Why Do Horses Need Horseshoes

Horses are hardworking animals who do difficult jobs like pulling bulky goods, racing, etc. In some rural areas, they are also used to supply goods and humans from one place to another. They are very much active and do all the tough jobs physically the human gives that. They need essential things to add in themselves for their easy activity and running according to their stamina. Now, let's discuss one of the crucial parts of their life that are very important. That is the horseshoe which is a very much needed thing for a horse.

What Is Horseshoe? 

A horseshoe is a product which is made for horses. The horseshoe is used in the hooves of the horse. It is a prevalent and usual thing. Horseshoes are mainly made of metal. Some horseshoes are made of fabric or wool. But they are not as popular as the metal ones. This thing protects the horse's hooves from critical situations like very rural and rough areas, unstable surfaces, or harmful animals. As the horse is a standing animal, it sleeps by standing too. There might be a risk of having some injuries in its hooves. If there is any injury in its hopes, It will be unable to walk or run properly. That is why horseshoes are used. Though the horseshoe is made of metal, its size and quality always depend on the horse's breed. The horseshoe will be made depending on what purpose and how the horse will be treated.

The hooves of the horse are made with exactly the same thing as human nails. They are made of keratin which is the same element of our fingernails too. But they have not cared and are always used for their activities, that is why they become hard and turn into hooves. They contain a softer part inside the hard shell. That is considered the frog, which is ultimately softer than the foot, and any injury can make good external bleeding in it. That is why the horseshoe should be used to protect the inner part. Horseshoes are made of mainly two different variants. One is the aluminum one, and the other is the steel one. The steel one is mostly more used than the aluminum one. Aluminum is for those kinds of horses for race tracks as the element is more robust and more lightweight than the steel one. There is some kind of rubber boots too for the horses. This is mainly for use whenever the horse has any hoof injury. this gives it a very soft and comfortable way to walk during the injury

Types of Horseshoes

Different types of horseshoes are used in horses. Some of them are highlighted below: The regular horse show: most of the horses use this shoe. this is made of metal, and it is also called the keg shoe

Rim shoe: for better traction, this shoe is used in horses. the internal part of the shoe is a little bit deep so that the hooves can fit in it properly and have a good connection

Bar shoe: it is used for the backside hooves as so the horses use the majority power of their back legs. this one is different from the previous ones

Egg bar: this one is used for the horses who are compared weak from the other ones. this kind of shoes are usually lightweight and comfortable for the horses.

Trailer shoe: it reduces the pressure of the back legs of horses while riding uphills.

Square shoe: it helps to keep the toe safe while running and walking because it has a flat surface on the top of it

It is to remember that The size and shape will not be the same sometimes in a horse. They could have four or two different hooves or sometimes the same. They don't belong to the same size and pattern of the hooves.

How the Horses Wear The Horseshoe

Basically, the farriers do the task of putting a horseshoe on horses. They use some metal nails on the hooves in order to place the shoe. As the hooves are made of the same element of human nails, they don't feel anything if they are being cut. So there is no problem with putting on the shoes on the horses. As the hooves are cut to wear the shoe, the hooves slowly gain and fit with the shoe properly. After that, it depends on the situation of when the shoe has to be changed.

The horses have many advantages of using the horseshoe, those horses who are hardworking or used for making any task. They must have to use the horseshoe for their safety. because the horseshoe keeps the hooves safe and profitable. But the wild horses don't use the horseshoe because they are of no use to humankind, and a. As a result, they face so many problems. A leg injury is one of them. Because of continuous standing and walking, their hooves started to break once upon a time, and the sensitive part of their leg, the FROG, began to have injuries. As a result, they can't walk or run as a lie before. It may not be essential for the wild horses to wear the shoes, but in terms of those horses raised by their owner and do all the challenging works, it is a must for their legs and physical stability.

Even the horses who are used to do races also have shoes on their legs. but they use some other different shoes which are not generally used in a horse..they are mainly made of woods or aluminum, and most of them are used for one time only

Besides, for those horses, who are trained for trail riding or jungle riding, their horseshoe must maintain properly. Because in those areas, their hooves grow so fast, and it is quite impossible for them to walk or run. That time, their shoe has to be changed as early as possible otherwise, their movement will face a huge risk.

There are some areas where the horse is only the main transport system to travel. in those areas. The horses must have to be in an observation about their shoes. This is the only thing where their movement is dependent. The owner of the horses but have to check and change the shoes according to the periodic time.

If We Compare The Wild Horse And the Domestic ones, There Are little bit Differences

The wild horse doesn't need to change or put hooves on themselves so easily. They have traveled on different surfaces every day where the domestic horses always stay in a narrow path or direction where the character is also the same. That is why their hooves damage so quickly, and they have to put on the shoes. but if we think about the wild ones, If they have a hooves injury, it is quite impossible of their treatment if they are not under someone's guidance

According to the law, if we say about the animals' rights about putting the horseshoe on a horse, then it's legal and right. As the horses are not getting any kind of injuries from it, it is good for them and their movement. The main thing about using the horseshoe is that it must have to be used for the hardworking, the domestic, the guide, and the racehorses. and the shoes have to be changed after a periodic

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