Walkfit Platinum Foot Orthotics Reviews

Want a final relief from your foot, back, hip or knee pain? Then, proper orthotics may help you to remove the pain. So, which Orthotics are good enough to heel our pain? There are many brands to puzzle you. That's why it is wise to stick to a great brand like WalkFit. In this article on WalkFit Orthotics Reviews, our honest, unbiased efforts will answer your every question about effective orthotics and help you decide should you own Walkfit Orthotics Insoles.

WalkFit orthotics are a class 1 medical device in the UK and scientifically proven to alleviate shoulder, back, knee, hip and foot pain. Millions of people have found relief by using WalkFit as it supports your feet and restores your body’s balance from the ground up perfectly.

WalkFit Orthotics

WalkFit Orthotics greatly improve the posture by allocating weight evenly across your feet and enhance the shock-absorbing properties of your foot's soles. You can use them when you run, walk, or even keep standing. Then, you may start to feel, how a simple insert can give you a better life. These are fit for almost all kinds of shoes like tennis shoes, boots, sandals, sneakers, etc. A clinical study shows that, 99% of the people who were suffering from foot pain get rid of using these. At the same, 98% have removed their back and hip pain. Besides, 97% reported relief from knee leg pain.

Customizable comfortable shoe Inserts specifically designed to work as arch support as the foot strikes the ground, evenly distribute your weight across the bottoms of your feet. Special heel cup gives stability to your feet by reducing the risk of injury.

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WalkFit Platinum Orthotics - Top Features


You will be able to achieve a natural foot function by moving your body back into proper alignment.

Custom Size and Fit

Three customizable arch inserts -low, medium, and high as well as a 4th new shoe insoles are available. You just collect those that are suitable for your feet and shoes. If you fail to choose the right size, you will definitely find discomfort with them. So, it’s so important to pick up the right size insoles.

Useable with different type’s shoes

It's pretty good news that Walkfit Platinum Orthotic Arch Supports Inserts come in 11 sizes for both men and women which are great for sneakers, dress shoes, boots, tennis shoes, flats, and more.

Unique Bio-Lock Heel Cup

The manufacturer added a unique gel pad to their Bio-Lock heel cup for advanced cushioning and shock absorption. Cushioning in your heel, where you need it proper support for keeping feet aligned and preventing ankle twists

Advanced Cushioning & SHOCK Absorption

Customizable, comfortable shoe Inserts particularly designed to work as a cushion as the foot hits the ground, when they support the arches. Because of adding unique gel insole comfort technology to their Bio-Lock heel cup, the inserts provide stability to your feet, reducing the risk of injury.

Popular Brand

Millions of users highly appreciated this brand for over 15 Years. Hence, you need not to be hesitated for a while to choose these products. You undoubtedly can rely on this product.

Money-Back Guarantee

There is an arrangement of a money-back guarantee. If you don't feel comfortable with these insoles or if you don't realize any improvement within 30 days, the company will return your money.

Walkfit Orthotics

This is a special shoe designed by professionals inserting 4 phases of orthotics. This show is designed with some of the important things which help to keep your feet, knees, hips properly aligned. You can move them easily without any pain or facing any problem. It reduces the strain on the ligaments and muscles. Every pair has 3 phase interchangeable arc supports, they are: low, medium, and high.

It is absolutely needed of your feet when you will go to walking, jogging, running or any kind of physical exercise. First, you need the right walkfit orthotics, which will fit with your feet exactly. You should choose the right pair for your feet. All the walkfit orthotics is lightweight, comfortable, and flexible to put it into your feet. If your feet become adjust with the walkfit orthotics, you will notice that your comfort zone while running or jogging is increased.

Types of Walkfit Orthotics

There are many kinds of orthotics. But which one you choose for yourself? It is difficult to answer easily. First you should go to a podiatrist. If your toe or feet are being in problem with some pair while walking or running, then you will surely be treated by a podiatrist. Orthotics protects your feet from being getting heel pain. It also relieves the minor foot problem. With his suggestion, you should choose a walkfit orthotics. First thing, you should confirm that it is the right fit for your feet.

  • Rigid Orthotics: It is mainly the functional orthotics. It is made with plastics and carbon fiber. This comes from these materials. Of course, this is not as softer. Because this is made from the materials of the carbon and plastics and other hard things. But they are best for walking, running, jogging shoes. These types of shoes made by professionals along the podiatrist suggestions. They are made for especially relief foot pain, heel pain, muscles. And this is ease foot aches. This is to control your underfoot and strains as well as pain in the legs, muscles, thigh.
  • Soft Orthotics: These is so much lightweight, soft shoes because they are made from some soft materials. They have some special quality. They remove your lower back pain on the feet. This shoe provides cushioning to feel better comfort when it will be in your footwear. This cushioning will take the pressure of uncomfortable heel pain from some critical conditions such as diabetic foot ulcers. You should need a prescription from a professional podiatrist for wearing the soft orthotics. You can get also get a special edition of orthotics which is mainly designed for sporting equipment. 

Walk Orthotics Insole Size

All walkfit orthotics are not similar in size. They are different from one to another. Especially they are made both men and women too. So there foot size is also being different as well as. If your feet size is not matched up with your orthotics so it will be more uncomfortable. So size of an orthotics is a more important issue for anyone who wants to buy a pair. Each insole offers you three types of orthotics insert: low, medium and high.


