Shoe Insoles for Lower Back Pain: Shoeidiot

Indeed, insoles are one of the most efficient pieces of materials that are used to ensure better comfort as well as perfect fitting of shoes. Research proves that a person can get rid of lower back pain as well by having the right insoles.But actually, there are numerous types of insoles that provide different benefits. … Read more

How to Choose Insole for Big Guys

How to Choose Insole for Big Guys

Have you purchased a pair of shoes that are too loose? Or, you’re an overweight guy who needs a permanent solution in order to get maximum comfort while walking?Whatever the reason is, the only solution that you need is to buy insoles for getting comfortable and perfect fitting shoes at the same time! In this … Read more

How to Buy Cycling Shoes and Clipless Pedal Systems


Cycling shoes are becoming increasingly specialized and come in a huge variety of styles with very specific functions. There are cycling shoes for road racing, mt. biking, spinning, cyclocross, touring and now, even cycling sandals. Choosing a cycling shoe may seem confusing, but there are some simple ways to narrow down your selection and get … Read more