Timberland PRO Men’s Toe Boot Reviews In 2021

The Timberland Pro Men’s Toe boot comes in four color choices depending on your preference. There’s a brown one and a brown full grain one that’s more reflective as one would expect and protects more from the elements too. There’s also an all-black boot and a brown Nubuck leather one too.

The shaft rises 6 inches from the heel. There’s a thick, wide padding on the collar in black. The seven eyelets on each side make up the lacing solution; no hooks here. The toe is raised off the ground and the rubber soles are thick and chunky.


The Pro comes with its 24/7 Comfort system which includes better arch support and provides greater padding under foot. There’s a plate under each foot that aims to capture shocks and disperse them and not let them travel into the foot and up to either leg.

The top collar has a generous padding that provides extra support for your upper arch. Your feet also stay cooler and sweat less because there’s an anti-microbial mesh that lines the inside of each boot to prevent it from smelling bad.

Lacing is also adjustable to get the right fit.


These boots come with protection from electrical shocks. A plate under each foot protects against excessive reverberation from going up into the foot. A steel toe cap is provided to protect feet from something heavy fall on them and breaking the toes.

The Thermolite insulation is also made more rigid than normal to give the boot greater structure and form too.


The leather is waterproof to keep the feet dry. All the seams are sealed to prevent water residue getting inside the boot. The leather has been treated so that water will collect and then fall off the surface of the boot rather than seep inside.


The insulation starts with the leather outer, secure tongue and thick, wide padded collar at the back. The inner mesh for waterproofing and moisture control also helps with the insulation. Beyond that, Thermolite insulation is used (200 grams in the 6-inch shaft and 400 grams in the 8-inch shaft models) to keep the cold away from your feet. As such, these boots are good ones for winter work conditions, particularly the 400-gram models.


This Timberland boot looks right for a workman’s boot. It has a decent or high shaft, many eyelets for secure lacing, and a lovely leather finish on the upper. The outsole is thick and no nonsense. With the wheat-colored boot, the outsole is paler, but with the other models, the color is matched pretty well.


Timberland has been making both boots and apparel for many years. Whilst they may be better known for casual footwear and clothing, their work boots perform well and have a good reputation among industry professionals. We have no problem recommending this brand at all.


The Timberland Pro Men’s Toe boot offers excellent protection from electricity, something being dropped on a foot and outside falling temperatures too. It has strong waterproofing and dependable insulation. It’s also a good-looking boot.

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