it. The mid of this kind of shoe contains a plain toe with a decorative panel. The decorative panel has the shape of a saddle in it. These kinds of shoes have very simple colors on them. It has two layers of color. One is the combination of white and black and the other one is the combination of white and blue. They are made from leather. The heel size of this kind of shoe is lower compare to the other shoes.

What are Saddle shoes and what to wear with Saddle Shoes?

The saddle shoes are also called the saddle oxford. They are one of the oldest models of shoes from 1940. These shoes are available for both men and women. Let’s have a detailed description of the saddle shoe below:

The design: The design of the saddle shoe is almost the same as normal shoes. It has the upper sole, the midsole, and the heel same as the design. They are made of pure leather.

Main sole: There is no difference in the sole too. The sole of a saddle shoe is made from high quality rubber. As we all know that the rubber is good to use as the sole because it can catch a good grip and perfect balance

The inner sole: The inner sole of these kinds of shoes is made from either leather or soft rubber. As they are very old trendy shoes, leather has been used as the midsole of the shoe. But nowadays, high quality rubber has been used as the insole

The closure system: There is no difference in the closure system too. They have the same closure system of lacing as the other shoes. But the lace, used in their shoes is not very much common and available in this modern era. They use the old-fashioned thin nylon as the lace. But nylon is indeed more effective and easy to tie up rather than another kind of laces

The total structure: If you talk about the total structure then there is a difference. The difference is in the lower part and sole of the shoe. The saddle shoe doesn't have the same sole design as the other shoes. The midsole of this shoe has a saddle made with a decorative panel in it. Almost all kinds of shoes have a common structure which is, the high heel. But these kinds of the shoe has the lower amount of heel in it which make the shoe more unique and special.

Men’s Saddle Shoe

Men's saddle shoe is made from leather. It has a low level of a heel part in the shoe. The shoes have a closed type or pre laced shoelaces in them. The shoes for men are perfect to use for any kind of activity. But they are not perfect for running shoe or doing any physical works. As the saddle shoe has a low heel part of it and the mid foot has saddle shaped panel in it, it provides a very easy and comfortable walk to the men. It also has a lower level of eyelet in it which makes the shoe more attractive and unique. Some specialists say that the saddle shoe is the gentleman's choice. It is said because of both the formal and casual vibe of the shoe.

Women’s Saddle Shoe

Saddle shoes for women are also available in the market. They are the same in quality, material, and design. but the difference is, they have some different colors like light pink, pink, light blue, cyan, etc. They have the same design as the other saddle shoes. The dual color combination and the major color of black or blue. A lower heel with some multi color designs, and the saddle midsole. The eyelet of these shoes is comparatively small in size. They cover the heel in a lower part as the heel of the shoe is low in rate.

Kids Saddle Shoe

Kids saddle shoe is a unique choice for the kids. They are the same shoe as men and women. But different in sizes only. some of the kid's saddle shoes have a variety of colors on them. But the majority of the color is black blue and white. All of the saddle shoes contain the same color. If there is any color difference among them, they will be some light type colors. Like the light blue, sky, pink, cyan, etc. The kids with the unique style and taste love to wear them at any kind of occasion or parties

So What is Suitable to Wear with Saddle Shoes?

There is not much difference between a normal shoe and a saddle shoe. The only difference is, the normal shoe has the typical sole system where the saddle shoe has a lower heel with the decorative saddle shaped midsole in it. But the saddle shoe has a different type of color and structure in it. Such as it has smaller eyelets compare to the other shoes, a simple design with rich leather and color.

As they are used known as the formal and casual shoe, there is some fashionable wear that is perfect with them.

For men: As men will use them as their casual or party shoes. They can wear complete suits or formal shirts with them. Formal jeans will be suitable for the shoes. It must have to keep in mind that, the shoes have a small heel sole, therefore, the heel part of the sole will not reach more of the heel, so it will be good to wear the pant above the ankle. Short socks will be perfect with the shoes. But remember that, the socks should not be longer than the ankle or the shoe

For women: There is not much binding for women. They can use these kinds of shoes with any kind of dress up. These shoes are not used as formal or party shoes for women. They can use them even for their daily activities and work. There is no special dress up steps to follow but still, these shoes can be a perfect match with skirts or tops for girls. They will even suit with the complete suits for girls. For using as the casual shoe, just wear jeans and roll them up to your ankle. It is enough for a good vibe and style for the women. They also can use long socks with short skirts if they want to go to a kitty or western party.

For kids: There is no specific fashion wear available for the kids. For them, these are both casual, regular, and occasional shoes. kids can wear these shoes with their regular outfits. For boys, jeans with a formal shirt or t-shirt are perfect. Don't forget to use socks. For girls, they can easily match the color of their dress with their shoes. Mini skirts, jeans, and ties can be the perfect wear for them.

Saddle Shoes in Modern Generation

As the saddle shoes have been invented in 1940, it is a very old fashion shoe. The design, structure, and colors are also very old models. But still, they have a good demand among some of the users. Though they have a very simple design, they contain a very rich and unique vibe. A pair of saddle shoes can be more attractive than dozen of other shoes. The retro fashion and designs are perfect to suit casual, regular, and classic wear.

The Comfort of Saddle Shoes

Saddle shoes are very comfortable compare to the other shoes. As the saddle shoe has a lower heel level in it, it helps to walk more easily and comfortably than the other shoes. For example, if you walk for 1 kilometer in a normal shoe and walk the same in a saddle shoe, you will get better performance and easy walk than in a saddle shoe than the normal one. Because, the saddle shoe has the lower heel level which keeps the backbone and the body structure straight while walking, but the normal shoe has a high-sized heel in it that makes the user uncomfortable after some times of use. That is why there is no doubt in terms of the comfort of the saddle shoes.

How Helpful they are to Improve Physical Condition

As the saddle shoes are formal or casual type shoes, they are not helpful for physical improvement. Nobody will use the party or casual shoes for their daily activity. But no matter how long time the shoes will be on the feet, they will provide enough comfort and walking ability. Even some of the doctors recommend their patients to use saddle shoes. because they believe that, these shoes can improve the physical situation. To get the best feedback on these shoes, make sure to buy a longer size than your required one.

Saddle shoes are a great example of a simple design with a lot of demand. They are very much popular and demanded to them who has the great taste of design and unique shapes.

Buy a pair for your own and give yourself a nice touch of fashion

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