Women's (AUS)

Men's (AUS)

Small Kids



Large Kids


















Here youth sizes are equivalent to Men’s sizes in length.








7.5 - 8.5

7.5 – 8.5

9 – 10



6 - 7

6 - 7

7.5 – 8.5



4.5 – 5.5

4.5 – 5.5

6 - 7



 3 - 4



1.5 – 2.5



13 - 1



11.5 – 12.5



10 - 11



8.5 – 9.5



7 - 8



5 – 6.5

Walkfit Orthotics Insoles Review

Even maximum people don’t want to recognize that your feet are the most important and crucial part of your body. It helps you to move somewhere to anywhere. Depends on it your mobility can be faster or slower. Nevertheless, your feet, your joints, your legs are absolutely tolerated so much pain and get punish for it. You can stand whole day along or exercising most of the time with your skill of this. But it is true that end of the day your legs, muscles, body system will fall down.

Because you are a human being not a robot. So it is mandatory to take a comfortable step for caring your feet. Undoubtedly it can be said that your soles is the essential parts of your feet because it bears a huge number of pain and excess weight of your feet.There are many kinds of insoles found in the marketplace. It is comfortable for your feet also. But walk feet insoles are better than any other of consoles. Many specialists of walkfit insoles orthotics design the wakfit insoles. They supply the correct optimal to decrease the leg pain, muscle pain, heel pain as well as verifying the recurring injuries in the leg feet.

An incorrect alignment of this walkfit will be affected on your feet.So they are more concerned when making it. They do research a lot and try to understand that what will happen in legs, toes, heels, foots. These walkjfit insoles will solve these kinds of issues while running or walking a lot. Walkfit insoles assist to release the stress of your muscle pain by redistribution the body fat mainly on the foot surface. It provides so comfortable to the ligaments, joins, foots. So it is so much need to comfort your leg and prevent muscle pain, joints and heel pain.

A best quality walkfit orthotics is really worked awesome. It is better from other orthotics insoles. This is particularly a good thing than other arc supports from good feet. In our opinion from close evaluation that it really works and helpful for your feet, protecting you from the heel, muscle, joints, leg pain. You can take foot care by wearing this walkfit orthotics.

Replacement and Warranty

The manufacturer offers you a lifetime replacement warranty which certainly will be considered as a great deal to you. Buy these today for a better tomorrow.

How to use WalkFit Orthotics?

In the beginning, you should use it for an hour. To get it fitted perfectly, wear it for a long time gradually depending on your level of comfort and ease. You need not wear the shoe insoles for hours in the early stages. You may consider comfort.

The walkfit orthotic is designed to offer you massive comfort. You will find satisfactory responses from a huge number of users. Nevertheless, if you feel uncomfortable using these for the first few weeks, then you should quit and consult a doctor. But before that, you can test whether the inserts are placed in tight-fitting shoes because these types of inserts work best within loose-fitting shoes and boots only.

Like before you need to remember that almost everything requires a certain time to change and this orthotic is not exceptional. As every person's body is different in your case these inserts take a couple of weeks for getting naturally worn in and you gain your desired result. I have no confusion about the effectiveness of this shoe insert.

The Benefits of Using WalkFit Orthotics

Support and Comfort

WalkFit Orthotics give your foot support, balance, and comfort during walking and running.

Relive Pain

WalkFit Platinum Orthotics relieves pain in the feet, knees, hips and, back. Orthotics re-aligns the lower limbs in an exact posture, by alleviating the pressure from tender spots by circulating the body weight evenly on the whole surface of the foot. By using these Orthotics you can lessen the symptoms of flat feet, arthritis, and tendonitis. The products are excellent for those who have gone through foot surgery to reduce the strain at the lower limbs. These insoles also can ease foot tiredness and the symptoms of old age.

Additional Advantages

These products offer extra advantages while some products provide only arch support. These give you better shock absorption, relief foot, heel, ankle, knee and back pain. The orthotics improve the mobility of the legs and enhance foot comfort during walking, running or standing.

These are specially designed by podiatrists to meet the needs and requirements of people who are facing difficulties in walking. Thanks to their therapeutic effects and the high level of protection they provide, The Orthotics are useful not only for the people who are suffering from feet or leg pain but also for everyone else as well.

Better Than Others

All orthotics are not the same! Similar products have limited benefits as their aim is to either provide protection against injuries or to decrease the unpleasant effects of walking for people with foot or back problems. The extraordinary design provides you a combination of safety and comfort.

The orthotics are made from highly-resistant semi-rigid materials so that they can provide protection against foot injuries and foot comfort during a wide range of physical activities involved with the legs. Therefore, both professional athletes and casual walkers can be benefited from using the device.

Perfect For Everyone

These Orthotics are available in different shapes and sizes. That's why anyone regardless of sex and age can use the insoles.

Evaluation based on user feedback

We talked to many WalkFit users and came to know that almost every user is greatly satisfied with this product. Over 97% of users we're able to get relief of foot, leg, back hip pain.

But few people couldn't get advantages as they felt uncomfortable wearing the insoles. But analyzing their issues, we realized that they didn't choose the appropriate size and didn't follow the instructions and usage.

So, if you really want to let your orthotics work properly, please select the right pair of insoles and make sure the pain relief.

Final Verdict

After researching a lot, we confidently recommend our readers to use these Walkfit Platinum Orthotics. Using these, you most probably will get a pain free happy life.

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