What Kind of Insoles do I Need

What Kind of Insoles do I Need?

The insole is one of the most important parts of the shoe. An insole helps to keep the shoe and the lower part of the shoe protected. Besides, it helps the user a lot. The insole can ensure good safety and perfect fitting to the user. For those who have the problem of sweating and creating odor from the foot, the insole is a blessing. In our topic, we will discuss what kind of insole do you need for your shoes. So let's go:

What Kind of Insoles do I Need?

To know which insole is perfect for you, you have to know how the insole is made. The insole is made from rubber or high quality polyester. Some types of insoles are made from leather too. But those are for premium leather made shoes. The rubber made insole is very common and perfect among all others. The main purpose of these insoles is to provide good support to the arch.

As the foot is placed inside of the shoe, they have to take the total pressure of the body for any kind of activity like walking, jumping, running, etc. If the foot from the insert of the shoe will not stay perfect and protected, it will be difficult to do anything. That is why these insoles are very much important. Let us know about some of the important terms that have to follow whenever you buy an best insole for you.

The size: The size of the insole is a very major term to follow before buying. As the insole will be placed inside the shoe, the size must have to be perfect and accurate according to the size of the shoe. It is said that a pair of shoes is good to buy in one extra large size than the size of the foot. Therefore, it will be perfect to buy one size bigger than the foot which will attach perfectly to the foot. Sometimes, the insole also may have to trim and cut according to the comfort of the user.

Arch supportive: As the major work of the insole is to support the arch of the heel, the insole has to be perfect at that stage. The total comfort and support for the arch will come from the proper quality and built insole. To get comfort, rubber made or high quality polyester made insole is perfect to use. The lower side of the have to be perfect in design and material otherwise the insole will not be perfect for the foot. If you don't know your arch, it will be difficult to buy best insole for you or big man

To check the perfect insole for you, you can follow some of the terms. First of all, put your foot in some paint and make it dry perfectly. Now put the foot in white paper and check the lines. If your foot covers the whole paint, then you have a low level arch. But if there is a gap in the middle part of your foot, the arch size of your foot is very high. So choose the insole after judging the size of your arch.

Quality and material: Quality and material for the insole is a very important term to choose. Some insoles are made from low quality plastic or other material. If they are used as the insole, it will become very difficult and hard to walk after some days. There is two type material that is perfect to use for the insole. One of them is EVA foam and the other one is Gel.

EVA foam is a very common and useful material as the insole. They are very supportive, flexible, and perfect to absorb any kind of impact. There are some well known athletes, who use the EVA foam made insole for improving their gameplay.

And the other material is, Gel

The gel is best for durability and for using for a long time. The gel made insole has a honeycomb design in it. it helps to absorb almost all kinds of impact in each part. The best thing about this insole is, the user will never get any discomfort even they are wearing the insole for a long time.

Cushioning: After material and quality, cushioning is the term to follow for getting the proper insole. As the insole will be placed under the foot, they may have to use it for a long time. If the cushioning is not perfect enough, the user will not comfort by wearing the shoe. As a result, it can make any kind of major or minor wound in the foot.

There are two more things instead of the cushioning. One is the rigid footbed and the other one is semi rigid footbed. Both of them are available for the insole and they are different in variety too.

Most of the doctors recommend the rigid footbed to use. As it is made from plastic, it is very easy and helpful to wear and use for a long time. The semi rigid footbed of an insole is perfect to reduce heel and arch pains. It is perfect to use for the hard workers and the athletes. As they are perfect with both cushioning and rigid facilities, they can easily provide both performance and performance to the user.

Types of Insole

Some common insoles can be used for shoes. Some of them are used for playing games; some are for regular usage and some for physical issues. Let's talk about some common type insoles below:

Casual insole: These kinds of insoles are perfect for walking or doing additional works. They are made from either rubber or EVA foam. The main purpose of these insoles is to support the arch from normal impacts or other activities. They don't have specific advantages or terms.

Athletic insole: Those who love to play and live on outdoor games. The athletic insole is their best friend. They put them inside the shoes for getting proper comfort and performance whenever they play the game. These insoles are perfect to absorb any kind of impact and flexibility. Some players create a good and powerful pressure in the foot like the basketball game. In the basketball game, the player creates great pressure in their feet, if the insole is not perfect enough, it will not absorb the high impacts and the players may get injured. That is why athletic insoles are used.

Heavy duty insoles: These insoles are for those users who do a lot of work and duties. The constructional works or the road works are some of them. Those who work in these sectors, have to use heavy duty insoles in the work. Because they have to keep the shoes in the feet for a long time. Sometimes, they have to wear them even for a day or more than a day continuously. If the insoles are not perfect enough, it can make serious pain and wound in their feet. That is why, for reducing the pain, the insole is made from high quality EVA foam with extra cushioning in it. The insole also has a highly cushioned arch supporter which helps to stay standing for a long time while using.

Insoles for high heels: In the world of shoes, the high heel is the most demanding type of shoe for women. They love to wear them as they are beautiful in shape and suitable for any kind of dressing. But they are a threat to the women. The high heel is a big reason for the pain of heels and balls. They also increase the pain to the backbone if they are used for a long time. To prevent the pain of the high heel type shoes, there are some insoles available that are very comfortable and perfect to use. These kinds of insoles are perfectly designed and shaped for the heel so that the user will not feel the pain like before.

Insole for kids: As kids have developing or growing feet, they also have to use a proper insole them. There is some various kind of insole available for the kids. These insoles are perfect to use for the kids as they can easily provide comfort to the kids. Sometimes, the kids can express the pain of their feet if the insoles are making any kind of difficulties. Therefore, it is good to buy an insole by measuring the accurate size and length of their feet.

Insulating insole: These kinds of insoles are perfect to use in cold weather or situations. They are perfect to use as not only the insoles. In cold weather, they are the best thing to use as the supporter and heater for the feet. The best material to use as the insulating insole is wool. As we all know that, wool is the perfect thing that can provide hits and keep things warm, it is perfect to use in the cold weather and areas to get the perfect and proper hits all the time.

Importance of Insole

Insoles are can be called the most important thing for shoes. Those who know the value of an insole for the shoe, can't use their shoes without wearing an insole. The small piece of an insole can perfectly cure up some of the major physical problems too. If the insole suit perfectly your feet, you will get addicted and habitual to use them all the time. An athlete can't think of playing a single game without using the insoles. Some doctors suggest the patients use the insole to get rid of their physical issues. So it is clear that they are much essential and needed to use for all aged people.

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